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Fort Niagara Post

Located on Lake Road at the east end of the fort. All bodies were removed to Elmira, New York, in 1951. History, newspapers, list of soldiers.

Fort Niagara-1812

Burying grounds located within the fort. Few DAR recordings. Reading by D. and J. Rolling and by D. Loker in "Yesteryears".

Oakland Rural-Hosmer

Located on the north side of Lake Road, east of Four Mile Creek: good condition. Recording by Joanne Tubsidy, 1978. As of 1978, Martha Clark of 315 3rd Street in Youngstown, had a few records and a map of the plot. Map of lots, lot owners 1869, map in Map Book 12 with no date. Incorporated 1857 as Oakland Burial Cemetery Association. Papers in file from under Miscellaneous Register 5, pg. 351. Original papers missing.


Located on the east side of Creek Road, north of Youngstown-Lockport Road, north of the old schoolhouse. DAR recording. Hand map by Betty Allen.

Filmore-Halstead-Holsted-East Porter

Located on Lot #18 on the east side of Ransomville Road, south of the Lockport-Wilson Road. Deeded 1830. Cemetery records begin 1847. DAR 1937, GAR, history, 1967 reading by Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zurenda and Cindy Schultz. Map of 1853 pgs. 1136-37 in Map Book 12. Incorporated 1874 as Halstead Cemetery Association. Papers in file room in Register 1, pg. 23, File 108. Misc. Records Book 7, pg. 50.


Located on the north side of Youngstown-Lockport Road next to the Methodist Church in the hamlet of Ransomville. Does not belong to the church. Church has no records. Town Clerk does not know of any, either. Article in 12 April 1887 in the Lockport Daily Journal, suggestion that the bodies be removed to North Ridge and the land sold for a large amount of money, pg. 4, col. 4.

Saint John German Lutheran

Located on the east side of Creek Road at Blairville Road: good condition. Tombstones ready b J. and D. Rolling in 1985.


Family plot located on the north side of Swain Street, east of River Road in the Village of Youngstown. Stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. List and map.


Located behind the church at the corner of Church Street and 2nd Street in the Village of Youngstown. Church organized 1823. Property sold to Town of Porter in 1960s for $1.00 by John and Caty Young. Used as village cemetery before opening of Hosmer. History, GAR, 1937 DAR.

Saint Bernard-Bishop Turner-Oak Street

Located on the north side of Oak Street in the Village of Youngstown. Very wet at times. Have map.


Lutts family cemetery. Located on Lot 27 on Wilson Road near Towers Corners on east bank of Four Mile Creek just at the bend of Youngstown-Wilson Road. Just behind 1073 and just north of Youngstown-Lockport Road. Only one unreadable stone remains.

Jackson Street

Bodies found in area of Jackson Street December 22, 1939. Referred to Fort Niagara.

Ransomville Road

Bodies re-interred to North Ridge.


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