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Daily Nevada, Nevada, CA

March 1882


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Daily Nevada, Nevada, CA, 1882


The Resolutions adopted at last night's mass meeting.

The citizens of Nevada City assembled at the Court House last evening in accordance with the suggestion of the Republican and Democratic State Central committees, for the purpose of expressing their sentiments on the Chinese question.

Jan. D. White and E. M. Preston of the Committees on Resolutions submitted the following as their reports:

The people of Nevada City, California, in Mass meeting, assembled, irrespective of political parties, adopt the following:

Resolved. That we regard the unrestricted immigration of Chinese subjects to this coast as an unmixed, evil, detrimental alike to the social and business interests of our people.

Resolved. That the efforts of our Representatives in Congress to secure the passage of a bill restricting the immigration of Chinese, have our hearty approval, and that we urge said Representatives to use all honorable means to secure the speedy enactment of such a bill.

The resolutions were adopted and a copy of them was forwarded to Senators Miller and Farley in Washington.


Sargent's friends here yesterday celebrated his confirmation as Minister to Germany by firing one hundred guns. The fact that Nevada City was Mr. Sargent's home for several years, in early times, leads our people to take a special interest in his welfare, and to rejoice at the country's recognition of his great ability.


Yesterday was not as generally observed here as other legal holidays are. More or less business was transacted at the Courthouse, the banks were kept open, and trade was carried on as on other days. The express and post offices were open but a part of the



National Exchange Hotel.

Stanley A. Eddy, proprietor.

Friday, March 3, 1882.

John Kampfer, Grizzly Ridge.

J. J. Jackson, City.

Miss Clotheir, Denver.

Miss Schram, do

Wm. Bogg, Washington

N. Slater, Redfield.

  1. A. Smith, North Bloomfield.
  1. H. Granger, England.

P. Moloney, Sacramento.

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