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Hartford Times, 8/28/1840

Navy News


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CONN-Hartford Times-8/28/1840


Navy Commandant's Office

July 24, 1840

SEALED OFFERS endorsed "Offers for Beef" or "Offers for Pork," as the case may be, will be received at this office until three o'clock P. M., of the 31st day of august next, for furnishing and delivering, free of all cost and charge to the United States, two thousand six hundred barrels (2,600 bbls.) of navy Beef, and two thousand one hundred barrels (2,100 bbls) of navy Pork, each barrel to contain two hundred pounds nett weight of beef or pork

Seven hundred barrels (700 bbls.) of the Pork to be delivered at the navy yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Two thousand barrels (2,000 bbls.) of the Beef and nine hundred barrels(900 bbls.) of the Pork, to be delivered at the navy yard, Gosport, Virginia.

All of the said Beef and Pork to be delivered between the 15th of March and the 25th of May, 1841, unless earlier deliveries should be authorized by the navy Commissioners.

The Beef must be packed from well fattened cattle, weighing not less than five hundred pounds, nett weight each. The legs and leg rands of the hind quarters, and the shins and shoulder clods, and at least eight pounds from the neck end of each fore quarter, or the parts marked Nos. 1, 2, and 3, on the drawing or delineation of the fore and hind quarters of an ox, which will be attached to and form part of the contract, must be wholly excluded from each barrel, and the remainder of the carcass must be cut in piece of not less then eight pounds each.

Both the Beef and the Pork must be slaughtered between the 1st November next and the periods of delivery, and must be salted with at least one bushel of coarse Turks Island, Isle of May, or St. Ubes salt, and with five ounces of pure pulverized salt-petre to each barrel, exclusive of a pickle to made from fresh water, as strong as salt can make it.

The barrels are to be made of the best seasoned heart of white oak or white ash staves and heading, not less than three-fourths of an inch thick; to be hooped at least three-fourths over with the best white oak or hickory hoops, except the crose hoop, which must be of iron, at least one inch wide, and not less then the denomination No. 127. All at the expense of the respective contractors.

Each barrel must be branded on its head, "Navy Beef," or "Navy Pork," as the case may be, with contractor's name, and the year when packed.

The Beef and the Pork will be inspected by the inspecting officers at the respective navy yards aforesaid, and by some "sworn inspectors of salt provisions,' who will be selected by the respective commanding officers; but their charges for such inspections must be paid by the respective contractors, who must likewise have the barrels put in good shipping order to the satisfaction of the commandants of the respective navy yards, aforesaid, after the inspections, and at their own expense.

Bidders must specify their prices separately and distinctly, in separate offers for the Beef and for the Pork, and for each of the places of delivery, covering all expenses and charges. Letters from persons binding themselves to become sureties if the offers are accepted, and other letters from some navy agents, commandant of the navy yard, or other person well known to the Department, must accompany the offers of each person, and state the belief of the writer that the persons offering to contract is practically acquainted by experience, with the best mode of caring and packing beef and pork, and has the ability to perform his contract in a satisfactory manner, and that his sureties have also the ability, in care of failure on the part of the contractor, to pay the amount of their bonds.

The Board of Navy Commissioners reserve to themselves the right to reject all offers from persons who have heretofore failed to fulfill their contracts, or who do not forward satisfactory letters, showing their ability, and the ability of the sureties, to complete the contracts.

Bonds on one third of the amount of the respective contracts will be required, and ten per centum in addition, will be withheld from the amount of each payment to be made, as collateral security for the due and faithful performance of their respective contracts, which will, on no account, be paid until the contracts are complied with in all respects--and is to be forfeited to the use and benefit of the United States in the event of failures to complete the deliveries within the prescribed periods. And in the case of failure on the part of the contractors to deliver the aforesaid beef and pork within the times specified, the navy Commissioners to have the deficiencies--and any excess of cost to be charged to, and paid by, the contractors. Payments will be made by the United States (excepting the ten per centum to be withheld until the completion of the contracts as before stated,) within thirty days after the said beef and pork shall have been inspected and received, and bills for the same shall be presented to the Navy agents, respectively, duly approved by the commandants of the respective Navy yards, according to the terms of the contracts.

The parts of the Beef to excluded from the barrel will be particularly designated in the engravings to be attached to the contracts. Persons interested can obtain them on application at this office.

July 31

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