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Hartford, CT, Marine List and Public Info. 1838 


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Port of Hartford


Sept. 21.--Schrs. Swan, Griswold, New York; Two Brothers, Farmer Providence.

.22.--Schrs. Edward, Franklin Look, Rochester; Ohio Farnham, New York; Mary shields, Stuart, do.; Brace, Ransom, Albany; Mary Jane, Wilcox, do.; Mail, Huntington, Philadelphia; Sloops, Canton, Avery, New York; Wave, Pelton, do.; Celeste, Post, do.; Amaranth, Rowe, New Haven; trader, S. Snow, New Bedford; Adeline, Coleman, Nantucket; Paragon, Coleman, do.; George Henry, Parker, Boston.

23.--Niagara, Irons, Providence.

26.--Sloops Connecticut, Ingraham, Philadelphia; Mary, Bacon, New York.

27.--Brig. A. H. Pomeroy, Davison, Philadelphia.


23.--Schrs. Oregon, Mildrum, Charleston; Vermont, L. Crosby, Boston; Sloop Amaranth, Rowe, New Haven.

24t.--Sloop Argeunaut, Nickerson, Nantucket.

25.--Schrs. Two Brothers, Farmer, Providence. Sloop Emperor, Ely, Philadelphia; Frances Ann, Fox, New York; Venus, Gear, Norwich.

26.--Schrs. Mary Jane, Wilcox, Albany; Sloops, Mary, Bacon, new York; Celeste, Post, do.

27.--Sloop Niagara, Iron, Providence; Adeline, N. Coleman, Nantucket; Paragon, Coleman, do.



IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT A Town Meeting will be holden at the City Hall, in the city and town of Hartford, on Monday, the first day of October, 1838, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of choosing Assessors and a Board of Relief for the ensuing year, and to transact any other business proper to come before the town.

Jeremy Hoadley
Joseph Pratt
Francis Parsons
Wm. Johnson
Romanta Seymour,

Hartford, Sept. 28, 1838


THE Annual Meeting of the stockholders of the Collins Manufacturing Company, for the choice of officers, and for the transaction of any other business that may be brought before them, will be holden at the office of said Company, in Hartford, on Wednesday, the 2nd day of October, 1838, at none o'clock in the forenoon. By order of the Directors,

E. W. Coleman, Secretary.

Sept. 24.


Mixed Tulips, Mixed Hyacinths, Mixed Narcissus, and White Lilly, very beautiful and in good order, in large and small quantities, for sale at 14 Central Row, by

D. M. Seymour.

Sept. 29

6-4 Cotton and Wool FLANNEL, a very heavy and desirable article for many purposes, just received at the store of


Sept. 28


The several Fire Companies of this city, with their Engines, Hose, Hooks, ladders, &c. will appear in front of the State House, on Saturday, the 6th of October next, at 2 o'clock p.m., for Inspections and exercise.

WM. HAYDEN, Engineer

Hartford, Sept. 29, 1838.


From the pasture of the subscriber, about the first of July last, a pair of STEERS, one year, did last spring, described as follows, viz.: one of them dark red with white fac, and the other light red; neither of them had any artificial mark. Whoever will return said steers to the subscriber in Newington, or give information where they can be found, shall be generously rewarded, and all reasonable charges paid.


Wethersfield, Newington Soc., Sept. 23, 1838

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