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Pekin Pioneer-Jungle: Old Pekin

Located on private property on Townline Road at the top of Pekin cut entrance off Upper Mountain Road: 160x200 feet, fair condition. Deeded to the Town of Cambria by the Carney Family in 1830 as per Deed Liber 5, pg. 185, which states that the cemetery ". . . beginning at a stake on a course S, 47 degrees. E 1 chain and 65 links from the SE corner of the Methodist Meeting House in Lewiston, thence N 2 chains and 55 links, thence W 2 chains 55 links, thence S 2 chains and 55 links, thence W 2 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning containing 2 rods and 20 rods of land . . ." Not on USGS maps. Burials from 1817. Many early stones were mounted on the front wall of the cemetery.

Mount View Rural

Located on the north side of Upper Mountain Road, east of Pekin and across from the fire hall. In good condition. Records are kept by Wayne Rivers. Partial reading by Sister Vivian, Robert Boyd, and Bethal Riggs; GAR list; partial DAR; map 1864 in Map Book 12, pg. 1172-73. Owned by Mount View Cemetery Association, formed 20 April 1864. Incorporation papers in file room, court house new file #5807. Misc. Rec. Register 5/P.4/ original is missing. Deeded 6 August 1865, as per Liber 100, pg. 493: ". . . commencing . . . in the center of the Mountain Ridge Road at the SE corner of land conveyed . . . (see Liber 99, pg. 167).

Saint Peter’s Lutheran

Located on the east side of Church Street and behind the church: 7 acres. On Lot #15, T14, R8. A deed was made to the congregation on 17 October 1865 in Liber 105, pg. 489 stating, "all that tract or parcel of land . . . beg in the center of the road running from the North Ridge Road to the South Ridge Road (so called) on the N line of said lot 5 chains and 48 links to the NW corner of land owned by Henry Thornton, thence S along the line of said Thornton’s W line one chain and 5 links to a stake thence N 87½ degrees W 6 chains and 30 links to the center of the aforesaid road parallel to the N line of the lot thence N along the center of said land to the place of beginning containing 1 acre of land, more or less." Another deed for 2 acres is from 15 July 1889 is found in Liber195 at pg. 26. Another deed for 1 acre is found in Liber 216, at pg. 241. This deed was recorded 12 July 1892. A deed for 2 separate parcels of land on lot 15 is found in Liber 300, on pgs. 288 and 289. The first parcel contains 4½ acres and the second is for 3½ acres.

North Ridge-Union Cemetery Association-North Ridge Burying Ground

Located on the north side of Church Street between Rte. 93 and Rte. 104. Union Cemetery Association of North East Cambria and Ridge Union met in 1848 and again in 1853 to form Cemetery Association Universalist Church 1868, Congregational Church. There are 14 acres located on E side of Church Street, north of Rte. 104. 1816 Burial noted. 1908 map in book 12 pg. 1174. Incorporated in 1853 as North Ridge Burying Ground. Papers in courthouse file room. Misc. records Register 3, pg. 187, pg. 483, 506. Original missing. Incorporated as North Ridge Burying Association, 1934. Papers Register 3, pg 34, file 3037. Also see file 3042 for incorporation of North Ridge Burial Association, Inc. (1934). D. Rolling recording of burial records and tombstones. Lot#28, Deeded 22 February 1868. Liber 115, pg. 125, the land is measured as ". . . beginning at the SE (SE written over NE) corner of burying ground thence E parallel with the N line of said lot3 chains and 95 links to the SE corner of the aforesaid burying ground thence N along the E line of said burying ground 3 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning. Containing 1 acre and 61/100 acre. North Ridge owns 28.9 acres of land at the present time, but no deeds could be located for the additional acres. Secretary of Association: Shirley N. Coulter. Office: 3871 North Ridge Road, Lockport; phone 434-1804. Superintendent: William Nugent Jr., Church Road, Lockport; phone 434-5860.

