The Evening Herald: Syracuse, Wednesday, April 24, 1895

(from Page 8)




   Eaton, April 24. - Services were held in the Congregational curch on Sunday evening by the Rev. A.C.V. Skinner, who delivered an address to Glen Roy lodge, No. 312, I.O.O.F. Odd Fellows from Hamilton, Morrisville, and West Eaton were present.

   Mrs. Edward Stoddard and her daughter Sarah, who have been visiting Mrs. Stoddard's father, have returned to their home in Villar Ridge, Ill.  George Fitchener of Morrisville visited his mother over Sunday.  William Smith left for Syracuse yesterday morning to act as salesman for F.E. Bacon & Company.  George Barber of Utica called on his many friends in town Sunday.





   Wampsville, April 24.- School children had a vacation Monday and Tuesday of this week because of the sickness of the teacher, Miss Tufts.

   There was organized at the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening a Woman's Aid society for the purpose of securing funds to pay the incidental expenses of the church.  Mrs. F.W. West was chosen president.  A meeting of the society will be held at the church to-morrow afternoon to plan for active work.

   The William McKinley Canning company will contract for corn next Friday and Saturday at their factory.

   Some of the farmers in this locality have planted peas for the canning factory of F.F. Hubbard & Company at Canastota.  It is a new crop for this vicinity.

   Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Brown entertained quite a large party of their friends last Saturday evening, the occasion being the third anniversary of their marriage.

   Miss Marion Ingalls returned to her school duties at McConnellsville of Monday.  Henry Frier of Syracuse was in town Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Parkhurst called on friends in town on Sunday.  Cyrus Cummings returned from Chicago on Tuesday.




The Junior Appears


   Cazenovia, April 24.- The class of '96 of the seminary have just issued the first one of the four issues of The Junior.  This is the first project of the kind, which has been undertaken by the seminary students, and it is proving a noteworthy success.  The Topics are ably discussed and the "personal mention" items are quite spicy.  It seems that such an institution as is the seminary could well afford to support such an excellent enterprize.  Copies of the paper may be secured at Watkin's book store.  The following is the staff of editors:  A.W. Dunham, chief.  W.C. Robson, F. Harvey, Miss Ruth E. Gray, and Miss Elva Hall, H.V. Matoon, C.M. Marriott.

   Mrs. E.A.D. Blair, National W.C.T.U. organizer and artist lecturer, gave an interesting lecture in the Baptist church last evening, supplemented by a picture talk.

   Miss Minnie Stetson of Syracuse is the guest of Miss Catherin Shute in Fenner street.




Death of Mrs. Root


   De Ruyter, April 24.-Mrs. Clark Root, one of De Ruyter's most esteemed ladies, died on Sunday evening after an illness of but a few days.  Mr. Root was away when his wife was taken sick and only reached her bedside the day before she died.

   N.E. Bugbee went to Sheds on Monday evening to see his sister, Mrs. Everette Bacon, who is sick with diphtheria.

   Our Street Commissioner has commenced the work of removing the loose stones and smoothing the streets with the road machine.

   F.L. Schellinger opened his new market on Saturday.

   Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Beekman and their daughter, Blanche, of Earlville are visiting relatives in town.  Mrs. Elmer Bugbee is confined to the house with a severe attack of neuralgia.