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Rochester Courier, 10/31/1930



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Rochester Courier Newspaper, October 31, 1930


Maurice Wentworth, aged 8 years, passed away at the Frisbie Memorial hospital Monday, being the sixth child to die within a short period with gastro interites. He is the son of Onge and Lulu Ballou Wentworth. The child resided on the Jenness farm about two miles out with his mother and step-father, Clifton Canney. Four other children in the family have been ill with the same disease but Maurice’s condition was such that he was taken to the Frisbie memorial hospital at five o’clock Sunday. The child attended the Gonic schools and has been ill for about two weeks. The mother was also a patient at the hospital but is greatly improved.


Victims are Maurice J. Berry and Antonio Egan of Somersworth -- Failed to Make Turn in the Road on Rochester Hill and Dashed Against a Tree—Car Completely Demolished and Occupants Hurled a Distance of Twenty Feet—Telephone Linemen Render Assistance. Two men are in the Frisbie Memorial hospital in a critical condition following an automobile accident on Rochester hill Monday forenoon. Maurice J. Berry, 35 of 249 High street, Somersworth, suffered two fractured legs and internal injuries as the car left the road and dashed against a tree. Antonio Egan 25, of Green street, Somersworth, an occupant of the car, suffered two broken legs and a bad scalp wound.

It appeared that the automobile was being driven in the direction of Dover and, when near the farm of Arthur Frost, failed to make a turn and dashed against an elm tree by the side of the road. The car was completely demolished. The top of the automobile was torn from the car and the occupants were thrown a distance of twenty feet with great force. The car was owned by Ignatius Berry of 100 Park Street, Portland, Me., a brother of the injured man. Traffic Officer Nelson Hatch was the first on the scene and rendered every effort to relieve the injured men. On the way to the accident he met two linesmen. Albert Nelson and Raymond Caswell, both of Dover of whom he asked assistance. They at once climbed a telephone pole tapped a wire and called the ambulance. These two telephone men rendered first aid to the injured and rendered valuable service before the arrival at the hospital. City Marshal Harvey D. Smith responded with the police car and directed the traffic, which was congested for a mile each side of the scene of the accident. State Traffic Officer Frank Manning has made an investigation.

At first it was thought that the injured men had little chance of recovery but Wednesday afternoon it was stated at the hospital that both were much more comfortable. Their legs were in casts and they had gotten well over the terrific shock of the experience. The hospital authorities expressed themselves as hopeful of their ultimate recovery.

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As Wilfred Roullard was driving out of Farmington Sunday evening he hit the side of the cement bridge and badly damaged the car. Alfred Chournard, an occupant of the car was badly cut and bruised, while Roullard also received injuries. State Officer Frank Manning was on the scene and following an investigation placed Roullard under arrest on charge of operating an automobile while under the influence of intoxicating liquors.

AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT As Kenneth Jones of Brockton Mass, also of this city, was changing a tire Thursday evening on Rochester hill, his car was hit from the rear and badly damaged by a car driven by Earl Terrell of Lynn, Mass. Terrell claimed that, as he approached the Jones car, he was blinded by the oncoming lights of another car. He also stated that Jones did not have his rear light lighted. So strong was the impact as the cars came together that Miss Alice White of Revere, Mass., an occupant of the Terrell car, was thrown through the windshield. Her wounds, being cuts and bruises, were dressed at a physician’s office. traffic Motorcycle Officer Ralph Emerson was immediately on the scene and the registration of one of the cars in being investigated. It is expected that the accident will bring court proceedings.


Robert J. Heidleman of 86 Third Street, Dover was fined $25 and costs of $12.14 when found guilty by Judge S.D. Felker in the municipal court of being a hit and run driver. It was alleged that Wilfred Gagne was leading a cow on the Rochester Hill road when Heidleman struck the cow breaking the animal’s left hip and continued without ascertaining the amount of damage. The machine was damaged in the collision, the headlight being broken and the mudguard bent. Mr. Gagne secured the number of the car and notified the police and the state motor vehicle department officers. Inspector Harold Foss of Dover went to Heidleman’s home. He was not there but Foss waited in the cold until 2 A.M., when Heidleman drove in with his damaged car and was arrested by Foss, who brought him to the Rochester police station and locked him up.


Mrs. Mary Coburn, a domestic employed at the home of Mrs. Mabel Warburton on the Salmon Falls road, is a patient at the Frisbie memorial hospital suffering from a bad scalp wound. When Mrs. Warburton, who is a teacher at East Rochester returned to her home Tuesday, she found a pool of blood on the kitchen floor and traces led to a room above, where she found Mrs. Coburn unconscious on a bed. She was at once removed to the hospital and it is thought that the wound may have been caused by a bad fall. DIED In East Rochester, Oct 26, Emma Sleepr, aged 76 years. In New Durham, Mrs. Ida L. Burbank, a native of Rochester, aged 60 years. In Rochester, Oct 27, Mrs. Mary T. Hanson of Sanbornville, aged 60 years. In North rochester, Oct. 28, Mrs. Louise H. Wentworth, aged 58 years. In Middleton, George S. Davis aged 68 years.


Sheriff William Davis, Deputy Sheriff Faunce of Somersworth, and Marshal Smith raided Alexander Pluff at his home on the Milton road Wednesday night and found a quantity of alcohol. He was brought before Judge Samuel D. Felker in police court Thursday morning, and was fined $50 and costs.


Hilton Goodwin did his last day’s work for the Boston and Maine RailRoad on Thursday. He has been a faithful worker for forty years, for many years being foreman of the section in this division. He is now retired on a pension and has returned to his home in Union. 185


Albert Young, who had the misfortune to stick a nail in his foot and consequently spent a few days in a hospital in rochester has returned to his home on French Street.

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