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Acacia Memorial Park-Resthaven

Two modern plots located on Tonawanda Creek Road between Bear Ridge Road and Town Line Road: 151 acres. Records at office on the grounds. Incorporated 1928 as Acacia Park Cemetery Association. Papers in File Room Register 2, pg. 373, File 2263. Masonic area is known as Resthaven. A Niagara County Veterans plot is included.

Wendleville-Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ

Located on Tonawanda Creek Road, east of Wendleville: ½ acre, poor condition. Recording by Doris Grape, 1974; another by youth group. Owned by the church and secretary has records.

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic

Located behind the church on Tonawanda Creek Road, 1 mile east of Wendleville: 1 acre, in good condition. Burial records copied.

King Family-Pendleton

Located between Washington and the southeast bank of the old canal: poor condition. Recorded in 1984 by D. Jerge and D. rolling. Earliest grave appears to be 1829. Map Book 12, pg. 1129, with lot owner’s name. GAR list.

Bear Ridge Inc.-Ridgeville-Foote

Located on the south side of Bear Ridge Road, about ¾ mile east of Campbell Boulevard on Lot 74: 4 acres, new and old sections well cared for. Incorporated in 1921 as Bear Ridge Cemetery Association in 1921. Papers in File Room in Register 2, pg. 204, File 1884.

Bear Ridge #1

Located across from 6592 Bear Ridge Road, this was the former Schorb property: overgrown. Recording 1977 by Doris Grape, Jane Clement, Elsie Allen, 1983 by D. Rolling and D. Jerge.

Saint Paul’s Evangelical Protestant Reformed Bear Ridge #2

Located on the east side of Bear Ridge Road, north of Killian Road: ½ acre. Tombstone recording, D. Rolling. Copy of lot interments from Elton Bayer. Considered the newer section of the Saint Paul’s on Tonawanda Creek Road #2.

Beach Ridge-Poole-Andrus

Located on the east side of Beach Ridge Road, ¼ mile southeast of Aiken Road; by 4341 Beach Ridge Road on private property: poor condition and most stones destroyed. Few DAR recordings, Veteran’s, History by Noah Strickland, dedication by DAR. Stones read by Ben Sobczyk; stones read by D. Rolling and D. Jerge, 1983.


Located at the northwest side of the intersection of Bear Ridge Road and Tonawandfa Creek Road, about 2 blocks back in a wooded area; behind 7450 Bear Ridge Road and 4469 Tonawanda Creek Road. Recording by Doris Grape and Jane Clements, 1977. Stones read by Ben Sobczyk, D. Rolling,and D. Jerge in 1983. Few DAR recordings. No 8x10 photos.

Clark Family

Located directly in front of King Family burying grounds: 1/8 acre, overgrown, stones down and broken. Sylvester Pendleton CLARK.

Dead Man’s Curve

Located on Comstock Road, corner of Lockport Road. Many newspaper articles from 1959 exist in the Historian’s Office detailing the finding of 3 stones and bones on Edwin D. Walck’s property. Skeletons also found in shallow graves. One of the skeletons contained a pin in its leg, creating the hypothesis that some Halloween prankster had moved the stones from a nearby cemetery to that location. Nevertheless, some held to the belief there actually was a cemetery where the stones were found. The "remains" and the stones were removed to burial grounds at the infirmary. The whereabouts of the stones at the present time is unknown. At one time there was a cemetery located somewhere on landed deeded to "Lyman E. Thayer of Pendleton and Fanny his wife" on 1 April 1836 consisting of the "north-east part of Lot 87 and the north-west part of Lot Number 82 in said Township (Pendleton) as follows . . . excepting ¼ acre which has been used by the inhabitants of Pendleton and Cambria as a burying ground" (Deed Liber 15, pg. 482). Either in a wooded knoll or under one of his crop fields.


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