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Detroit Daily Press, Odds & Ends


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Detroit Daily Press, 1871

Cat Dumpling

The captain of one of the largest steamboats running on the Potomac was astonished one day lately, as his boat touched the landing at one of the riverside watering places not a great distance from Washington, to see all the guests assembled with their baggage, ready to take passage for the city. In making inquiries as to the cause of the general exodus he soon discovered that thereby hangs a tale. A cat's. it appears the fare at the hotel had disagreed with the boarders, and not satisfied with complaining, they took French leave. A batch of dough had been prepared for the over and placed on a table. A playful kitten thought it would be nice to run over it. It looked so snowy, warm and tempting. Kitty tried it and soon found her delicate little feet sinking in the dough. She struggled to escape, and only struggled to sink deeper, until this youthful cat disappeared entirely, and so like young Lochinvar went into the yeast. She never rose again, but the bread did. It closed over this unfortunate specimen, not leaving a hair apparent. Cooky, of course, was not aware that instead of a loaf of bread, she had a kitten dumpling, and put the mass into the oven and baked it. When the bread of opened at breakfast next morning the birds did not begin to sing, but the boarders did. They fairly howled with wrath. They knew the there had been a family of kittens, but as hash had been served for breakfast before this extraordinary loaf was opened, the conclusion was natural that the other part of the family had gone into the hash and down their throats. They were first taken with sea-sickness, then with home-sickness, and then ensued a general packing up. The fashionable summer resort was with no inhabitants but the cook and the inn-keeper, and what remained of the family of kittens.

The Mayor of St. Joseph, Mo., gave permission to a citizen to kill two dogs which annoyed him, and the next morning the Mayor found two of his own dogs dead, with his own warrant of permission for this killing pinned to their bodies. Though he hasn't exactly got the hydrophobia, the Mayor is mad.

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