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The Courts, Detroit Daily Post 1871


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


Detroit Daily Post, 1871


WAYNE CIRCUIT COURT.--Simon H. Murphy vs. The Huron Booming Company et al,; in chancery. Time for taking proofs extended 40 days. George McMillan et al. vs. The Gift Edge Cheese Company Factory; judgment for defendant. Wm. H. Hagley, by next friends vs. Charles W. Thompson; jury trial. Verdict for plaintiff for $75.

Court adjourned until Monday morning at 9 o'clock.

RECORDER'S COURT.--In the matter of opening an alley between Brush, Beanbien and Harriet streets and Adams avenue, in the Sixth Ward, jury empaneled and sworn.

Court adjourned until Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock.

POLICE COURT.--William Qualters, coimpounded larceny; discharged. Herman Jones, threats; required to give bail to be of good behavior for one year. Caroling Hudson, keeping house of ill-fame, waived examination to the Recorder's Court.

CENTRAL STATION COURT.--Christina and Filla Vaughn, and Eliza Ross, disorderly; sent up, five months each. Eva Johnson, disorderly; sent up four months. Catharine Miner, drunk; sent up three months. Emma Black, disorderly; fined $25. Nellie Johnson and Lizzie Wilson, disorderly; cases dismissed. Jeremiah Shoughbue, drunk; sentence suspended.

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