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Hartford Times, 8/31/1840

Texas Tiger


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HARTFORD TIMES, -8-31-1840

TEXAS TIGER.--A late Houston Morning Star gives the particulars of a desperate rencoutre between a Mr. F-------, and a large tiger on the bank of the La Baca river, which occurred recently. Mr. F----- furnished the editor with the statement himself. It seems this gentleman was hunting cattle on the "bottoms,' and after forcing his way for half a mile through the thick cane in order to strike across from one path to another, he head a rattling and cracking of the breaks, in a partial opening a short distance before him; supposing that he had come up with the subject of his search, he hastened forward. As he came within ten feet of the spot, he saw, crouched upon his belly, in the attitude of springing, an enormous tiger. His eyes were fixed with fiery intensity upon him; his tail was vibrating slowly and every movement showed the animal to be just ready to spring.

Mr. F----- quickly cocked his rifle and brought it to this shoulder. The spring and shot were almost simultaneous. As the animal struck the ground with a yell, he writhed and rolled, and uttered unearthly yellings for nearly a minute, when he seemed exhausted. Mr. F---- then drew his Bowie knife, and stealthily approached as the animal may on his back towards him, and drove the steel to the handle in his side. A sharp yell and spasm, and he was dead. The ball had entered the breast, and penetrated the region of the heart. This was one of the largest tigers ever killed in Texas, and was equal in almost every respect to the Royal Bengal Tiger of the East. It measured 14 feet from the tip of the nose to the extremity of the tail. Mr. F--- took the skin from the monster, and keeps it as a trophy.

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