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Detroit Daily Press, 1872
New Fog Whistle


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Detroit Daily Press, 1872

NEW FOG WHISTLE.--The necessity for signals at dangerous pints along the lakes has rendered it imperative that there should be such ones placed at points that will enable vessels to hear them distinctly during a fog. A steam fog whistle of unusual power has been made at the Detroit Locomotive Works, under the supervision of J. W. Bartlett, the superintendent, which supplies this want, and several have already been placed at different points--at Detour, Scammon's Harbor, thunder Bay, etc., where they have completed quite a revolution in the way of fog signals. The one now at the Locomotive Works is intended for the lighthouse at Fort Gratiot, and will soon be dd(?) service there. It is so arranged that signals can be given once or four times a minute, as may be deemed desirable. It is estimated that the largest of these fog whistles can be heard at a distance of 25 miles, the smaller ones having been heard at a distance of nearly 20 miles. The whole apparatus, including the boiler, which is an upright one, and the various mechanical appliances, cost in the neighborhood of $1,500 or 1,700 according to the size. Several trials have been had if the in be recently made, but as it creates too much noise the full power cannot be shown, and therefore, no precise judgment of the capabilities can be formed.

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