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US Circuit Court, CT, 1838


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CT 1838


This Court its session for the district of Connecticut, on Monday, Judge Thompson presiding, assisted by Judge Judson. Judge Thompson delivered to the grand jury a very able and lucid charge in regard to their duties generally, and particularly in regard to the cases presented by District Attorney, in which in which he has informed against sixteen ------ who were hands onboard the whaling ship John & Edward. This vessel sailed from the port of New London, in this state, and the charge preferred against them is for a violation of a united States law requiring seamen to obey the commands and authority of masters of vessels.

Joseph Mortimer vs. The Protection Insurance Company--Verdict for the plaintiff to recover $2191.66 damages.

John L. H. McCracken vs. Hotchkiss of Whittlesey--This was an action on a Bill of Exchange. Verdict or the plaintiff to recover $1041.33 damages. Counsel for the plaintiff, R. S. Baldwin, for the defendant, Kimberly & Townsend.

George Reynolds vs. Alfred J. Sheldon.--This was an action brought by the plaintiff against the defendant, for a violation of a Patent Feather Dresser. The object of the plaintiff was to establish his rights, and be waived any claim to exemplary damages. Verdict for the plaintiff to recover $125 damages.

Counsel for the plaintiff, S. P. Staples, and F. Persons; for defendant, H. H. Hungerford and E. M. Sherman.

United States vs. Jack Thomas, Frank Antone, Elijah Perkins, Charles John, John Barton, Charley, James Harvey, John Crittengen, James Wiggins, Jacob Sciggett, Wm. Harrison, Wm. Henderson, John Ward, Nelson Cross, Wm. Dean, Stephen Summers.--This was an indictment found by the grand jury, against the persons above named, for attempting to commit a revolt on board the whale ship John & Edward, in June last, while said ship was at St. Catherine's, on the coast of Brazil.

It appears in evidence that the prisoners did refuse to obey the orders of the master; but it was claimed in their behalf that the ship was unseaworthy.

The jury brought in a verdict of guilty, against all the prisoners.

Counsel for the prosecution, District Attorney and T. C. Perkins; for prisoners, R. I. Ingersoll, C. Chapman, and R. S. Hinman.

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