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Located on the west side of Lake Road at the west edge of the village, opposite Pettit Street. Partial reading, Dr. S. Bruni. History. New article. Interment records 1891-1893. GAR, some DAR. Organized 28 October 1850 and incorporated as Greenwood Cemetery Association. Papers on file in the File Room in Register 2, pg. 320, File 2156. Map 1892, pgs. 1155-56 in Map Book 12. No records prior to 1900.

Bobzien-Saint Peter Evangelical Lutheran

Located on the north side of Nelson Road between Townline Road and Maple Road in an overgrown area that was former site of Saint Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church.. It is directly behind and about 200 feet back in a bed of lillies.

Randall Road

Located on the west side of Randall Road between 3374 and 3378. Historical marker of burials dedicated 20 September 1982. Stones are laid flat and covered over in the driveway. Randall family in 1834.

Daniels Road

Daniels Road, near New Road. Dora Lakeman on German Road.

Burial Area

Early burial area on the Ness farm, now the Daisy farm on Lake Road.

Sunset Island-Maple Grove

Located on the east end of peninsula.

West Young Street

Battery Hill, just south and east of the creek.

Nathaniel Davis Farm

Two acres located on Lot 90, east side of Wilson-Cambria Road, opposite from (where) the present-day museum stands. Was removed to Greenwood in 1872 when the railroad constructed started.

Williams Famiy

Located on the Ness property on the West Lake Road, where there are three or four markers for Williams family.


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