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The Sale of a farm near Paul Revere's Farm, March 1814


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On MONDAY, the eighteenth day of April, 1814, (if not previously disposed of)

An excellent, FARM, lying in Canton, 11 miles from Boston, and 3 miles from P. Revere & Sons. Also Forges, Corn Mills, and Cotton Factories. Said farm contains 30 or 40 acres of good tillage, mowing and pasture Land in proportion with a House almost new, 28 feet by 16, with 4 rooms finished, with an excellent cellar, 20 by 36 feet, including two arches, a work shop, a shed, and a barn 30 by 40 feet, which held hay, enough to keep a horse, 4 oxen, and 3 cows last winter, and sold a ton of English hay off said farm, with a never-failing stream of water, running length-wise of said farm, worthy the attention of a manufacturer, with 10 acres of a wood land of thrifty growth. For further particulars, inquire of the subscriber, on the premises, near School House, No. 6. Said farm in nearly all walled in. Sale at one o'clock, P. M. on the premises, where the conditions will be made known.

Twenty-one acres of LAND, with oak, pine and Chesnut Wood. Also, 2d Acres of land, lying in Bedham, with a barn, and suitable proportion of tillage, mowing, pasture and wood for a small farm.

Canton, March 21 LEMUEL BAILEY

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