Military Minutes

of the

Council of Appointment

of the

State of New York



Compiled and Edited by

Hugh Hastings, State Historian.

Henry Harmon Noble, Chief Clerk.


Published by the State of New York

Volumes I, II, & III

Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer





Page 412

Chenango County  (1798)


        In Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Hovey’s regiment, late Tioga, now Chenango:

        Captains Elihu Murray and William Gibson having (irregularly) resigned, their resignations are accepted.

        Leonard Monroe, captain, vice Wm Gibson, resigned; Jesse Pike, ensign, vice Wm Monroe, promoted.

        Edward Robbins, captain, vice E. Murray, resigned; David Bennet, lieutenant, vice E. Robbins, promoted.

        Peter Bartlet, captain; Dirck Race, lieutenant; John Hollenbeck, ensign, of a new company.

        Stephen Oliver Runnion, adjutant, vice Leo: Munro, promoted; Theodore Burr, quartermaster, vice Hub’t Burrows, removed; Lyman Ives, paymaster, vice Theodore Burr, promoted.



Page 413

Onondaga and Chenango Counties  (1798)


        His Excellency the Commander-in-chief, on the report and recommendation of the adjutant general, having thought proper to form the militia of the county of Onondaga, and of the northern part of the county of Chenango (comprehending the battalion commanded by Major (John) Lincklaen) into a brigade; therefore, RESOLVED, that Walter D. Nichol be and he is hereby appointed inspector thereof to serve also as a brigade major with the rank of a major.



Page 419

Chenango County  (1798. April 5.)


        In Major Commandant John Licklaen's battalion:

        Timothy Freeman, lieutenant of light infantry, vice Elna'n Andrews, removed; Elisha Farnham, ensign of do, vice Wm. Gillet, promoted.



Pages 642-644

Chenango County  (1803. February 23.)


        WHEREAS Lemuel Kingsbury, captain of a company of cavalry in the town of Cazenovia, in the county of Chenango, and Ebenezer Lyon, lieutenant of the same company, have, through Stephen Van Rensselaer, esquire, major general of the division of cavalry of this State, transmitted to his Excellency the Governor their resignations of the offices so by them respectively held in the militia; AND WHEREAS, the said Stephen Van Rensselaer, by his letter dated the 16th of September, 1802, transmitting the said resignations, has expressed his opinion thereon, that it would be proper that the same should be accepted, although by an act entitled "An act to amend the act entitled 'Act (An-JCB) act to organize the militia of this State,'" passed April 5, 1802, it is enacted that all resignations hereafter to be made should be approved of by the commandants of regiments, and the brigadier general of the regiment or brigade to which the officer resigning belongs: And it appearing to the Council manifest that the said Lemuel Kingsbury and Ebenezer Lyon have availed themselves of the permission given them by law of assigning their reasons for their resignations, not only to animadvert on the proceedings of his Excellency the Governor, on disaffirming the sentence of a court martial held for the trial of Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Hovey, but also to censure and condemn the conduct of the Council of Appointment in the removal of Brigadier General (Jonathan) Forman; which procedure on the part of the said officers this Council conceive not only to be highly indecorous and reprehensible but evidential of a spirit of combination with Lieutenant Colonels (John) Lincklaen and (Samuel) Clemens, and other officers of their respective regiments; who have heretofore assigned similar reasons for their resignations, calculated to subvert the established discipline of the militia and to produce among them insubordination; therefore,

        RESOLVED, that the resignations of the said Lemuel Kingsbury and Ebenezer Lyon be not accepted; but inasmuch as the said Lemuel Kingsbury and Ebenezer Lyon appear to the Council to be unworthy to hold any longer their said offices, it is further Resolved, that they be and hereby are superseded from holding the said offices, and that supersede as issue accordingly.

        And whereas the Council at their last meeting postponed the consideration of the resignation of Samuel Frizel, adjutant; Hendrick De Clercq, quartermaster; Peter Tyler, John G. Moyer, and Joseph Yean, captains; Ira Alvord, Elisha Farnham, Elihu Severance, and David Hutchinson, lieutenants; David Smith, Richard Button, Selathiel Jackson, and Jedediah T. Turner, ensigns; and James Moore, a surgeon in the regiment of militia in the county of Chenango, whereof John Lincklaen was lately lieutenant colonel commandant; and also of the resignations of George Brown, adjutant; John Viles, Benjamin Pier, Nat. Collins, George Anderson, Joseph Collins, Jacob Kennedy, Joseph Morse, and Samuel White, captains; William McClanather (McClanathan/McClenathan-JCB), Alpheus Hall, Elihu Bosworth, Thaddeus Muzzy, Rufus Eldrid, and Stephen F. Blackston, lieutenants; and Asa Pease, junior, Thomas R. Tracy, Meletiah Hatch, and Windsor Coman, ensigns, in the regiment in said county whereof Samuel Clemens was lately lieutenants colonel commandant: AND WHEREAS none of the aforesaid officers have availed themselves of the advantage allowed them by the indulgence of the Council of acknowledging their misconduct and retracting their error except Nat. Collins, George Anderson, and Joseph Collins, three of the said captains; Alpheus Hall, one of the said lieutenants; and Thomas R. Tracy and Richard Button, two of the said ensigns, who have made satisfactory apologies to the Commander-in-chief; therefore

        RESOLVED, that the said Samuel Frizel, Hendrick De Clercq, James Moore, David Smith, Selathiel Jackson, Jedediah T. Turner, Peter Tyler, John G. Moyer, Joseph Yean, Ira Alvoard (Alvord-JCB), Elisha Farnham, Elihu Severance, David Hutchinson, George Brown, John Viles, Benjamin Pier, Jacob Kennedy, Joseph Morse, Samuel White, William McClanather, Elihu Bosworth, Thaddeus Muzzy, Rufus Eldrid, Stephen F. Blaxton (Blackstone-JCB), Asa Pease, junior, Meletiah Hatch, and Windsor Coman be and they are hereby severally superseded from holding any longer their said respective offices and that supersede as issue accordingly.