Cambria Center-Hillside

Located on the east side of Cambria Center Road, south of Lower Mountain Road: 3 acres. Lot #52, in good condition. Early deed. List of original lot owners. Reading by Mrs. Mary Ellis. Map of burials from 1816 in map book 12, made in 1847, 1886; pgs. 1170-71. Associated with Congregational Church. Incorporated 1881 as the Hillside Cemetery Association of Cambria. Misc. rec. Register 8, pg. 57. Original missing. A deed made to the Congregational Society of the First Congregational Church, Cambria, "Beginning at a maple stake standing 56 rods and 14 links S of the N line of said lot 52 . . . thence 2 rods E of the rim or center ofthe highway running S through said lot 52 between lands owned by said William Scott and J. Sam Gould and running thence from said maple stake S parallel with the highway nine rods to a stake thence E at right angles with the said highway 9 rods to a stake thence north 9 rods to a stake thence W 9 rods to the place of beginning containing ½ acre and 1 rod of land. Also note Liber 244, pgs. 260 and 286, and Liber 295, pg. 164. Liber 163 at pg. 194 shows a map of the 3 acres of land.

Budd-North East Union Cemetery Association

Located on land once owned by Andrew Budd on the E side of Budd Road, south of Rte. 104: 1½ acres in good condition. Dates from 1810. Reading by Clara and Dorothy McCabe. GAR listing. Incorporated 1853. Papers may be in the file room but have not been located at this time. As per Liber 295, pg. 164, on 15 April 1903 a deed was contracted between Jasper Brown and Alice, his wife, and Elmer Budd [and others], acting as trustee for the Cemetery Association.

Being the NW part of lot 31 in T 14 R7, containing 1½ acres . . . bounded easterly by the said middle part of lot 31 - 17 rods and 1/7 part rod. Southerly by the said middle part of lot 31 14 rods; W by the NW part of said lot 31, 17 rods and 1/7 of a rod (along the center of a public highway running S from the Ridge Road): and northerly by the Ridge Road 14 rods. First burial was Charles S. LOFLER 18 September 1853.


Located on the north side of Rte. 104 W of Rte. 93: 100 feet by 200 feet in fair condition. Reading of stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. No GAR stones left. Dates from 1812. In deed Liber121, pg. 125, F. William Molyneaux and wife deeded 74½ acres in lot 40 of T14, R7 to Sarah E. McRae and Elbertine Molyneaux on 20 April 1869, " . . . excepting and reserving all the interest of the party of the first part of in or to all that part of said premises herein before described non-used land the same being at or near the southwest corner of said premises . . . " Furthermore, in deed Liber148, P. 201 F. recorded 1 June 1877, there is a quit claim between Sarah Molyneaux and William J. Molyneaux and Mary his wife, stating in part that their land was that part of lot 40 in T14 R7 . . . excepting and reserving from the above described premises all the interval (?) of the party of the first part in and to so much thereof as is now used and enclosed as a burial ground supposed to contain ¼ of an acre of land.


Located on the south side of Lower Mountain Road on the west bank, east of Thrall Road, lot #37 in the Town of Cambria, T14 R7. In poor condition. Reading of Stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. No GAR stones left. Dates from 1812. About 100 square feet in area on 1908 map. On lot #37, T14 T7. In a transaction granting land to Sylvester L. Dent from Seldon D. Reduran on 27 February 1905 as recorded in Liber 306, pg. 254, there is a clause stating this property as containing 98 acres more or less ". . . also excepting out of the last described premises about ½ acre for a burying ground."

Saint Andrew’s Lutheran-First German Evangelical Lutheran Saint Andrew’s Congregation of Pekin

Located on the north side of Upper Mountain Road behind the church and west of Baer Road: about 2 acres in good condition. Records at the church date from 1894. The church was officially known as the First German Evangelical Lutheran Saint Andrew’s Congregation of Pekin and their purchase of land is recorded 12 January 1915, in Liber 38, pg. 511 for 2 acres total land. "This deed is intended as a duplicate of a deed given 18th day of May 1899 but not recorded and is now lost. This 2-acre piece presumably contains the land for both church and cemetery. On lot #37, T14, R7. Tombstone recording: D. Rolling, 1992.

