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Located on the north side of Ridge Road about 1/3 mile west of Dickersonville Road: 2.5 acres. Deeded 12 April 1898 (Liber 59, pg. 180), good condition. Cemetery has been reactivated 1983 with the help of Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission. Repair of stones and grounds. Town of Lewiston is the current owner. Recent burials have taken place. 1851, 1874 maps in Map Book 12, pg. 1180. Recent history written by Terry Lasher and Alan Johnson. Readings: DAR, Jim Murray, Norman Peirce. Contains graves of Civil and Revolutionary War veterans. Incorporated 1854 as Dickersonville Cemetery Association. Miscellaneous Records Register, Vol. 4 pg. 86 / original missing. The deed for the cemetery is found in Liber 75, pg. 30, which reads in part: ". . . between Isaac Woolson and Wife Elizabeth and Sheldon C. Townsend, Charles Ayer, Augustus Dickerson, James N. Babcock, John Hornell, Isaac Woolson and Achesh Pool . . . Trustees of the Dickersonville Cemetery Association commencing on the N bounds of the Ridge Road on Lot #62, 13 T 8 R - 15 chains 34 links E from the W line of said lot measuring along the N bounds of the said Ridge Road and running thence north 27 degrees E 3 chains 33 links thence N 4 degrees W 3 chains 40 links thence N 89 degrees E 2 chains 14 links thence S 9 degrees west 2 chains 85 links thence 2 rods east at 90 degree angles there from 2 chains 91 links to the N bounds of the said road, thence S 77 degrees 30 minutes W along the N bounds of said road, 67 links to the place of beginning containing more or less according to a survey made by Jesse P. Haines Nov. 19, 1851 . . . conveyed . . . a a burying ground."

Lewiston Village-Oakwood-Presbyterian-Municipal

Located next to and behind Presbyterian Church on Cayuga Street in Village: 2.5 acres. Not owned, however, by the church. Map in Map Book 12 of 1879, pg. 1129. Additions made 10 April 1879 and on 1 September 1879, a session law was issued conveying land to Village of Lewiston (E half of Lot 17). Further additions made 26 February 1919 - Lewiston Village Clerk has this deed. Last addition was 1951. Recorded by Alan Johnsonper CETA program - indexed. DAR 1938, Boy Scout Troop 55 Kenneth McGaskill June 1966, and 19892 Charles Walker reading of stones with map and index. The original deed, made in 1822 and recorded in Liber 19, pg. 33 lists the grantees purchasing 100 acres of land in Lot 15, T 14 T 9. This is the location of the cemetery but it seems there is no possible way for the grantees to purchase that much land on that small village lot, for the entire Village of Lewiston consists of not more than 100 acres.

Mount Hope Burial Ground

Located on the north side of Upper Mountain Road on Tuscarora Reservation between Green Road and Garlow Road on private property. Many graves are marked with wooden or iron crosses. Some records of burials from Lewiston death records and Dr. Huggins records. As this land is on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, there is no deed for the land.

Gate of Heaven

Located on the east side of Old Lewiston Road, north of Niagara University between Trinity Cemetery and Riverdale Cemetery: 30 acres. Very good condition. Records are in property office and recorded. Because it was once the Catholic section, the deed appears to be the same one pertaining to Riverdale Cemetery, Liber 206, pg. 289. LDS Film #1378801.

Holy Trinity

Located on East Falls Street in Niagara Falls on the north side of Gate of Heaven Cemetery: 9.5 acres, very good condition. It is a Catholic Cemetery Association organized by Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church and now has its own office on the grounds. Deeded 5 March 1910 as per Liber 347, on pg. 326, in which Lots 2 to 84 inclusive in Block P on Riverdale Avenue in 1939. Liber 657, pg. 151: 4.4 acres of land are deeded.


Located on the east side of Old Lewiston Road, north of Niagara University: 90 acres of Joseph Colt farm, very good condition. Records in office on grounds. Veterans plot in cemetery in Section 10 - 621 graves. The land is on Lot 25 in the Town of Lewiston. On the original land deed of 1896, as recorded in Liber 206, pg. 289 from the Lewiston Investment Company. Map 1910: first burial 5 October 1896. Site of J. Colt farm. Gate of Heaven Cemetery once was a portion of this cemetery, known as the Catholic Section. Book 3 misc. records pg. 395, LDS Film # 1381558.

Saint Michael Polish National

Located on the north side of Saunders Settlement Road, ˝ mile east of Military Road: 16 acres on Lot 22, very good condition. Owned by the Saint Michael’s the Archangel Polish National Church at 27th Street and East Falls Street in Niagara Falls. Purchased 14 June 1918 from Andrezej Drabczyk, Thomas Szczesc, Josef Janik, and Jakob Nowacki as recorded in Liber 573, at pg. 559. Also see 1461, at pg. 1069.


Located on the east side of Kline Road in Colonial Village, south side of Saunders Settlement Road. About 24 stones are still there, few stones that are read in fair-to-poor condition. Burials from the 1800s. Reading by J & D Rolling and D. Jerge in 1983. On Lot 8 land, originally the property of Mathias Kline. He deeded land to Paul Kline 6 March 1872 as recorded in Liber 136, pg. 2. A clause states: "also excepting and reserving to and by the said party of the first part from the aforesaid grant or conveyance the right to use and control the dwelling house on said described premises and ingress and egress thereto during his natural life. And also the burying ground as the same is now fenced, and the right of way thereto to and from the use of the public so long as it shall be used for that purpose."

