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 The Detroit Post, July 7, 1871
Personal and Political #2


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!




Personal and Political, Part I

The late Marquis of Hartford made 25 codicils to his will.

Charles Sing, boss of the North Adams Chinese, threatens to lecture.

It is said that Sims Reeves has been offered $100,000 for 110 concerts in America.

Mrs. Partington is going to use both pen and pencil in the service of Every Saturday.

In six years Mr. Bergh has achieved 1,168 convictions on charges of cruelty to animals.

Shakespeare on the Democratic mew departure--"Assume a virtue, if you have it not."

For 31 years William S. Stoddard has been a watchman at the Massachusetts State House.

Mrs.Vallandigham is now in a hopeful way of recovery, and is able to sit up a portion of the day.

McEttrick, the Boston Walkist, has challenged Weston to take a 24 hour' stroll with him for $5,000.

The authorship of "The Battle of Dorking" is credit by some of the English journals to Laurence Oliphant.

The politicians of Georgia publish more letters than the politicians of all the rest of the Southern State together.

Parton says it was the want of a private secretary that floored Colfax. His salary as Vice President is not large enough to warrant the expense of one.

The King of Italy sent his aide-de-camp, Gen. Bertole Viale, to Rome on the occasion of the Pope's jubilee to officially congratulate the Holy Father.

Miss Addie S. Ryan, a young singer of Boston, is studying with Madame Stanton Dolby in London, and will go to Florence with her teacher during the summer.

Mr. A. H. Stephens is already experiencing some of the minor vices of journalism. In a late copy of his paper he says prominently, "for beautifully, in our last, read fearfully."

The New York Tribune wishes it was as sure of health and happiness as it is that Pennsylvania and Ohio will give their electoral votes for a Republican President in 1872.

The rumor that Mr. Thomas Carlyle is collecting materials for his autobiography is Authoritatively denied. It is said, however, that he has chosen as his biographer

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