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Hartford Times, 8/17/1840



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Hartford Times 1840/Aug 17


The mail from Buffalo, bound Eastward, was robbed at Le Ray on the morning of the 19th instant. The particulars of the affair will be found in the annexed letter from the Postmasters at LeRay and Batavia.

Post Office, Batavia, August 12.

This morning about 3 o'clock, the great mail from the West was robbed at the village of LeRay, at the stage house while the driver was changing coach and horses. He had thrown off the mail bags near the door, and while he was absent, one of the bags was taken off, (two being left.) The bag taken was the one put up at buffalo for New York. It was found about half a mile form where it was taken, cut open, but containing probably all the newspapers and a few letters. Some forty rods distant, another parcel of letters was found, and in another place in the vicinity, another parcel. Some remained unopened, but the principal part were town open and mutilated.

Among the letters found, was one from George Smith & Co., Chicago, to Strachan & Scott, Wall Street, new York, purporting to enclose a protested draft for $515, and $200 in U. S. Bank bills. We found the draft, but the money was gone.

Another letter was from G. W. Turner, Cashier of the Branch Bank of Illinois at Galena, to F. W. Edmonds, cashier, New York, enclosing a Post Office draft for $468.90, and a draft on the Merchants' Bank for $1,300. The Post Office draft was found, the Bank draft not found.

Another letter from Geo. Smith & Co., Chicago, Strachan & Scott, N. Y., containing two drafts $604 75, both found. The robber has not yet been discovered. A reward is offered.

Le Ray, August 12.

I have succeeded in recovering a portion of the mail, very badly town to pieces. I shall not be able to send it on before tomorrow. I have not yet been able to determine that any thing of value has been obtained by the robber, except $200 in the U. S. Bank bills, a draft of $1,300 and $600 to 700, both which last will probably be of no use.

The corner stone of the capital of Iowa Territory was laid on the 4th July.

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