Pages 644-646

(1803. February 24.)


        In the regiment whereof John Lincklaen was lately lieutenant colonel commandant:

        Charles Hill, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice John Lincklaen, superseded;

        Jeremiah Whipple, first major, vice Samuel S. Forman, do; Jabesh N.M. Hurd, second do, vice James Green, do; Ephraim Rew, adjutant, vice Samuel Frizel, do; Elisha Williams, quartermaster, vice Hendrick DeClercq, do.

        Richard Button, captain, vice Peter Tyler, do; Samuel Dutton, lieutenant, vice E. Severance, do; Timothy Gillet, junior ensign, vice Richard Button, promoted.

        Zebulon Douglas, captain, vice John G. Moyer, superseded; Myndert Wemple, lieutenant, vice Z. Douglas, promoted; David Burton, ensign, vice M. Wemple, do.

        Seth Curtiss, captain, vice Joseph Yean, superseded; Isaac Bompus (Bumpus-JCB), lieutenant, vice Ira Alvoard, superseded; Enos Chapin, ensign, vice Selathiel Jackson, do.

        Edward Holmes, captain, vice James Frizel, resigned; Ira Gage, lieutenant, vice Aaron Paddock, do; Isaac Brown, ensign, vice Samuel Ackley, do.

        Joel Doolittle, captain, vice Charles Hill, promoted; John Fisher, lieutenant, vice David Hutchinson, superseded; Stephen Tayler (Tyler-JCB), ensign, vice Jedediah T. Turner, do; Abner Camp, lieutenant of light infantry, vice Elisha Farnham, do; Samuel Cotes, ensign of light infantry, vice David Smith, do.

        Nathaniel King, lieutenant colonel commandant in the room of Samuel Clemens, superseded.

        Nathaniel Collins, first major, vice Samuel Sincler, superseded; Erastus Cleveland, second do, vice Joseph Dixon, do; John Collins, adjutant, vice George Brown, do; William Brown, quartermaster; Jehiel Wattles, paymaster; Thomas Greenby, surgeon; Jonathan Pratt, surgeon's mate.

        Edmund Hull, captain; Daniel Holbrook, lieutenant; Eleazer Sweetland, ensign - of light infantry.

        Amos Maynard, captain; Moses Phelps, lieutenant; Daniel Hubbard, ensign.

        Ephraim Clough, captain; John Brown, lieutenant, Abijah Harrington, ensign.

        Joseph Manchester, captain; Isaac Thompson, lieutenant; Lemuel Stewart, ensign.

        Daniel Wheeler, captain; Thomas Huston, lieutenant; Gaylord Stevens, ensign.

        John Kennedy, captain; Daniel Smith, lieutenant; Zenas Bierce, ensign.

        Epaphroditus Foot, captain; Elisha Fuller, lieutenant; Jonathan Dunham, junior, ensign.

        Isaac Skinner, captain; George Crane, lieutenant; Philip Mattison, ensign.

    In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant David Norton's regiment:

        Benjamin White, captain, vice (Minerva) Hales, unwell; Thomas Jeffers, lieutenant, vice Benjamin White, promoted; Simon Crosby, ensign, vice Thomas Jeffers, do; Seth Peck, lieutenant, vice Ralph Patrick; Thomas Stevens, ensign, vice Seth Peck, promoted.

        Lodowick Hewett, captain; John Williams, lieutenant; Charles L. Usher, ensign - of a company of light infantry.

        William Page, ensign, vice Lodowick Hewett, moved; Sherman Bartholomew, surgeon's mate, vice Cyrenus Chapin, moved.



Chenango County.


        CAVALRY-William Whipple, captain of a troop in the first squadron of the fifth division of the cavalry of this State, in the room of Lemuel Kingsbury, superseded.



Pages 721, 722

Chenango County.  (1804. March 9.)


        Benjamin Hovey, brigadier general of the brigade of militia in the county of Chenango, having resigned - Resolved, that his resignation be and hereby accepted, and that Benjamin Jones be and he is hereby appointed brigadier general of said brigade, vice B. Hovey, as foresaid resigned.

        William Guthrie, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Benjamin Jones, promoted.

        Thomas Lyon, junior, first major, vice William Guthrie, promoted.

        Asahel Bixby, captain, vice William Guthrie, junior, promoted; Moses Stockwell, lieutenant; Henry Evans, ensign, vice Asahel Bixby, promoted.

        Solomon Dodge, captain, vice Thomas Lyon, promoted; James Tracey, lieutenant, vice Solomon Dodge, promoted; Russel Root, ensign.

        Burrage Miles, captain of liight infantry, vice Thomas Lewis, resigned; Levi Parker, lieutenant of do, vice B. Miles, promoted; Simeon Parker, ensign of do, vice L. Parker, promoted.

        Enos Cornwell, captain, vice Asa Stowell, refusing to accept; Richard B. Church, lieutenant, vice Enos Cornwell, promoted; David Cooper, ensign, vice Richard B. Church, promoted.

        John Hollenbeck, captain, vice D. Race, resigned; Daniel Boardman, lieutenant, vice John Hollenbeck, promoted; Samuel Garnsey, ensign, vice Daniel Boardman promoted; Elias Ives, lieutenant, vice Joel Johnston, refusing to accept; William Palmer, ensign, vice Elias Ives, promoted; William Billings, lieutenant; William Palmer, ensign.

