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Deaths East Hartford, CT 1838


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Deaths - Conn 1838

In this city, on Thursday, the 20th inst., William Alfred, son of James M. Goodwin, Esq., aged 7 years.

At Waynesborough, Virginia, on Sunday, the 9th inst., Mrs. Frances Ann Bunce, wife of Mr. James M. Bunce, and daughter of Thomas K. Brace, Esq., aged 30.

At East Hartford, Sept. 9, Mrs. Hepsebeth Root, wife of Mr. Samuel A. Root, aged 29.

At East Hartford, on 14th inst., George Alonzo, son of M r. William C. Cowles, aged 14 months.

At Bolton, on the 15th inst Samuel L., son of Mr. Samuel Wh--ly, aged 3 years.

In Litchfield, on the 18th inst., Mrs. Maria Tallmadge, aged 52, relict of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge; on the 17th inst., Mr. Daniel Ford, aged 84; on the 13th inst., Mrs. Sally Hoyt, aged 76.

In Cornwell, Philo Swift, Esq., aged 76.

In Southbury, Shadrach Osborne, Esq., aged 91--a revolutionary pensioner.

At Winchester, August 30, Mr. Amasa Wade, aged 87.

In New Haven, on the 11th inst., Mr. Isaac E. Newell, aged 26 years; on the 13th inst, Miss Sarah Munson, aged 75.

In Middletown, on the 17th inst, Mr. Caleb Miller, aged 73.

In New Haven, on the 15th inst, Mrs. Eliza Rice, wife of Mr. Joel Rice, aged 36.

At Montpelier, Vt., on the 3rd inst., Mr. Joseph F. Dodge, aged 56.

At Johnston, Vt., on the 20th ult., Mr. Araunah Waterman, aged 90.

At Manchester, Vt., Aug. 30th., Deacon Asa Loveland, aged 67. Deacon Loveland was one of our most worthy and respectable deacons. He was born in Marlborough, Conn., in November, 1770, and came to this place in 1795.

At Cambridge, Ohio, on the 25th ult., Mr. Ransom Jones, aged about 22, recently from Hartford, Conn.

In Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee, on the 26th ultimo, Mr. Abraham Hosford, Jr., aged 34, son of Mr. Abraham Hosford, of C-----, Conn.

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