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Detroit Daily Press, 1872, More News


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Detroit Daily Press, 1872 


News to July 5th--Celebration of Dominion Day and the Fourth--Immigrants.

Toronto, July 22.--Advices have been received from Winnipeg to July 5. Dominion Day was celebrated with all honors. The Fourth of July was also celebrated by the Americans. United States consul Fay delivered an oration to a large audience. Cannon were fired all day.

Immigrants will soon be able to come in independently of the bonded lines, according to official correspondence published by the United States Consul. Secretary Bontwell states that the Department at Washington has no objection to allow immigrants, with animals and baggage, to go through the United States on giving their personal bonds. Immigrants continue to arrive.

Minor Telegraph Items.

Ernest Herses' sash, door and blind factory, in Milwaukee, was burned Saturday evening. Loss $20,00; in insurance.

Col. James Fisk, Jr., has given a purse of $3,000 for a race in Long Branch this week, in which Longfellow will probably start.

The Republican State Central Committee of Massachusetts have decided to call a convention for the nomination of candidates for Governor and other State officers, at Worcester, on the 24th of September.

Time to Move On.

A few nights since, at a late hour, the speaking tube at the office door of one of New Haven's popular physicians was used by some midnight wag to the following effect: The doctor was in sound sleep, when he was partially awakened by a "halloo" through the tube, when the following dialogue took place: "Well, what do you want?" "Does Dr. Jones live here?" "Yes, what do you want?" "Are you Dr. Jones" "Yes." "DR. Simon Jones" "Yes--Yes! What do you want?" "Why, how long have you lived here?" "Some 20 years; why?" "Why? Why don't you move?" "If you stay there about 10 seconds longer you'll find I am moving!" and he bounced out of bed, but the patient was heard "moving" down the street at a rate that defied pursuit.

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