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Hartford, CT Marriages, 1838, Part II


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In this city, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Daggett, Mr. Edwin D. Tiffany, of the firm of Case, Tiffany & Co., to Miss Julia A. Camp.

In this city, by the Rev. Henry Jackson, Mr. Joseph Merriman, to Miss Eliza Beaumont, both of East Hartford.

In this city, by Rev. Mr. Jackson, Mr. Edward Carroll, to Miss Phebe Ann Harvey.

In this city, on the 17th inst., by Rev. Mr. Turnbull, John A. Craven Esq., of Concord, N. C., to Miss Harriet M. Ladd, of this city.

In this city, by Rev. Mr. Bushnell, Mr. Erastus Haskell, of Saybrook, to Miss Lydia Haskell, of Wethersfield.

At West Hartford, on the 26th inst., by Rev. Mr. Andrews, Dr. E. E. Crofoot, of Middletown, to Miss Eliza J., daughter of John Belden, Esq.

At Chatham, on the 29th inst., by Rev. Mr. Talcott, Mr. O----- Sellow, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Hepzibath, daughter of Mr. Joseph Goodrich, of the former place.

At Middleton, on the 25th inst., by Rev. John R. Crane, Joseph K. F. Mansfield, Captain of the U. S. Corps of Engineers, to Louisa M., daughter of Samuel Mather, Esq.

At Litchfield, Mr. George Cooke, to Mrs. Sarah Bissell.

At Tolland, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Abram marsh, Mr. Charles Burnham, of the Sandwich Islands, to Miss Olivia S. Bliss, daughter of John Bliss, Esq., of the former place.

At West Springfield, Mass., on the 26th inst., Mr. James H. Gowdy, to Miss Eliza Ann Johnston, only daughter of Charles Johnston, Esq., all of that place.

At Jersey City, on the 10th inst., by Rev. Mr. Lusk, Mr. Edward J. Danforth, to Mrs. Caroline Cuyler, daughter of the Rev. V. C. Romeyn, of Hackensack, N. J.


In this city, on the 26th inst., Rev. Matthew Bolles, in the 70th year of his age.

In this city, on the 24th inst., Mary Ashley, infant daughter of Wm. G. Bates, Esq., of Westfield, Mass., on a visit to R. R. Hinman, Esqr's.

In this city, Ellen Dayton, aged 8 months, only child of Mr. Henry Butler.

In this city, on the 24th inst., William Allen, son of Dr. J. I. Comstock, aged two years and two months.

In this town, on the 21st. inst., John B., son of Wm. E. Porter, aged ten months.

At Windsor, on the 16th inst., of Typhus Fever, Parthonia Huntington, wife of Allyn M. Mather, aged 60.

At East Windsor, on the 13th inst., Mrs. Mary Ann Birge, wife of Mr. Julius Birge, aged 33 years.

At New Britain, on the 21st inst., Frederick B. Eggleston, Esq., aged 27.

At Middletown, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Phebe Clark, aged 101 years and 7 months! relict of Mr. Joseph Clark, deceased.

At Middletown, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Sarah J. Philips, in the 21st year of her age, wife of Mr. Wm. F. Philips.

At Leesville, Middle Haddam, in a fit, on the 9th of Aug., Mr. Ogden Ackley, son of Captain Nathaniel Ackley.

At Chatham, on the 3rd inst., Captain Nathaniel Ackley, aged 75, father of Mr.,. Ogden Ackley, Mr. Willard Sears, aged about 77--a Revolutionary pensioner, in Middle Haddam society Miss Lavina Brainard, aged 21, daughter of Mr. New Brainard.

Drowned near camp ground near Essex, Mr. Orrin D. Ray, of Haddam, son of Mr. Ezra Ray, deceased, aged 17.

At Winchester, Aug. 30th, Mr. Amasa Wade, aged 87.

At Newton, Mrs. Alice Nichols, aged 76.

At Stafford, on the 9th inst., Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Joseph Alden, aged 5 years; on the 14th inst., Henry C., son of widow Caroline Hyde, aged 8 years.

At south Coventry, Aug. 29th, Mrs. Mary L. Babcock, aged 23, wife of Mr. William Babcock, and daughter of Mr. Timothy Loomis.

At Portland, Maine, Sept. 10th, very sudden, of apoplexy, Mrs. Sarah Mellen, aged 71 years, wife of the Hon. Prentiss Mellen, and daughter of the late Mr. Brazillai Hudson of this city.

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