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Saint Peterís Lutheran, United Church of Christ

Located on the south side of Niagara Street near the city limits: in good condition. GAR list. Old German section in the rear across bridge. Tombstone readings: D. Rolling, 1992. Church has records.

Saint Maryís Roman Catholic

Located on the south side of Niagara Street, west of Saint Peterís: in good condition. Map of 1867, 1886, P. 1167, 1168 in Map Book 12.

Mount Calvary-Saint Johnís Roman Catholic-Summit Street

Located on the south side of Summit Street between Transit Road and State Road. Est. 1845, deeded 6 January 1845. Owned by Saint Johnís Roman Catholic Church, Lockport. Restoration under direction of Jeff Degnan. Civil War burials.

Stahler-Zion Church

Located on the west side of Beattie Avenue, north of Dysinger: 1 acre, good condition. Map 1879 Lot 7 Sec 3 T 14 R 6 pg. 1153, Map Book 12. Church disbanded either 1882 or 1885. Incorporated as Stahler Cemetery Association Inc. in 1891. Papers in file room Register Vol. 2, pg. 588, File #2794. Recording by B. Riggs and D. White.


Located on the north side of Dysinger Road between Raymond and Crosby: 1 acre, fair condition. Few DAR readings. Reading by I. Richard Reed, Joyce Bundrock. Land first deeded to Sam. Shaeffer 26 May 1848. Incorporated 29 November 1924, as Stahler Cemetery Association Inc. Papers in file room Register, Vol. 2, pg. 315, File #2130. Now cared for by the Town of Lockport.

Saint Paulís Dutch-German Reformed

Located on the south side of Akron Road between Wynkoop Road and Kood Road: very poor condition. All stones are down and placed on a pile. As of 1974, and at least from 1951, the land is owned by the United Lutheran Synod of New York, as the church no longer functions. Some of the piled stones read by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. Records are part of the English Lutheran in Lockport.

Potterís Field

Located on the east side of Davison Road, northeast of county buildings. Burials from 1915 to June 1960. In 1959 the remains of "dead manís curve" Lockport and Comstock roads were removed and reinterred here. Niagara County Historian has register of burials. Wooden markers were removed from graves, new metal markers were made and replaced in approximate position in 1990 and vandalized soon after.

Cold Spring

Located east of the city limits on Chestnut Road and Cold Spring Road: 52 acres. Map Book 12: 1853, 1877, 1903, pgs. 1130-31, 1124, 1157, and Tube #38. Lot owners from map of 1903: History, GAR list, list in old section of few pioneers and 12 unknown 1812 soldiers. Niagara County has purchased 100 graves for veterans. Incorporated 7 March 1840. See also special proceedings for the Cold Spring Cemetery Association, 1971, #16212.

Trinity Lutheran-Lockport Gemedine Gottesaker

Located on the west side of Cold Spring Road and next to the railroad tracks: 1 acre. Reading by Florence Smith. Maps and a survey map by W. B. Cook, 1889; and a land map drawn 24 October 1921 by Julius Frehsee. Maps not registered with the Niagara County Clerk. Burial permits: Lot owners: Veteranís. Records are with the church. Incorporated as the Evangelical Lutheran Cold Spring Cemetery Association in 1891. Papers in file room in Register Vol. 2, pg. 590, File #2808.

Saint Patrickís Roman Catholic

Located on Glenwood Avenue and Transit Street. Alpha reading by Patricia and Nancy Stacy: GAR list: history: few DAR recordings. Tombstone reading by Mike Niethe and family in 1992. Included is a Niagara County veteranís plot.


Located on Glenwood Avenue in the north part of the city. History: newspapers: copy of lots and owners by NCGS in 1982. Records in office on grounds. Glenwood Cemetery Association formed in 1863, incorporated as the Glenwood Cemetery Association. Papers in file room Register Vol. 1, pg. 11, File #45. Map of 1875, 1889, 1892 in Map Book 12 pgs. 1138-40, 1149-51. A 468-crypt mausoleum was built in 1977. Cemetery contains the graves from Old Lincoln Avenue, moved about 1928. Included is a Niagara County Veteranís plot. Misc. Book 5 pg. 458.

Brookside-Episcopal Chapel

Located on the southeast corner of Slayton Settlement Road and Day Road near the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. One headstone and one monument remain standing.


See #15 in Cambria.

Chestnut Ridge

Located on the north side of Chestnut Ridge Road at Lockport-Royalton town line, west of Husky Cemetery: original 2.5 acres now 4 acres, good condition. See Liber 82, pg. 56, Lot 7, Section 7, 1859 and Book 81, pg. 128, Lot 5, Section 7. Incorporated as Chestnut Ridge Cemetery in 1859. Papers I file room Register Vol. 5, pg. 44; original missing. Map of 1859, 1894 in Map Book 12, pgs. 1148, 1178. Tombstone recording 1993 by John Hall.

Queen of Heaven

Located on the south side of 6843 Tonawanda Creek Road between Minnick Road and Rapid Road. Catholic cemetery, good condition. Records held by church.

Grace Episcopal Church

Located on the north side of Lincoln, west of Pine Street: about 1 acre Lot 11, Section 14, T 14, R 6. Deeded by Elias Ransom. Remains removed to Glenwood about 1931, Lots #85-93. Letters, misc. readings. Deeded 1 August 1837.


Located on the northwest corner of Leet Road and Sunset Drive in a very small area in a plowed field of the Wilson farm several hundred feet off the road. Few recordings from Clarence Lewis.


Small plot located at west end of Sunnyside Street where Major Millard donated 1 acre of land for a cemetery. First cemetery in Lockport. No evidence of stones left and no records of deaths. Re-interments to Glenwood Cemetery. Few recordings and history. Sheriff Almon MILLARD buried here in 1838.


Located on the north side of Lower Mountain Road opposite 5360, about 100 yards off road in wooded area. Recordings of 4 stones.


Located on the northwest corner of Cold Spring Cemetery on Cold Spring Road, across from the Trinity Lutheran Church. Organized by Daniel Price and Jonathan Thomas in 1863, now incorporated into Cold Spring Cemetery. Tombstone recording by Florence Smith. Map in Book 12, pg. 1179.


Located on Lincoln Avenue next to Grace Episcopal, ca 1845 moved to Cold Spring, next to tool shed. Historian office has map, Lot #11. History: see also #24.

Dead Manís Curve

See Pendleton


This is a walled-off area between Price and Cold Spring. Recorded by Florence Smith.


Located on the Market/Elm/Market triangle, ca 1829. Removed to Lincoln Avenue on Moody Property, #21, then to Cold Spring.

Poor Farm

Located on Niagara Road across from the present jail. Only a few tombstones are in place, many crude slate markers with no information.

Old Burying Ground

Old section of Cold Spring, prior to Cold Spring incorporation, it is located at the front entrance and to the right up the hill. Could be the area of the 12 soldiers of 1814. Later became part of Cold Spring.

Ontario Street

In basement of house: Elizabeth Condron dies 18 Oct 1873 Age 13Y 6M D/O William & Elizabeth

Genesee Street

Tombstone found: Frances w/o Alfred Homes died January 20, 1840 Age 33 Yrs. whereabouts of stone now unknown.

Main Street

Parsonís Drug Store. Found 3 tombstones in the basement.

Leete Road, off Stone Road

91 Morrow Street

Tombstone found, former site of Niagara County Fairgrounds.

? Rochester Road on Ladd Property

One stone found.

Tombstone found near railroad bridge, near canal bank: Daniel Andrews, died March 25, 1877 Age 75.


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