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Lockport Road-Ward

Located on the north side of Lockport Road, about 40 yards west of Ward Road. Recording by Norman Peirce, GAR, history, newspapers, some DAR recordings. Recently cleaned up by Eagle Scout Scott Heyse and now maintained by the town.

Saint John Evangelical Lutheran

Located on the northeast corner of Niagara Falls Boulevard and Ward Road. GAR, partial recording by Scout John Kopcznski and completed summer of 1989 by Dorothy Rolling.


Located on the corner of Nash Road and Steig Road, about 10 yards off the road on the northwest corner in recreation park; two chained-off areas. Previously damaged by farm equipment. GAR, stones read by D. Rolling. D. Jerge in 1983. Incorporated 1894 as Fairmount Cemetery. Papers in File Room, Register 1, pg. 77, File 315; Misc. Records Book 3, pg. 115, 303.

Saint Mark’s Lutheran-Sawyer

Located on the south side of Niagara Falls Boulevard, about 1 mile east of Ward Road, directly opposite Schultz: good condition. GAR, some DAR readings. Map in Map Book 12, pg. 1147.


Located on the north side of Niagara Falls Boulevard, east of Saint Mark’s, 100 yards from Ruie Road. Tombstone recording by Nan Miller.

Saint Matthew Lutheran

Located just east of Friedens on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Saint Martin Lutheran-German #1

Located on the west side of Sweeney Street, 150 yards south of Tonawanda Creek Road, in Martinsville behind church. Good condition. Tombstone recording by D. Rolling.

Saint Paul’s Lutheran

Located on the south side of Walck Road, a few yards east of Erie Avenue, in the rear of Niagara Cutter Inc. Tombstone recording by D. Jerge and ruth Jerge in 1983.

Saint Paul’s Lutheran-German #2

Located in Martinsville, west of Sweeney Street, Wall Street. Historian has a translation of the original German Church records with baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Cemetery burials translated by Norma Stolzenberg, 1985. Map 1887 in Map Book 12, pg. 1177. Church records, tombstone recording by Dorothy and Jerald Rolling. Original cemetery behind church now is parking lot.

City Cemetery-Sweeney Street-Col. John Sweeney-Tonawanda Rural

Located at the corner of Payne Avenue and Thompson Street in the City of North Tonawanda: good condition. Family deed of Sweeney transferred to association 12 February 1868. Incorporated 1863 as John Sweeney’s Tonawanda Rural Cemetery. Papers in File Room in Register 1, pg. 19, File 85eincorporated in 1921 or 1928 but the original papers have not been located at this time. Has removals from River Front Cemetery. Recording by 1976 Bicentennial Committee. few DAR recordings. History. Lot and plan book copied by D. Jerge and D. Rolling. Not owned by city but maintained by it. All early records lost. Misc. Record Book A, pg. 161.

Saint Peter’s Lutheran

Located on the east side of Walmore Road, north of Lockport Road, on the north side of the church: in good condition. Records (in German) in parish. GAR. Reading of stones June-July 1989 by Dorothy and Jerald Rolling and Allen Walck Jr. Deeded 24 June 1846 to the Old Lutheran Church of New Wallmore Liber 63, pg. 122.

Holy Ghost Lutheran

Located in Bergholz on the south side of Niagara Road, west of Ward Road. GAR list. Much damage has taken place. Many stones have been removed and placed in the wooded area east of the cemetery. Tombstone recording 1992 by D. Rolling and Allan Walck.

Saint James-Jacobi

Located on the west side of Niagara Road, north of Niagara Falls Boulevard. Good condition.

Rohr Street-Saint James-Saint Jacobi

Located on the south side of Rohr Street. Recorded by D. Rolling.


Located on south side of Mapleton Road, east of Shawnee. Good condition. Map of 1845 in Map Book 12, pg. 1143. Some DAR recordings. GAR. Sign near front of cemetery says it was incorporatedm 29 March 1844. These papers (if they even exist) have not been located at present time.


Located on the south side of Mapleton Road, west of Shawnee, and east of Lockport Road and Mapleton Road intersection, about 100 yards off road: 50x50, 10 stones. In hedge row, TN 13, Range 8, Lot #18. Found in 1980 by Roger Drake family.

Jagow Road

Located on the east side of the railroad tracks. listed in 1976 Historic Trail.

North Tonawanda Potter’s Field

Located on one acre adjacent to Saint Paul’s in Martinsville.

Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran

Located on the south side of Rohr Street, adjacent to Saint James. Dedicated in 1924 by Rev. Edward Nemashie. Tombstone recording by D. Rolling in 1991.

Burying Ground

Located adjacent to the west of Saint Mark’s on Niagara Falls Boulevard. T 13, R 8, Lot #13. December 1857. Now cared for by Saint Mark’s.

Messing Grounds ??

Old burying ground on the river edge in North Tonawanda. Later moved to Sweeney.

Mennonite Church

Located on Lockport Road at Walmore Road. ? Burying grounds. ? On south side of Lockport?


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