Transcribed by Margaret Steen From

1901 Vicks Standard Residence Directory

Brockport is a beautiful village of 3,700 inhabitants, situated 20 miles north west of Rochester on the Falls Branch of the N.Y.C.R.R.

Brockport derives its name from one of its earliest settlers, Hiel Brockway, a man of great enterprise and business capacity, who gave liberally of his land and means to the early settlers of Brockport.

Brockport was incorporated in 1829, but its charter was remodeled in 1852 and again in 1872.

Brockport has been the home of many statesmen and men of high standing in all professional lines; and Brockport of today is proud to count as one of her citizens, the noted authoress and traveler, Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, and all count it a rare treat to visit her pleasant home on College street, and see the collection of curios that Mrs. Homes has gotten together in her many years of travel.

Brockport has many large manufacturing concerns. Among them are the Moore-Shafer Shoe Factory, manufacturers of the famous "Ultra" shoes for ladies; the Brockport Wagon Co.; the Brockport Wheel Works; the Phelps Piano Case Co.; the Brockport Piano Co.; the B.F. Gleason Cooling Board Manufacturing Co.; the Batavia Preserving Co.; the Bradford Bean Puller and Bean Planter Co.

Brockport is also favored by having located here one of the largest of the State Normal School, whose graduates, numbered by the hundreds, have gone into all parts of our own country and foreign lands, to help in the great onward march along the lines of better education.

As a shipping point, Brockport is exceptionally well favored, having the Falls Branch of the N.Y.C.R.R. on one side and the famous Erie Canal on the other side and a new trolley road running through the heart of the village is now nearing completion.

Brockport might well be called "the Village of Beautiful Homes," for wherever we roam throughout its beautiful streets, these fine and spacious houses confront us and their outward splendor is but a glimpse of the peace and beauty that calmly reigns within.