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Nevada City, CA Town Officers 1882


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Daily Nevada, Nevada, CA, 1882


Nevada City, the county seat of Nevada county, is situated at the northern terminus of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad, and 70 miles northeast of Sacramento, with which city it is connected by rail. It was first settled by whites in 1849, in which year valuable gold mines were discovered on and around its present site. It was incorporated in 1856. It now has a population of 5,000, and lies on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains at an elevation of 2,525 feet above sea level. It has one of the best systems of water works in the State, planked streets, lighted at night with gas, which is very generally used by citizens as an illuminant, ten schools well graded and under efficient management, a Fire Department consisting of two Companies owning their own halls, a Theatre capable of seating 600 people, a military company owning an immense armory that is frequently used for dances and public gatherings, numerous religious and secret organizations, (specified elsewhere in this paper), and all the other institutions that are generally found in a thriving and enterprising city. The community principally derives it support from the mining industry, hydraulic and quartz being the branches carried on in the immediate vicinity, while drifting is also pursued to some extent a few miles distant. The deepest mine is the Providence, now working at a depth of over 1,100 feet, and there finding very heavy and rich deposits. In the township nearly 200 stamps are busily engaged crushing quartz. Stages leave here regularly for all parts of Nevada and Sierra counties and Marysville. We have a large and lucrative trade with the numerous mining camps to the north and east.


Superior Judge

John Caldwell


E. O. Tompkins

Under sheriff

R. D. Carter


J. E. Carr

Deputy Clerk

Thos. H. Carr


G. v. Schmittburg

Deputy Treasurer and ex officio Collector

H. H. Haskins


John A. Rapp

Deputy Recorder

John M. Thomas

District Attorney

E. H. Gaylord

School Superintendent

John T. Wickes


J. G. Hartwell

Coroner and Public Administrator

F. Huss


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