        Steward Hazard, junior, captain, vice (Nathaniel) Coburn, resigned; Arthur Burlingame, lieutenant, vic (Evans) Hazard, resigned; Thornton Wasson, ensign, vice (John) Nash, resigned.

        Samuel A. Skeal, captain; Zachariah Bradley, lieutenant; Simeon Neal, ensign - of a new company.

        Jared Redfield, quartermaster, vice Peter B. Garnsey, moved; Thaddeus Mather, surgeon's mate.



Pages 839-841

Madison* County.  (1806.)


        Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel King's regiment:

        Isaac Thompson, captain, vice Joseph Manchester, resigned.

        George Crane, captain, vice Isaac Skinner, do.

        Elisha Fuller, captain, vice Epaphroditus Foot, moved.

        Joseph Gardiner, captain, vice Gardner Lyman, declined; Calvin Whitcomb, lieutenant, vice Isaac Thompson, promoted; Roswell Crane, lieutenant, vice George Crane, promoted; Jesse Foot, lieutenant, vice Thomas Houston, moved; Artemas Ellis, lieutenant, vice Joseph Gardner, promoted; David Peebles, lieutenant, vice Samuel Perry, moved; John Benedict, ensign, vice Zenos Bierce, moved; John Harrington, ensign, vice Calvin Whitcomb, promoted; Peter Chapel, ensign; Silas Beebe, ensign; William Bradley, ensign, vice Gaylord Stevens, promoted; Isaac Sage, ensign, vice Artemas Ellis, promoted, John West, lieutenant, vice Ezra Cloyes, moved; Jonathan Sloan, ensign, vice David Peebles, promoted.

        George Brown, adjutant.

        Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Jer'h Whipple, appointed sheriff.

        Joel Doolittle, first major, vice J.N.M. Hurd, promoted; Samuel Dutton, second major, vice Zebulon Douglass, appointed to a new command; Robert Benedict, quartermaster; Samuel Thomas, paymaster; Jonas Fay, surgeon; Hubbard Smith, surgeon's mate.

        Arnold Ballou, captain, vice Joel Doolittle, promoted.

        Amma Crocker, captain, vice Samuel Dutton, promoted.

        Thomas Blake, captain, vice William Haight, declined.

        William Payne, captain; Elijah Mather, lieutenant, vice John Fisher, resigned; Jonathan Farnham, lieutenant, vice Amma Crocker, promoted; Luther Scovil, lieutenant, vice Thomas Blake, promoted; Ebenezer Hill lieutenant; Roswell Glass, ensign, vice John Miles, resigned; Joel Dibble, ensign, vice Jacob Hungerford; Daniel Dean, ensign, vice Luther Scovil; promoted; John C. Payne, ensign.


*Madison county was erected from Chenango county March 21, 1806. -State Historian.



Pages 841, 842

Madison County.


        Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David Norton:

        Nathaniel Harskill, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice David Norton, resigned.

        Oliver Brown, first major, vice N. Harskill, promoted; Silas Parker, second major, vice O. Brown, promoted; Phineas Babcock, adjutant, vice Denniston Palmer, promoted; Amos Scott, quartermaster; Israel Farrel, surgeon; Stephen Preston, surgeon's mate.

        Captains - Saul Smith, Clark Barber, Asa Lamb, David Smith, Nois Palmer, William Lewis, John Williams - light infantry.

        Lieutenants - Rufus Moores, John Wilbur, Amos Rogers, William Page, vice Paul Smith, promoted; Oliver Babcock, vice Clark Palmer, promoted; William Newell, vice Samuel Campbell, promoted; Aaron Fuller, vice Asa Lamb, promoted; Rufus Jenison; Ethan Clark, vice Nois Palmer, promoted; Henry Bois, Jacob Balcomb - of light infantry.

        Ensigns - Ezekiel Beebe, Asahel Thomas, Nathan Crandal, James Riley, Daniel King, vice William Page, promoted; Jonathan Spencer, Stephen Howard, John W. Ingals, Walter Clark, Lemuel Palmer, Benjamin Knowlton, Elias Montgomery - light infantry.

        Battalion to be commanded by Major Commandant Zebulon Douglass, comprising all that part of Colonel Jeremiah Whipple's regiment lying in the town of Sullivan:

          Zebulon Douglass, major commandant; Thomas W. Phelps, second major; Ambrose Andrews, adjutant; Argalus Cady, quartermaster; John Menzies, paymaster.

        John Lee, captain light infantry; William Hallock, lieutenant; Oliver Clark, ensign.

        Thomas W. Phelps, captain.

        David Matthews, captain, vice David Burton, superseded; Nicholas Woolaver, lieutenant, vice Coenrad (Conrad-JCB) Kilts, resigned; Daniel Olin, ensign, vice N. Woolaver, promoted.



Pages 931, 932

Madison County.  (1807.)


        His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper to form the militia in the county of Madison into a brigade; Resolved, that Nathaniel King be brigadier general thereof, and that in his brigade the following officers be appointed, to wit:

        Nathaniel Collins, lieutenant cololnel, vice Nathaniel King, promoted.

        Erastus Cleaveland, first major, vice Nathaniel Collins, do; Amos Maynard, second do.

        Jesse Foot, captain, vice Fuller, resigned; Silas Beebe, lieutenant, vice Jesse Foot, promoted; Thomas West, ensign, vice Silas Beebe, do.

        Gaylord Stevens, captain; Wm. Bradley, lieutenant; Thos. Wylie, ensign.

        Lieutenant Colonel Nathl. Haskell's regiment:

        Reuben Leonard, second major; Stephen Preson, surgeon; Tracey Robertson, surgeon's mate.

