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Hartford Times 8/31/1840

Mills for Sale


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Hartford times-8/31/1840



The subscribers will sell at Public Auction, on Wednesday, the 2d day of September next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., two thirds parts of the Woollen Factory, situated in the west part of Goshen, in Litchfield county, together with the Machinery and appurtenances attached thereto. There are about two and a half acres of land connected with the establishment, three swelling houses, containing five tenements--one large building where the carding, spinning, and weaving are done--a dye-house with two good blue vats lately set--also, a dry-house, tenter bars, &c. There are three double Carding machines, and 6 broad power looms, nearly new, which are not surpassed by any in this section of country, and can be sold separately. The fulling mills, gigs and shears are in good repair, and the whole may be set in operation with little expense. The water power is at all times sufficient for the operation of all the machinery, never subject to floods, and is every respect rarely equalled. The location is pleasant and healthy. The premises have been long improved for the purpose of manufacturing broadcloths, but might be used to good advantage for other purposes, where water power, with a constant supply is wanted. The entire property is for sale--terms made easy for the purchaser. Sale positive.

ERASTUS LYMAN, Trustees of J. H. Collins & Co.
JOHN H. COLLINS, Executors on the estate of Samuel
Collins, deceased.
Goshen, July 24

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