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Detroit Daily Press, 1872
Crimes and Casualties, Part 2


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Detroit Daily Press, 1872


Suicides--Circus Balloonist Drowned--Fatal Accident--Murder in Ohio--Railroad Accident.

CLEVELAND, July 26.--A young lady named Delia Colgrove, living at Painesville, Ohio, having been discarded by her lover, Charles Harris, swallowed a dose of arsenic might before last, and died from its effects last night.

MEMPHIS, July 23.--Dr. Ed. Dwyer, of Grenada, Miss., suicided here last night, at Smith's boarding-house, on Main Street, taking morphine. Cause impecuniosity.

CINCINNATI, July 23.--Patrick Stapleton, Assistant Road superintendent of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad, was run over and killed near Xenia, Indiana, yesterday.

An aeronaut named Torres, connected with Grady's circus, in descending with a baloon in Massilon, Ohio, yesterday, came down in the canal basin and was drowned.

A woman named McCrone was run over and killed by a freight train, near Youngstown, Ohio, yesterday.

BATH, Me., July 23.--Greenleaf White and Capt. David Call, both of Hallowell, were drowned near Salley island, at the mouth of the river, yesterday, by the capsizing of a boat.

A special to the Commercial and Gazette says a young Irishman named James Meahy was shot and killed this afternoon, near North Lewisburg, Champaign County, by John Murphy. An old trouble was at the foundation. Meahy and a man named Shute came upon him at a grave yard, where he had been visiting his father's grave. Murphy appears to have been acting in self-defense, and gave himself up to the Mayor after the occurrence.

LOUISVILLE, July 23.--Yesterday the north bound freight train on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad ran off the track neat Glasgow Junction. The accident was caused by a broken rail. Eight cars ran down a 20 foot embankment and were wrecked. John Noonan, brakeman, was crushed to death. He was from Sandusky, Ohio. This morning, near Cave City, a freight train on the same road became uncoupled and a following train ran into its rear, throwing the cars off the track and injuring several cars and the engine of the first train.


A jail delivery occurred at Chillicothe, Mo., Friday night and seven prisoners escaped, two of whom were indicted for murder.

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