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Hartford Times, 8/7/1840



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 Hartford Times, 1840/Aug7

The relatives of the late Stephen Girard, are contending the legality of that part of his will which leaves considerable property to the City of Philadelphia.

Father Mathew, the great apostle of Temperance, numbers 130,000 Irish, who have adopted the pledge of Teetotalism. He is above all praise.

Mr. Lawrence Miller, aged 99, a patriot of the Revolution, died in the parish of St. Helena, on the 4th of July.--N. O. Bee.

EFFECTS OF BAD READING.--Curvoisier, the murder of Lord William Russell, stated to Sheriff Evans, in Newgate, that the idea of murdering his master was first suggested to him by reading and seeing the performance of Jack Sheppard.


In Bridgeport, on the 2d inst., by Rev. Mr. Pease, Mr. Charles Burgess, to Miss Jennett Hurlbut, all of Bridgeport.


In this city, on the 4th inst., Miss Susan Knox, aged 54.

In Trumbull, on the 24th ult., Mrs. Parthenia Beach, aged 78.

In Danbury, Mr. John Dann, aged 60; Mrs. Anne, wife of Mr. George Robinson; on the 27th ult., David Perry, son of Ephraim and Emeline Gregory, aged 6 years.

In New Milford, Mr. Thomas Barnum, aged 50, formerly of Danbury.

In Wilton, on the 23d ult., Samuel Smith, aged about 40.

In Stamford, on the 16th ult., Mr. Hoyt Scofield,-a revolutionary pensioner, aged 84.

COMMODORE ELLIOTT.--the following is the finding of the Court Martial, which recently closed its labors in Philadelphia. We publish it on authority

of the Pennsylvanian:

The Court have found Commodore Elliott NOT GUILTY. 

1. Of the alleged improper treatment of Lieut. Charles G. Hunter. 

2. Of the alleged improper treatment of Chaplain Thomas R. Lambert. 

3. Of the alleged abandonment of Passed Midshipman Charles C. Barton, after he was wounded, at Smyrna. 

4. Of witnessing a mutiny by not doing his utmost to suppress it. 

5. Of wasting public stores.


1.  of ordering Passed Midshipman Barton, when wounded, to be taken from the constitution to the Shark.2. Of the various allegations founded on the acceptance of a service of plate from his crew.

2. Of the various allegations found on his having imported twenty-three animals on board the Constitution. 

3. Of inflicting twenty-four instead of twelve lashes, upon three of his crew. 

4. Of expending the public stores for his private purpose.

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