        Charles L. Uscher, lieutenant of light infantry; Benjamin Bartlett, ensign do.

        Jacob Balcom, captain; David Waterman, lieutenant; Jonathan Nye, ensign - of grenadiers.

        Nathan Crandell, captain; Charles Huntington, lieutenant; Elihu Foot, ensign.

        Rufus Jenison, captain; Walter Clarke, lieutenant; William Bolton, ensign.

        Arum Fuller, captain; Simon West, lieutenant; Abram Hodge, ensign; Stephen Clark, junior, ensign.

        Samuel Campbell, captain, rank from 22d March, 1806.

        Rufus Morse, captain; Seth Miner, lieutenant; John Chambers, ensign.

        Regiment formed of a battalion commanded by Zebulon Douglass, esquire:

        Zebulon Douglass, lieutenant colonel commandant.

        Thomas W. Phelps, first major; Samuel Forster, second do.

        Captains - Willm. Hallock of light infantry, Ambrose Andrews, Danl. Olin, Nicholas Woolever, Timothy Brown, Roswell Hutchens.

        Lieutenants - Oliver Clark of light infantry, Sylvester Clark, Danl. Jones, Saml. Rawson, Stephen Lee, Asa Randal, Anson Carey.

        Ensigns - Pardon Barnard of light infantry, Wm. Abercrombie, Chancey Beecher, Martin Lamb, Gilbert Reed, Thos. Clark, Saml. Gregory.

        Moses H. Cook, adjutant; Asahel Prior, surgeon.

        ARTILLERY - Danl. Petrie, captain, Jabez Lyon, first lieutenant; Benjn. Wilber, second lieutenant.



Pages 938, 939

Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego, Chenango and Madison Counties.  (1807)


        His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having though proper to divide the cavalry in the counties of Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego, Chenango and Madison into two squadrons as follows, viz:

          The cavalry in the counties of Oneida and Herkimer to compose one squadron and the cavalry in the counties of Otsego, Chenango and Madison to compose the other squadron:  Resolved, that for the said first mentioned squadron the following officer be and they are hereby apponted, to wit - first squadron, fifth division:

        Richard Sanger, captain; John Butler, first lieutenant, vice Richard Sanger, promoted; Amos Wetmore, junior, second lieutenant, vice John Butler, do; Amos Camp, cornet, vice Amos Wetmore, do.

        Walter Fish, captain, vice Griswold, resigned; John Flusky, first lieutenant, vice Smith, do; Rufus Eaton, second do, vice Aldrige; John Waterman, cornet.

        For the other squadron - third squadron, fifth division:

        William Whipple, major commandant.

        Eliphalet Jackson, captain, vice William Whipple, promoted; Simeon Marshall, first lieutenant; Jabez Crocker, second lieutenant.



Pages 959, 960

Madison County.  (1808.)


        Jesse Herskel, captain, vice Palmer, resigned; Miner Brown, first lieutenant, vice Jesse Herskel, promoted; Zadock Beebe, second do, vice Miner Brown, promoted; Frederick Morgan, cornet.

        William Hatch, first lieutenant; Robert Henry, cornet, in Captain Thomas Greenly's troop.

        Eliphalet S. Jackson, captain, vice (William) Whipple, promoted, to take rank for 6th April, 1807.



Pages 969, 970

Madison County.  (1808.)


        Artemus Ellis, captain; Matthew Pratt, first lieutenant; Lewis Wilson, second do - new company.

        Brigade of militia whereof Nathaniel King is brigadier general, and in the regiment lately commanded by Nathaniel Collins, lieutenant colonel commandant:

        Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Nathaniel Collins, resigned.

        Amos Maynard, first major, vice Erastus Cleveland, promoted; Isaac Sage, adjutant, vice G. Brown, resigned; Moses Maynard, quartermaster, vice Wm. Brown, do; George Love, paymaster, vice J. Wattles, do; Jonathan Pratt, surgeon, vice Thos. Greenly, promoted in the cavalry.

        Daniel Russel, captain, vice Maynard, promoted; Daniel Barber, lieutenant, vice Phelps, resigned; Daniel Warren, ensign, vice Daniel Russell, promoted; John Benedict, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned; Samuel Stower, ensign, vice John Benedict, promoted.

        John West, captain, vice Q. Coman, deceased; John Pratt, lieutenant, vice John West, promoted; John Harrington, lieutenant, vice Whitcombe, resigned; Ganet Wickwire, ensign, vice John Harrington, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, vice Beebee, promoted last year.

        Regiment whereof Zebulon Douglass is lieutenant colonel commandant:

        Samuel Rawson, captain, vice Matthews, deceased; Thomas Clark, lieutenant, vice Samuel Rawson, promoted; William Pratt, ensign, vice Thomas Clark, promoted; Elisha Cary, captain, vice Brown, resigned; Gilbert Reed, lieutenant, vice Elisha Cary, promoted; Augustus Chapman, ensign, vice Gilbert Reed, promoted; Chauncey Beecher, lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; John C. Moot, ensign, vice Chauncey Beecher, promoted; Samuel Gregory, lieutenant, vice Jones, moved; Benoah Moss, ensign, vice Samuel Gregory, promoted.

        Regiment whereof Jabez N.M. Hurd is lieutenant colonel commandant:

        Jonathan Farnham, captain, vice Crocker, moved; Peter A. Remsen, lieutenant, vice Jonathan Farnham, promoted; Orrin Chandler, ensign, vice Stedman, moved; Julius Bradley, ensign, vice May, resigned.

        Luther Scoville, captain, vice Blake, resigned; Daniel Dean, lieutenant, vice Luther Scoville, promoted; Stephen Coben, ensign, vice Daniel Dean, promoted.

