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Hartford Times, 8/31/1840
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Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


Hartford Times, 8/31/1840

Fire at Patterson, N. J.--A fire broke out in the stable of John Hart, on Main Street, in Patterson, a few days ago since, and consumed about a dozen houses, several barns, work shops, lumber yard, &c.

Young Grandmothers.--There are two women in Cincinnati, one 29 and the other 31 years of age, who are Grandmothers.

New Orleans contains 100,000 inhabitants, according to the late census.

They have abundant crops in Iowa.

An Irishman on the Genesee Valley Canal, died from drinking too much cold water, on the 22d ult.

Two power mills at Exeter, M. H., were recently blown up. No lives lost.

There are twelve thousand Germans in Cincinnati.

An exchange paper says "one of the candidates for the Presidency is before the people--the other is behind his committee of safety.

Fashion.--Tight sleeves and large flounces are all the rage in Paris. Some ladies wear seven of the latter on their dresses.

Fourteen thousand German emigrants have arrived at new York since the 2d of March.--Nearly all of them have proceeded to the West, to settle on lands purchased by them.

Sickness in Texas.--The Houston Star says, sickness prevails to a considerable extent along both the Brazos and Colorado Rivers--more than has been known for many years, while in this town we have much less than usual.

Hartford Times--8/31/1840

PENNSYLVANIA AND OHIO CROSS CUT CANAL.--the completion of this important work was celebrated with appropriate ceremonies on the 4th inst. by the citizens of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The canal runs from Beaver, Pa., on the Ohio river, to Akron, on the Ohio State Canal, which connects Lake Erie with the Ohio river. From Beaver to Pittsburg, canal boats are towed up by steamboats. Gov. Porter was among the guests on the occasion.


A GREAT PUNISHMENT FOR A SMALL OFFENSE.--A negro man in Somerset county, Md., was shot last week, in attempting to rob a grain house. The owner of the grain was apprehensive of a design to rob him, and he placed a gun in the house do that the opening of the window would discharge it. The negro came, opened the window and received a whole charge in his breast, killing him instantly.

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