Warren’s Corners-Forsyth

Located on the Yousey farm on the SW side of Rte. 104 and Cambria Town Line Road. Well cared for. Reading of stones: Jean Hayes, D. Rolling, and D. Jerge. Dates from 1808. On Lot 23. The Youseys bought the land from Maude Warren, as recorded in Liber 1122, pg. 81. The original owners of the land bought the land as conveyed in Liber A, pg. 310. Unfortunately, among the deeds that were searched, beginning from the Holland Land Company’s purchase to the present day there is no mention of a cemetery, not even an "excepting and reserving" clause, to outline the boundaries of the cemetery for it always seems to have been on private land. May have had public burials that had been removed to Molyneaux after 1815.

Russell Weaver Family-Weaver #1

Located on the north side of Thrall Road midway between Upper Mountain Road and Lower Mountain Road. In fair condition. Reading: Norman Pierce and D. Rolling and D. Jerge. NCGS cleaned area. Dates from 1815. According to February 1988 property maps, Robert E. and Margaret Blackman own the land surrounding the cemetery. They bought the land from Francis P. Bassett in 1979. The deed is recorded in Liber 1659, pg. 232. In this Liber is an excepting and reserving clause which directs that Liber 48, pg. 62 be consulted. This deed states: That tract or parcel of land situated on the north side of the public highway and adjoining land owned by William Blanchard on the East beginning as follows: at a maple tree on the line between me and William Blanchard and adjoining the highway and running north on said line 5 rods and ½ to a stake and stone and thence west 4 rods and ½ to a stake and stone and from thence southwardly 4 rods to a stake and stone on the line of the highway and from thence along the highway eastwardly 6 rods to the lace of beginning: containing 25 rods of land by the same more or less - be it understood by all whom it may concern J. Russell Weaver of the first part do convey or deed the above described piece of land to the said Reuben Brackett for the express purpose of a burying ground to inter the dead. Reserving to myself an descendants the privilege of burying our dead in the same enclosure." Made 20 December 1850 and recorded 28 January 1851.

Rufus Weaver Family-Weaver #2

Located 75 yards in from the north side of Upper Mountain Road, about 1,500 feet W of intersection of Thrall Road. Near 4946 Upper Mountain Road on private property. Cannot be seen from the road; in trees. Permission to view may be obtained from home west of cemetery. Once contained in a small stone-walled area now torn down. Hand-written history in 1920 by Rufus Charles Welton of Tonwanda, New York. Stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. No precise deed information could be located for this cemetery. Deed for the property is located in Liber 1079, pg. 322. Deborah current owner, widow of Thomas T. Meyer, 24 August 1972 from Kayal, Inc.; Alvin Kraatz, Preident. This transaction is recorded in Liber 1534, pg. 663.


This is a small cemetery located on the George Howder farm, east of Budd Road on the north side of Lower Mountain Road. No stones found recently.


Located on James Moran land on the southeast corner of Ridge Road, one mile east of Streeter’s Corners-Rte. 425. Stone found with the name HURD. This stone may have been moved from another location.


Located on the southeat corner of interesection of Lower Mountain Road and Cambria-Lockport Road. NW corner of lot #2, T14 R7. Reading by B. Riggs, Patricia Leary, 1983 D. Rolling, D. Jerge. In the deeds that were searched, no mention of a cemetery was found. The owner in 1938 was Raymond Schulz and in 1908 the owner was B. Treadwell (Liber 105, pg. 523). Between 1936 and 1938, New York State came through to extend a highway, leaving the burying ground on an island. Thus, somewhere there should be an easement or some such document for this transaction but this has not been found at this time.


Located on Upper Mountain Road and Campbell Boulevard on the NW corner. No longer exists. However, there may still be one body, that of a Negro servant, still buried in the area. Bodies were moved to Hillside Cemetery (Cambria) around 1894. No deeds indicate there was a cemetery at the spot on Lot 28 in Cambria.. John Rigerman Jr. bought the land on which the cemetery was contained in 1893 from Josiah Balliett as recorded in Liber 229, pg. 285 on 6 December 1894. Mr. Rigerman published his intention to move the cemetery. Elton Schroeder is current owner of the land.

Averill Burying Grounds

Area of 150x150 feet ??

Taylor Family Burying Ground

Once on the grounds of Joash Taylor land in the south corner near the ridge. No evidence of graves now.

Crocker Family Burying Ground

Located on Stone Road. Remains taken to Glenwood.

South of B-Kwik, east side of Town Line on the DePaul Property

Blackman Road

Site of early Indian burials.


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