        Willard Abbott, captain, vice Fisher, resigned; John Davison, lieutenant, vice Willard Abbott, promoted; Marvel Underwood, ensign, vice John Davison, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, with rank as such from 29th March, 1806.



Page 975

Madison County.  (1808.)


        In Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment:

        David Waterman, captain; Jonathan Nye, lieutenant; Seth Holmes, ensign - grenadiers.

        Walter Clark, captain; William Bottom, lieutenant; Adam Dickey, ensign; John Chambers, lieutenant; Samuel Dunkin, ensign; Job Potter, paymaster; Tracy Robertson, surgeon; John D. Henry, surgeon's mate.



Page 1015

Madison County.  (1808.)

        Third squadron, fifth division, of cavalry:

        Jabez Crocker, first lieutenant, vice Simeon Marshal, resigned; Joseph Sims, second do, vice Jabez Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill, cornet, vice Joseph Sims, promoted.

        Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Hascal's regiment of militia:

        Benjamin Davis, ensign.



Page 1019

Madison County.  (1808. June 18.)


        Brigadier General Nathaniel King's brigade:

        Thomas Greenley, brigade major and inspector; Elisha Farnham, brigade quartermaster.



Page 1052

Madison County.  (1809.)


        William Hatch, captain, vice Greenely, moved; John Hatch, first lieutenant, vice W. Hatch, promoted; Robert Henry, second lieutenant, vice J. Hatch, do; Joseph Enos, cornet, vice R. Henry, do.

        Eli Spear, captain; Elisha Litchfield, first lieutenant; Ephraim Cleveland, second lieutenant; William Burdick, cornet - new troop.



Pages 1055, 1056, 1057

Madison County.  (1809.)


        Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N.M. Hurd's regiment:

        Joshua Leonard, chaplain; Samuel Thomas, quartermaster, vice R. Benedict, moved; Ralph P. Day, paymaster, vice S. Thomas, promoted.

        Rufus Person, captain light infantry, vice E. Farnham, promoted; Elisha Starr, lieutenant do, vice Rufus Persons, promoted; Oliver Crocker, ensign do, vice Elisha Starr, promoted.

        Ebenezer Childs, captain, vice D. Willington, resigned; Elijah Daniels, lieutenant, vice E. Richardson, do; Levi Brown, ensign, vice E. Childs, promoted; Oliver Pierson, lieutenant, vice J. Bumpus, resigned; David Dunham, ensign, vice Oliver Pierson, promoted; Orin Chandler, lieutenant, vice P.A. Remsen, moved; James W. Whitney, ensign, vice O. Chandler, promoted; John Needham, ensign, vice R. Glass, resigned.

        Ira Gage, captain, vice Jn. Gage, resigned; James Bly, lieutenant, vice Ira Gage, promoted; Nathan Havens, ensign, vice J. Bly, promoted.

        Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

        Jaret Wickwire, lieutenant, vice Herrington, moved; Samuels Squires, ensign, vice Jaret Wickwire, promoted; Chauncey Gaston, ensign, vice Pratt, promoted; George Vaughn, ensign, vice D. Warren, resigned.

        Isaac Sage, captain, vice J. Gardiner, resigned, Levi Gillet, lieutenant, vice A. Ellis, promoted; Rufus Skeel, ensign, vice I. Sage, promoted.

        Peter Chapel, captain, vice G. Crane, resigned; John Bradley, ensign, vice T. Wylie, refused.

        John Benedict, captain, vice Kenedy, resigned, Roswell Tyler, lieutenant, vice John Benedict, promoted; John Sprague, ensign, vice L. Stower, dead.

        Moses Maynard, adjutant; Jasper Clark, quartermaster, vice Moses Maynard, promoted; Zenas Nash, lieutenant, vice Roswel Crane, resigned; Ebenezer Blanding, ensign, vice P. Chapel, promoted.

        Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskel's regiment:

        John Chambers, captain, vice R. Moore, refused; Samuel Dunken, lieutenant, vice John Chambers, promoted; Samuel Sweet, ensign, vice Samuel Dunkin, promoted; Hurlbut Maxson, ensign; Samuel Livermore, paymaster.



Page 1059

Madison County.  (1809.)


        Resolved, that William Newell be no longer a lieutenant in the regiment of militia in the county of Madison, whereof Nathaniel Haskel is lieutenant colonel commandant.



Page 1082

Madison County.  (1809.)


        Brigadier General Peter Van Slyck's brigade of artillery:

        Asa B. Sizer, captain; Thomas H. Hubbard, first lieutenant; Levi Love, second lieutenant - a new company of horse artillery.



Page 1091

Madison County.  (1809.)


        Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment:

        Nicholas Woolever, second major.

        John C. Moot, captain; John Rutor, lieutenant; George M. Kern, do.

        Sylvenus Seber and Thomas Hutchens, ensigns.



Page 1169

Madison County.  (1810.)


        Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N.M. Hurd's regiment:

        James Bly, captain, vice (Ira) Gage, resigned; Nathan Haven, lieutenant; Jesse Carpenter, ensign.



Page 1188

Madison County.  (1811.)


        Lieutenant Colonel J.N.M. Hurd's regiment:

        Elijah Barber, ensign, vice Dunham, moved; Calvin Goodale, ensign, vice (David) Barret, moved; Samuel Thomas, adjutant, vice (Elisha) Williams, resigned; Ralph P. Day, quartermaster, vice Thomas, promoted.



Page 1228

Madison County.  (1811.)


        Minor Brown, captain, vice J. Haskell (Jesse Herskel), moved; Zadock Beebe, junior, first lieutenant, vice Miner (Brown), promoted; Frederick Morgan, second do, vice Z. Beebe, promoted; William Brown, cornet, vice Morgan, promoted.

