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Events of the War of 1812


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Columbian Centinel Bost., Mass., 1814


From DETROIT information has been received that on the 14th October, the indians carried off five men from that neighborhood, and scalped another within a mile of Detroit. Gen. McArthur had gone on an expedition again a party of hostile indians at Saguisa, about 100 miles distant.

From the Niagara border

"Buffalo, Nov. 5. This day at dawn, the works of Fort Erie commenced blowing up; they were evacuated last night, and set on fire this morning, much to the astonishment of many of the officers. The orders which had been given to Gen. Izard's division to hut at Black Rock heave been countermanded; and we now lay opposite Fort Erie in suspense. I think we shall fall back some miles, there is no earthly object to be obtained by hutting here, since the destruction of Fort Erie. This division has had a fatiguing though not a brilliant campaign. Gen. Browns' has gathered its laurels, and gone to Sackett's Harbor. The weather has been very boisterous and rainy for twelve days past. We poor fellows on the frontier are scarcely able to get a potato oftener than once a week, and then have to pay nearly the weight in gold for it, to the pickpockets and swindlers who abound in this country."


-------- Nov. 18, The squadron off Lewes--consists of nine sail--of which one ----74, another -----zee, and a third the Paciolus, of 58 guns. The Delaware militia has been ordered out; and 50 regulars have marched from Newcastle, and their places been supplied with 500 militia.

The British squadron in the Chesapeake continued making small excursions, and exciting alarm.

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