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Detroit Daily Press, 1872
Crimes and Casualites


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Detroit Daily Press, 1872


Baggage Robbery--Sage Blown Open--Suicide of a Clergyman--Bold Robbery--Explosion of an Engine--Six men Killed--Two Cold Blooded Murders in Missouri--A Good Little Boy Aged Nine Years--He Murders His Sister Aged Six--Falling of a Railroad Bridge--Two men Killed.

ST. LOUIS, July 20,--Last Monday week, William B. Grimes, of Matamoras, Mexico, left here for his home, via the iron Mountain Railroad. On his arrival at Belmont, opposite Columbus, Ky., he discovered that one of his trunks, containing some $1,500 worth of his wife's clothing and jewelry, had disappeared and a small inferior affair substituted, bearing a duplicate of his check. He immediately returned to the city, had the matter before the railroad officials, who put it in the hands of the police. Yesterday, detective Harrrigan discovered the trunk in possession of James Wischard, medical steward of the arsenal, who said he was keeping it for a man named Owen Hogan, and did not know it has been stolen. Hogan was then found and all the property recovered. Hogan and Wischard were locked up; also the baggage man at the Iron Mountain Railroad depot, named Gibson, who admitted that he had received the trunk and know of the substitution, which he says was made by Hogan.

The safe of W. R. Hunter, a merchant, of Amherst, Ill., was robbed last Tuesday of about $2,000.

Two men names Palmer and Powell, living(?) at a place called Warren Forks, Oregon county, Missouri, had a difficulty some days ago, in regard to Palmer's wife, from whom Palmer had separated, but between whom a reconciliation had taken place. Next day Palmer met Powell and shot him dead.

Jacob Baughman, a constable of Cambell township, Green county, Mo., was shot and dangerously wouonded, to-day, while attempting to arrest a desperado named Armstrong. After being wounded Baughman shot Armstrong, killing him instantly.

AKRON, O., July 26.--this evening, Christian Merz, a young man, 17 years old, was accidentally shot dead by a room-mate named Dieorbey, who was showing him how he would act were he called upon to use a revolver in self-defense.

MAUCH CHUNK, Pa., July 21.--the engine Vulcan, on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, blew up at Coalsport, this morning. The engineer, fireman, and four trainmen were killed. Four bodies, in a terribly mangled condition, had been found but cannot be recognized. The two others, supposed to e the engineer and fireman, cannot be found, and must have been landed in the Lehigh River and swept away.

Sedalia, Mo., July 20.--On the morning of the 17th, John Clark shot and killed John Williamson, in the neighboring town of Windsor. It appears that Clark was paying his addresses to Williamson's sister, against her father's wishes, and hot words had passed between him and young Williamson, who had, a day or two before, broken up a clandestine meeting between him and Miss Williamson. On the morning of the 17th, young Clark went to Williamson's house, and desired to speak to him. Williamson declined to hear what he had to say, and, after a few words, Clark drew a revolver and began firing. After the second shot from Clark, Williamson drew his pistol and fired one shot with effect. He then received the third shot from Clark in the breast and died ina an hour. Both were quite young men, highly respected, and of good families.

Eureka, Kansas, July 10.--The Herald learns that a Scotchman, name unknown, was living on a claim in Mitson county, with two children. He went away to work, and was gone some days. On his return he flew into a passion, because eh thought the girl had eaten too much meat during his absence, and seized a bone and beat her brutally. He left again, and while away the boy beat the girl so badly that she died. The boy only 9 years old and the girl 6. The man and the boy are in custody.

Chicago, July 20.--H. McHenry, a respectable Irish citizen, 38 years old, committed suicide this afternoon, by shooting himself in the head with a revolver. The affair occurred in the back room of a linen store, of which deceased was one of the proprietors. He leaves a wife and six children in good circumstances. He left letters that are supposed to explain the cause of his self-destruction, but their contents will not be made public.

Plymouth, Mass., July 20.--The Rev. Mr. Phipps, a Unitarian clergyman, of Kingston, cut his throat today; mental depression was the cause.

Harrisburg, July 20.--A very bold robbery has come to light, by which it is alleged that a traveler stopped at the depot, in this city, was robbed of a satchel containing $150,000. He had carelessly left the bag under the seat in the car, while he went to get some refreshments. No trace of the robbers has been discovered.

Louisville, July 20.--In New Albany, yesterday afternoon, a countryman named Baldwin, while laboring under an attack of delirium tremens, drove his team down to the wharf, and walking into the water, deliberately tried to drown himself by ducking his head under the water. A large crowd gathered on the wharf, when two policemen rescued the crazy man and took him home.

Cincinnati, July 20.--Burglars made a descent on Urbana, Ohio, last night.

A special to the Gazette states that the Davis Creek bridge, at the at the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, five miles west of Charleston, West Virginia, fell this afternoon at 1 o'clock, while the workmen were putting on permanent timbers. Thirteen workmen were precipitated below. Of which two were killed and one wounded, who will probably die to-night. Six others were injured, part of them dangerously.

David Evans, carpenter on the steamer Gen. Buell, was arrested and charged with committing, or attempting to commit rape on three little girls, aged from 10 to 13 years. the girls identified him to-day, after his arrest. The details, as related by the children, are of the most shocking nature. They say he lured them into a lumber yard, when he violated the person of the oldest, while he held the other two by their dresses to prevent escape, and, then with knife in hand, threatened to kill them if they revealed anything. The act is said to have occurred three weeks ago, and only came to light by the mother of the violated child making the discovery by accident. The matter has been in the hands of the authorities several days, but they kept quiet until an arrest could be made. Evans resides here, has a n estimable family, and his friends are greatly surprised at the revelation. He says he knows nothing of it. Whether he will be able to exonerate himself from the terrible charge will doubtless soon appear.

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