        John Hatch, captain, vice W. Hatch, resigned; Robert Henry, first lieutenant, vice J. Hatch, promoted; Joseph Enos, second do, vice Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, cornet, vice Enos, promoted; Elisha Litchfield, captain, vie E. Spear, resigned; Ephraim Cleveland, first lieutenant, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; William Burdick, second do, vice E. Cleveland, promoted; Jacob Ten Eyck, cornet, vice Burdick, promoted.

        Jabez Crocker, captain, vice E.S. Jackson, resigned; Joseph Sims, first lieutenant, vice J. Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill, second do, vice Simms, promoted; Bibbin Crocker, cornet, vice Hill, promoted.

        Charles Chace, captain; William Jennings, first lieutenant; Argalus Cada, second do; John Beebe, cornet - new company.

        Captain Asa B. Sizer's company of horse artillery:

        Joseph Richardson, cornet, vice (Nichols) Wells, moved.



Page 1265

Madison County.  (1811.)


        Jabez N.M. Hurd, brigadier general of the brigade whereof Nathaniel King was latley brigadier general.



Pages 1320, 1321, 1322

Madison County.  (1812)


        Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General J.N.M. Hurd:

        Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment:

        Ambrose Andrews, second major, vice Dollock, declining.

        Stephen Lee, captain, vice Andrews, promoted; Thomas Y. Knus, lieutenant, vice Lee, do; Joseph M. Lee, ensign, vice Walton, do; Ward Walton, adjutant, vice Cook, resigned; Calvin Smith, quartermaster, vice Cady, promoted; Sylvester Beecher, paymaster, vice Minzea, resigned; Ira M. Oles, chaplain.

        Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleaveland's regiment:

        Jaret Wickwire, captain, vice Thompson, deceased; Charles Skiff, lieutenant, vice Wickwise (Wickwire-JCB), promoted; Benjamin Clark, ensign, vice Skiff, do; Jasper Cack, lieutenant; Gaius Stebbins, ensign; William P. Cleaveland, surgeon, vice Pratt, incompetent.

        Levi Dick, captain, vice Barber, moved; William T. Curtis, lieutenant, vice Dick, promoted; Alpheus Darling, ensign, vice Curtiss, promoted.

        Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Leonard's regiment:

        Roswell Chapin, captain, vice Duncan, removed; Ephraim Berry, lieutenant, vice Chapin promoted; Israel Loomis, ensign, vice Berry, promoted.

        John Rogers, captain, vice Huntington, moved; Robert Randall, junior, lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; Elisha Moores, ensign, vice Randall, promoted; Simeon Brown, chaplain.

        Regiment lately commanded by J.N.M. Hurd:

        Samuel Dutton, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hurd, promoted, Selathiel Jackson, first major, vice Dutton, promoted; Arnold Ballou, second major, vice Jackson, promoted; Zadock Sweetland, paymaster, vice Day, promoted.

        James Munger, captain light infantry; John Hutchinson, lieutenant, vice Munger, promoted, Truman Yound, ensign, vice Hutchinson, promoted.

        Elijah Marther, captain, vice Ballow, promoted; John Needham, lieutenant, vice Marther, promoted; Paul Rice, ensign, vice Needham, promoted.

        Levi Brown, captain, vice Childs, resigned; Truman Annis, lieutenant, vice Brown, promoted; John Murdock, ensign, vice Salisbury.

        John C. Payne, captain, vice Payne, resigned; Ezra Hurd, lieutenant, vice Payne, promoted, Alexander McElwain, ensign, vice Hurd, promoted; Benjamin Bumpus, lieutenant, vice Dunham.



Page 1358

Madison County.  (1812.)


        Company of horse artillery:

        Levi Love, first lieutenant, vice Hubbard, resigned; Joseph Richardson, second do, vice Love, promoted; Isaac Lewis, cornet, vice Richardson, do.



Page 1417

Madison County.  (1812. November 9.)


        Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

        Bennet Bicknell, captain; Abner Camp, lieutenant; Daniel Hatch, ensign - new rifle company to be attached to the Sixty-fifth regiment until otherwise directed by general orders.



Page 1496

Madison County.  (1814.)


        One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry - (Elisha Farnham, lieutenant colonel):

        Eri Richardson, captain; Lemuel Couel, lieutenant; Isaac Fletcher, ensign - new company of riflemen.



Page 1503

Madison County.  (1814.)


        Robert Henry, captain, vice J. Hatch, moved; Joseph Eanos, first lieutenant, vice R. Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, second lieutenant, vice J. Eanoss, promoted; Moses Campbell, junior, cornet, vice C. Ackley, promoted.

        Joseph Sims, captain, vice J. Crocker, resigned; Eli F. Hill, first lieutenant, vice J. Sims, promoted; Vibber Crocker, second lieutenant, vice E.F. Hill, promoted; John Jackson, cornet, vice Vibber Crocker, promoted.

        Jacob Ten Eyck, captain, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; John Goodel, first lieutenant, vice E. Cleveland, deceased; Jonathan Shed, second lieutenant, vice W. Burdick, resigned; Royal Tefft, junior, cornet, vice J. Goodsell, promoted.



Pages 1576, 1577, 1578

Madison County.  (1815.)


        One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment (E. Farnham, lieutenant colonel):

        Zadock Sweetland, quartermaster, vice Day, resigned; Jonathan Smith, paymaster, vice Sweetland, promoted.

        Marvil Underwood, captain, vice J. Davison, deceased; Calvin Goodale, lieutenant, vice Underwood, promoted; Ebenezer Coates, ensign, vice Goodale, do; Freeman Young, lieutenant, vice J. Munger, do; John Maynard, ensign, vice Young, do.

