Old Newspaper Collections Project

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Detroit Daily Post, 1871, Fishpower


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


Detroit Daily Post-1871 


The New York Citizen has an account of a team of trained sturgeons which draw a boat on the Lehigh Canal. "The driver has his seat in the bow and directs their course with a goad, which is a long pole as thick as one's wrist, with a sharp spike sticking out at right angles from the end, and it is surprising with what alacrity they obey. When they are to be turned to the right or left, a sudden prick on the opposite side of each sturgeon causes the paid to take the desired course. When a greater speed is desired they are pierced hear the tail; when they are requires to halt the goad is reached forward, and they are picked in front of the head."

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