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Hartford Times, 8/14/1840



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Hartford Times 1840/Aug14

To the Hon. Superior Court to be holden at Hartford, with and for the County of Hartford, on the fourth Tuesday of September, A. D., 1840:

The petition of ELIZA M. ROBERTSON, of Simsbury, in said County, humbly sheweth; That on the 3d day of July, A. D., 1829, she was lawfully married to John Robertson, late of said Simsbury, now gone out of this State to parts unknown, and lived with him in the faithful performance of her duty until the 1st of April, 1837, when he wilfully deserted her, and that from that time and for more than three years last past, he has willfully deserted her, and totally neglected towards her all the duties enjoined by the marriage covenant. Wherefore the petitioner prays for a bill of divorce, according to the statute in such cases provided.

Hartford, July 23d, 1840.


State of Connecticut, ss.

Hartford, August 1st, 1840.

Ordered, That notice be given of the pendency of this petition, by publishing the same, with this order, six weeks successively in some newspaper printed in Hartford.


A Judge of the Superior Court.

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