        Luther Smith, captain, vice O. Pierson, moved; Ebenezer Whitney, lieutenant, vice Bumpus, do.

        Oran Chandler, captain, vice Farnham, resigned; Roswell Beckwith, lieutenant, vice Chandler, promoted; Samuel Holmes, ensign, vice S. Dodge, do; Wheeler Dryer, ensign, vice Parmele, promoted; Asa Richardson, ensign, vice Murdock, resigned.

        One Hundred and Forty-third regiment (R. Leonard, lieutenant colonel):

        Samuel Livermore, adjutant, vice O. Babcock, resigned; Paul B. Main, paymaster, vice S. Livermore, promoted; Eli S. Bailey, surgeon's mate, vice R. Hotten, resigned.

        Henry Clarke, captain; Chester Scott, captain, vice J. Taylor, resigned; Samuel B. Clarke, lieutenant, vice Scott, promoted; Billings Popple, ensign, vice Clarke, do; Elisha Moore, lieutenant, vice Randall, moved; Asa Dennison, ensign, vice Moore, promoted; William Dye, lieutenant, vice Babcock, resigned; William Whitford, ensign, vice Dye, promoted; Warren Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Loomis, resigned; Zenas Phinney, ensign, vice Eaton, resigned.

        Battalion of riflemen, thirty-fifth brigade:

        Bennet Bicknell, first major commandant; Eri Richardson, second major; Asa Raymond, paymaster; John G. Curtis, quartermaster.

        Darius Morris, captain.

        Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry (E. Cleveland, lieutenant colonel):

        Zenas Hatch, captain, vice Preble, resigned; Isaiah P. Snow, lieutenant, vice Sherwood, resigned; Samuel Ward, ensign.

        New company of riflemen - Peter S. Smith, captain; Frederick Myers, first lieutenant; John F. Hicks, second lieutenant; Nathan Mattison, ensign.



Page 1608

Madison County.  (1815.)


        Eighth regiment of cavalry (W. Whipple, lieutenant colonel):

        William Brown, captain, vice M. Brown, resigned.



Page 1620

Madison County.  (1815.)


        Battalion of horse artillery in Madison county:

        Levi Love, first major, vice (William) Jennings, resigned; Argalus Cady, second major, vice Love, promoted; Warren Colton, paymaster.

        Joseph Bruce, captain, vice Cady, do; David Beecher, first lieutenant, vice Bruce, do; Smith Herrick, second lieutenant, vice Beecher, promoted; Solomon Brown, cornet, vice Allen, deceased.



Page 1635

Madison County.  (1815.)


        One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

        Noyes Palmer, first major, vice J. Staunton, removed; Arum Fuller, second major, vice Palmer, promoted; Henry Clarke, chaplain.

        Captains - Stephen R. Hall, junior, Elijah B. Miller.

        Lieutenants - Sanders Crandall, William Southworth, junior, Price B. McIntyre.

        Ensigns - Joshua Maxon, junior, Seth Duncan.



Page 1638

Madison County.  (1815.)


        Battalion of riflemen attached to the Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Jabez N.M. Hurd:

        Aaron Mason, captain, vice Bicknell, promoted; Barnabas Snow, first lieutenant, vice Camp, resigned; Francis Brown, second lieutenant; Lewis Bailey, ensign, vice Hatch, resigned.

        Lemuel Covell, captain; Isaac Fletcher, lieutenant; Benjamin Turner, junior, ensign.



Page 1661

Madison County.  (1816.)


        Twelfth regiment of artillery (Lieutenant Colonel Elijah H. Metcalf):

        New company - Samuel Sizer, junior, captain; William Johnson, first lieutenant; Jonathan D. Ledyard, second lieutenant.



Page 1664

Madison County.  (1816.)


        Battalion of riflemen, Madison county, whereof Bennet Bicknel is major commandant:

        John Heffren, surgeon.

        Barnabas Snow, captain; Francis Brown, first lieutenant; Levi Mills, second lieutenant; Seth Lamb, ensign.



Pages 1668, 1669, 1670

Madison County.  (1816.)


        Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

        Moses Maynard, second major, vice E. Clough, resigned; Henry Coolidge, adjutant, vice Maynard, promoted; Erastus Daniels, quartermaster, vice S. Snow, moved.

        Alpheus Darling, captain, vice W.T. Curtiss, resigned; Harry Coolidge, lieutenant; vice A. Darling, promoted; Daniel B. Parsons, ensign, vice H. Coolidge, promoted.

        Thomas Nash, captain, vice Z. Nash, resigned; Isaac Pool, lieutenant, vice E. Blanding, resigned; Isaac Skinner, ensign, vice O. Ackley, resigned; Curtis Hopping, lieutenant, vice C. Gray, resigned; John Hartshorn, ensign, vice C. Hopping, promoted.

        Robert Powell, captain, vice R. Tyler, resigned; David D. Smith, lieutenant, vice R. Powell, promoted; Henry C. Goodrich, ensign, vice H. Bonney, resigned.

        Gaius Stebbins, captain, vice J. Clark, resigned; Ephraim Gray, lieutenant, vice G. Stebbins, promoted; John Woods, lieutenant, vice Clarke, moved; William B. Tompkins, ensign, vice Collister, deceased.

        Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

        Stephen Lee, first major, vice A. Andrews, resigned; Ebenezer S. Cadwell, second major, vice S. Lee, promoted; James Beebe, paymaster, vice A. Van Alstyne, moved.

        Captains - Daniel Moyer, vice T. Clark, resigned; Stephen Chapman, vice S. Beecher, resigned; Rozel Randall, vice M. Lamb, resigned; Frederick M. Adams, vice E. Cadwell, promoted; Leveret H. Barnes.

