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Detroit Daily Press, 1872, Courts 2


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Detroit Daily Press, 1872

The Courts

WAYNE CIRCUIT COURT--James Crockett admitted to citizenship. Giggin vs. Samuel T. Denton; Decree granted.

RECORDER'S COURT--In the matter of opening and extending Fort street east, from Elmwood to Mount Elliott avenue, jury empaneled and sworn. In the matter of opening an alley between Lafayette avenue and Howard street, from the west line of the Woodbridge farm and Twelfth street, the jury reported adversely to opening said alley. In the matter of opening Mack street; all further proceedings dismissed. Court adjourned until this morning at 9 a.m.

POLICE COURT---Charles A. Butler, assault and battery, complaint withdrawn and $3 costs paid. Louis Stepson obstructing an officer; bound over to Recorder's Court.

CENTRAL STATION COURT--Patrick McLean, Henry St. Clair, Riebard Baker and John Wood, drunk; sentences suspended. Mary O'Connor, drunk; sent up for 60 days. Peter Peterson, vagrancy; case adjourned to 7 A.M.

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