Niagara Falls Memorial Park

Located at 5871 Military Road, north of Rte. 31, across from Reservoir Park. All graves are marked with brass plaques. Records are in the office on the grounds, also has a crematory that services most of Niagara County. Incorporated 1928, dedicated 31 May 1929. Papers in file room Register 2, pg. 378, File 2290. Map 1937 in Map Book 12, pg. 1181. Deeded in 1928 from DeWolfe Realty Corp., Liber 542, pg. 406, for 15 acres. The second, made in 1937, from the same party and for the same acreage is recorded in Liber 630, pg. 279. Also, in 1968, in Liber 152, pg. 687, 400 graves for veterans purchased by Niagara County and dedicated in June 1971.

Beth Israel

Located on the eat side of Military Road, south of Upper Mountain Road intersection: in good condition. Operated by Temple Beth Israel of Niagara Falls, 404 Cedar Avenue. On Lots 160, 162, 164, 166, and 168 of Block J on Riverside Avenue in the Town of Lewiston. Purchased 15 acres 25 September 1908, recorded in Liber 258, pg. 456.

Stella Niagara

Located on Lower River Road behind Stella Niagara: priest and nun burials. About ____ by 200 feet, in good condition. Burials are placed by date of burials with family surnames. Owned by the Sisters of Saint Francis Buffalo of the Sacred Heart of the Penance and Christian Charity. Entire property consists of 147.5 acres. In 1908, the land was purchased from Barbara M. A. ____rch and given to "the Buffalo Sacred Academy of the Sacred Heart" as recorded in Liber 331, pg. 438. There is no separate deed for the cemetery. __R tombstone recording. LDS Film # 1378812.


Located on the west side of Lower River Road behind 4191 Rivershore Complex (white Colonial owned by Robert Hunt) in a small stone-walled area on private property on Lot 12 of Mile Reserve. Apparently now on the property of Rivershore, Inc. No deed for the cemetery at any period was able to be found. William Clark, according to Liber 11, pg. 35 bought the entire Lot 12 (167 acres) from Abel and Lucinda White and Sanford and Abacinda White on 16 September 1833. Nowhere in the owners deeds is a cemetery reference found. Stone recording, 1983, by D. Rolling and D. Jerge.


Located in the middle of Nichols pear orchard near 1826 Ridge Road on the south side of the road in a stone-wall area in very poor condition. This property is not included in the Nichols property and they do give their permission for entrance to the cemetery. It is so overgrown with material we were never able to find stones. Burials date from at least 1843 and may contain the graves of Ira PORTER and his first wife, Elizabeth. The area may also contain the grave of Henry TOTTEN, who died before 1817. At one time there were about 8 or 10 tones, all lying flat on the ground. Mr. Nichols burned out the land last fall to get rid of the many vines, saplings, etc., that had grown. In Liber 144, pg. 528, in a deed made 1 April 1880, there is the clause, "reserving from the above-described land a certain portion laid out and is a private burying ground and enclosed by a stone wall on Lot four." The deed conveying land from John Porter and Sara his wife to Daniel and Henry Totten dated 26 April 1843 can be found in Liber, pg. 248. This deed conveys the actual cemetery itself from the Porters to the Tottens being "in Lot #4 and described as . . . a certain piece of land on and in said lot enclosed by a stone wall occupied and used as a private burying ground thereafter to be used as such by their relatives for no other purpose whatsoever."


Located behind 1804 Ridge Road below the hill on the north side of the road. Cemetery is behind the barn in a small stone-walled area (Lot 26) and is in very poor condition. Owner of property is Mr. Kerion of Corona Del Mar, California. There is a reading of the stones, early stone of 1839. SCOVELL and EVANS families are buried here also. In Liber 30, pg. 84, the deed granting this land from Judith Evans to Joseph E. Ways is recorded. The transaction took place 26 January 1843 and Mr. Ways bought 146 acres. "excepting and reserving out of said land one half acre of land heretofore out for a family burying ground with free access to the same any and all times by any of the relatives interested therein. . . . " Clarence Lewis note states that the land is behind the present Canan House. This house is apparently owned by the Patrick family.

Niagara University’s Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery

A cemetery was once located on the north side of the campus. It was removed to Saint Joseph College in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1958 at the time of the 1958 Power Project.

Sage Family

Once located on the south side of Ridge Road just east of Indian Hill Road, it was removed to the village cemetery. Land on which it was contained is now owned by Joan Gipp.

Cook Family

Located on the southeast corner of Ridge Road and Creek Road, #18. On property now owned by Dr. William Lewis. Lot 33. Bodies reinterred in village cemetery.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Burial of priests on the Shrine property owned by the Order of Barnabite Fathers, who purchased the land 30 March 1955. Recorded in Liber 1172, pg. 95. See also Liber 1383, 1773, and 1443 at pgs. 339, 246, and 834. Tombstones recorded by D. Rolling.


Located on the north side of Rte. 104, west of Ransomville Road. Removed to Dickersonville Cemetery,

Indian Burial Mound

Now Artpark.


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