        Lieutenants - Barent Schuyler, vice D. Moyer, promoted; Nicholas N. Bort, vice L. Bull, resigned; Samuel Goodwin, vice R. Randall, promoted; Benjamin Rugg, vice J. Maynard, moved; Cornelius H. Waldrum.

        Ensigns - Hugh Briggs; John J. Fink, vice J. Brown, moved; Lewis J. Danby, vice S. Chapman, promoted; Henry Whitman, vice C. Cranson, moved; Zebina Tryon, vice L.H. Barnes, promoted.

        One Hundred and Thirty-ninth regiment of infantry:

        John Brown, chaplain, vice J. Leonard, moved.

        Wheeler Dryer, captain, vice S. Coburn, resigned; Timothy Gridley, lieutenant, vice C. Parmele, junior, resigned; Richard Culver, ensign, vice Wheeler Dryer, promoted.

        Alexander McElwain, captain, vice E. Hurd, resigned; James McElwain, lieutenant, vice A. McElwain, promoted; Samuel Hubbard, ensign, vice J. McElwain, promoted.

        Dyer Sexton, captain, vice N. Havens, resigned; George K. Cooley, lieutenant, vice D. Sexton, promoted; Elmer D. Jencks, ensign, vice T. Ryder, resigned.

        Edward H. Gaylord, captain, vice A. Loveland, resigned; Smith Elliott, lieutenant, vice J.; Ayers, moved; Henry Crandall, junior, ensign, vice W. Bentley, resigned.

        One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

        Noyes Palmer, lieutenant colonel, vice R. Leonard, resigned; Phineas Babcock, first major, vice N. Palmer, promoted; Ethan Clark, second, adjutant; Joshua Maxson, junior, quartermaster, vice Clark, promoted.

        Light Infantry - William Whitford, captain, vice P. Babcock, promoted; Joseph C. Button, lieutenant, vice Dye, resigned; James Cheeseborough, junior, ensign, vice W. Whitford, promoted.

        Joseph Clark, captain, vice J. Spencer, resigned, Augustus Saunders, lieutenant, vice J. Clarke, promoted; Elisha Randall, ensign.

        Samuel B. Clarke, captain; Jeremiah Maxson, lieutenant; Amos Scott, third, ensign.

        Price B. McIntyre, captain, vice J. Rogers, resigned; Nathan Burch, lieutenant, vice McIntyre, promoted; Clark White, ensign; Asa Lamb, junior, lieutenant; Warren Palmer, ensign.

        Asa Lamb, junior, captain, vice Hall, moved; Warren Palmer, lieutenant, vice Lamb, promoted; Amos Lamb, ensign.



Pages 1769, 1770, 1771

Madison County.  (1817.)


        Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

        Isaac Skinner, adjutant, vice Coolidge; Willard Nash, ensign, vice Skinner, promoted.

        Samuel W. Gold, surgeon.

        Henry Coolidge, captain, vice Darling; Daniel B. Parsons, lieutenant, vice Coolidge, promoted; Nathan Taylor, ensign, vice Parsons, promoted; Ezra Chapin, lieutenant, vice Barber; Perley Ayers, ensign, vice Mixer; Henry C. Goodrich, lieutenant; Isaac Haight, ensign; Isaac Dunham, ensign.

        Seventy-fourth regiment:

        Thomas W. Phelps, colonel;, with rank from May 1, 1816; Stephen Lee, lieutenant colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Augustus H. Owen, quartermaster, vice Smith.

        Reuben Munson, captain, vice Beebe; Chester Warren, lieutenant, vice Munson, promoted; William H. Beecher, ensign, vice Warren, do.

        Bartholomew Forbes, lieutenant, vice Bort; Nicholas Kilts, ensign, vice Forbes.

        New company - Elisha Cranson, captain; Asa Taylor, lieutenant; Joshua Sherwin, junior, ensign.

        One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

        Noyes Palmer, colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Phineas Babcock, lieutenant colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Roswell Chapin, major, vice Babcock, promoted; Augustus Sanders, adjutant, vice Clark, resigned; Henry Chaplin, paymaster, vice Main, do; Welcome A. Clark, surgeon, vice Henry, moved; Darius Chapin, surgeon's mate, vice Bailey, resigned.

        Warren Smith, captain, vice Chapin, promoted; Zenas Phinney, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted.

        Benjamin Burdick, captain, vice Milton, resigned; John Maxson, lieutenant, vice S. Crandall, resigned.

        Ensigns - Nathan Williams, Zadock Reynolds, John Babcock, junior, Jeremiah Lewis.

        Lieutenants - Elisha Randall, vice A. Sanders; Clark White, vice N. Burch, moved.

        One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

        Samuel Thomas, colonel; John Needham, lieutenant colonel; Oran Chandler, major.

        Asa Eggleston, lieutenant, vice Whitney, resigned.

        Festus Parsons, captain, vice Needham, promoted; Czar Dikeman, lieutenant, vice Parsons, promoted; Loring Hutchinson, ensign, vice Dikeman, promoted.

        Timothy Gridley, captain, vice Dryer, resigned; Richard Culver, lieutenant, vice Gridley, promoted; Halsey Rice, ensign, vice Culver, promoted; Zadock Sweetland, lieutenant.

        John Cleaveland, captain, vice Gaylord, superseded; Phineas Briggs, lieutenant; John Lathrop, ensign.

        Roswell Beckwith, junior, captain, vice Chandler, promoted; Anson Dean, lieutenant, vice Beckwith; John Hearsy, ensign, vice Holmes, resigned.

        Calvin Goodale, captain, vice Underwood, resigned; Ebenezer Coates, lieutenant, vice Goodale, promoted; Roswell Savage, ensign, vice Coates, promoted.