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Hartford Times, 8/24/1840

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Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


Hartford Times 1840/Aug24

On Sunday evening last, Mr. Gustavus W. Smith, a highly esteemed and much respected gentleman, a citizen of Lafayette, left town for the purpose of taking some medicines and refreshments to a sick friend in the country; but the sick bed of that friend he never reached. His corpse was found about 10 o'clock this day in the pool of the canal over Wild Cat Creek, at the old fording place. It is supposed, from the tracks of the horse, that he ran away with his rider, and in attempting to swim the creek at the former place of crossing, threw him. Mr. S. was an excellent swimmer; it is not likely that he would have drowned merely from being thrown in the creek.

Lafayette, (Ind.) Free Press, Aug. 4th.

Mr. S. was the youngest son of Rev. David smith, D. D., of Durham, Conn., and was some years a resident of this city. He was 225 years of age.--Jour. Of Con.


Sad Accident in Sturbridge, Ms.--Three persons named Moore, Bugbee, and Ames, were drowned in a pond in Sturbridge, on Friday evening last, under the following circumstances. The party went out fishing, and when a short distance from the shore, the bottom of the boat came out, and before assistance could be rendered from the shore they were all drowned. We understand that Ames left a wife and nine children.

Boston Atlas.


A Patriarchal Ploughman.--A foreign paper states that a short time ago an inhabitant of the collage of St. Dunnet, in the Creuse, desired one of this sons, who is seventy-nine years of age, to lave the horses put to the plough, and went into a field with it, accompanied by his family, and when he had worked for some time., said, taking off his hat, "My children, let us return thanks to God. Tell you friends that your ancestor, after his hundredth year, ploughed the field which gives you subsistence yesterday reached my hundredth year."

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