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Rochester Courier, 1/29/1864

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Rochester Courier, January 29, 1864

(ARTICLES) The delegates to the Democratic National Convention from the Strafford district, are P.A. STACKPOLE of Dover (NH) and Edwin PEASE of Freedom (NH); with James FARRINGTON of this town (Rochester) and E.A. HUBBARD of Laconia (NH) for substitutes.

(ARTICLES) Late letters from Rev. Mr. HOLMAN of our Methodist Church, who is now sojourning in the army at Chatanooga, in the Christian Commission, speak of his probable return about the middle of February. Letters designed to reach him should be directed to Cincinnati, Ohio.

DEATHS: In Rochester Dec 13, (1863) Mrs. Nancy STOCKBRIDGE age ? years formerly of Newmarket, (NH) An amiable and worth lady.

DEATHS: (Jan. 29, 1864) In Dover, (NH), Jonathan INGHAM a native of ?, Yorkshire, England, aged 67,

DEATHS: (Jan 29, 1864) In Dover, (NH), Lizzie A. daughter of George F. and Irena F. NUTE, aged 1 year, 2 months and 21 days.

DEATHS - (Jan. 29, 1864) in Portsmouth, (NH), Mary G. daughter of Mary G. CARPENTER, aged 4 years, 2 months.

(TIDBIT: - Jan 29, 1864) (Jan 29, 1864) Hon. J.H. BUTLER, of Nottingham, (NH), one of the most enterprising citizens, largely engaged for years in the wood and timber trade, has purchased the Sherburn Blake Farm in Raymond, (NH), and intends to reside on it. --Exeter Ballot

(TIDBIT: -Jan 29, 1864) The Hartford Post formerly, Democratic, nominates Abraham LINCOLN for Presidnt and William A. BUCKINGHAM for governor. (TIDBIT: -Jan 29, 1864) Capt. Joseph J. LADD of the 8th N.H. regiment, has been dismissed from the service for speaking disrespectfully of his superior officer. (TIDBIT: Jan 29, 1864) Mr. Gerald SMITH of Holderness, (NH), informs us that he raised a parsnip last year that measured four feet and three inches in length!

(TIDBIT: Jan. 29, 1864) Capt. C.W. SAWYER has been commissioned as Major of the 4th N.H. Regt. and 2d Lieut. C.E. EVERETT has been commissioned 1st Lieut. Co. K, 11th N.H. Regt. Both the above mentioned appointments are well deserved and have given much satisfaction to our citizens.

(TIDBIT: Jan 29, 1864)--Our Typo soldier, Lieut. H. F. WIGGIN, arrived here Wednesday of this week on a 20 days furlough, He looks no ?(hard) and hearty as ever, or more so. (TIDBIT: Jan 29, 1864) Jeremiah BACHELDER, of Kensington, (NH), fell from his chair on Sunday morning, 10th inst.(Jan 10, 1864), and instantly expired. He was about 70 years old.

(TIDBIT/DEATH: Jan 29, 1864) A little son of Mr. Isaac B. GEORGE, of Durham, (NH), aged 7, while on his way to school, jumped upon a sled loaded with wood; he slipped off and the sled passed over him killing him instantly.

(TIDBIT Jan 29, 1864) Two men went into the woods in Boscawen, (NH), on Saturday 10th inst. (Jan 10, 1864), for the purpose of felling trees. One of them Mr. J.H. MARSH, was struck by the limb of a tree as it fell, killing him instantly. He was 63 years old.

(TIDBIT: Jan 29, 1864) The members and many well wishers of the First Freewill Baptist Church will be pleased to learn that the Society's debt is paid. This good work was accomplished by the energy of Rev. Mr. TRUE aided by the generosity of the citizens. Thus by the labors of Parsons BABCOCK, True and the benevolence of others, the society has a beautiful church free of debts. It's former pastor, Rev. Mr. CILLEY, is now Chaplain of our glorious 8th Regt., and writes most encouraging letters from that new mounted command. success to the church and all its pastors and friends.

(TIDBIT: Jan. 29, 1864) Our two saw mills are running at full speed. HAYES has his hands full of business, and his mill brow full of John BARKER's and others' logs -- or would have if he did not saw so fast. while MCDUFFEE, LYMAN and others have well blockaded WALDRON's Mill. Jos. NUTTER is drawing McDuffee's masts to the Depot, while Stacy HALL's teams haul huge piles of H. Barker's wood in the same direction.

(DEATH: Jan 29, 1864) Hon. Eli WENTWORTH, late Quartermaster of the 6th Regt, who died last summer of fever near Vicksburg, was buried at South Milton a few days since, with Masonic honors. Members of the Fraternity from Dover, Great Falls, Rochester, Milton, Farmington, Wakefield and other towns were present. The services were under the immediate control of the Knight Tempiars and Sir Knights. Oliver WYATT of Dover and J.B. EDGERLY of Farmington, most appropriately performed the ceremonies in their official capacity. Wentworth was a worth man; temperate in his habits and moral in his conduct. He had filled various offices, performed much labor and did quite an extensive business. The community suffers a loss in his death.

(ARTICLE - Jan. 29, 1864) Shooting Affair - The Laconia Democrat states that on Friday evening, the 15th inst. (Jan 15, 1864), Edward WHIPPLE a boy about 15 years of age, was shot by Wm. SHEPERD, a photograph artist of that place, the ball lodging at the lower part of the spine, making a dangerous wound. Shepherd claims that he did the act in defending himself and property, as there was quite a crowd around his building, threatening him and making demonstrations towards destroying his property, throwing stones through the windows and smashing his skylight. He was arrested.

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