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Rochester Courier, 2/19/1864

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SUBJECT: Rochester Courier 2/19/1864

Excerpts from: The Weekly Courier, Newspaper, Friday Evening, February 19, 1864, Rochester, NH, on Microfilm held at the Rochester, NH, Public Library. Every attempt at accuracy has been made. These excerpts cover many towns and even other states. Material is varied; marriages, news articles, deaths, advertisements anything pertaining to individuals.

The Rochester Courier, published every Friday evening, by J.F. Place at one dollar and a half a year", Rochester, N.H., Friday February 19, 1864.

(MARRIAGES) In Exeter, Feb. 12, by Rev. C. NEWHALL, Corporal Geo. H. SMITH, Co. C 6th reg. N.H. Vol., and Miss Elizabeth A. EASON.

(MARRIAGES) In Memphis, Tenn., Mr. Norris J. WIGGIN, formerly of Exeter, and Miss Annie E. SEVIER of M[adbury].

(MARRIAGES) In Portsmouth, Lieut E.A. TILTON, U.S.A., and Miss Elizabeth J., daughter of the late Alfred RUNDLET.

(MARRIAGES) In Stratham, Feb. 10th, by Geo. E. LANE, Esq., Mr. Albert E. BOWLEY of Exeter, and Miss Nellie M. BENNETT, of Stratham.

(MARRIAGES) At the Franklin House, Salmon Falls. Jan 4 by E.S. NOWELL, Esq., Mr. Edward R. HUFF and Miss Hattie LEE, both of Saco, ME.

(DEATHS) In Rochester, 18th inst., Mr. Giles JENNESS aged 15 years.

(DEATHS) In Madbury, Jan. 14, William H. youngest child of Stephen and Sarah A. K. JENKINS, aged 4 years, 6 months, 3 days.

(DEATHS) In Laconia, 10th inst., Stephen GALE, Esq., aged 86. For many years Mr. Gale was a prominent and highly respected citizen.

(DEATHS) 1st inst., Ellen J. EATON, wife of Mr. F.J. MERRILL, aged 27 years.

(DEATHS) Feb 8, Mrs. Rebecca WILSON, aged 66 years, 10 months, wife of Hugh WILSON, Esq.

(DEATHS) In Gonic village, Aug. 1, 1863. Minnie F. only child of J.W. and Helen E. BALLOU, aged 2 years and 2 months.

(DEATHS) In Farmington, 9th inst., Lilla youngest daughter of Lewis R. and Delia WIGGIN, aged 2 years, 2 months-- also 5th inst., Willie N. only son of the same.

(DEATHS) In Kensington, Feb. 10, suddenly Jonathan BROWN, M.D., aged 58 years, 7 months.

(DEATHS) In Brentwood Feb. 1st, Mrs. Betsey wife of Dea. Benjamin VEAZEY, aged 77-- for more than thirty years she was a consistant christian and worthy members to the Baptist Church in B[erwick] .-Printers in Me. please copy.

(DEATHS) In Brookline, Mass., 12th inst., Mr. Augustus W. SEEMANS (formerly of Exeter) aged 50 years. His remains were carried to Exeter for interment. Mr. S. was a pleasant, gentlemanly and much esteemed citizen, and beloved by all who knew him.

(DEATHS) In Stratham, 13th inst., Arianna, daughter of Mr. Stephen SCAMMON, aged 19 years, 8 months, 10 days.

(DEATHS) In Raymond, John FOLSOM, Esq, aged 79 -- He was one of the Selectmen 6 years; Representative in 1825 &' 26 and appointed Justice of the Peace in 1828—

(DEATHS) In Raymond - Geo. F., son of Mr. Joseph DEARBORN, aged 9 months

(DEATHS) In Portsmouth, Mr. John HARRET, aged 53 yrs., 7 months—

(DEATHS) In Portsmouth, John H. LYONS, aged 20

(DEATHS) In Portsmouth, Emma Francis, aged 7 years, daughter of Timothy A. TUCKER.

(DEATHS) In Portsmouth, Mrs. Abigail CLARK aged 49.

(DEATHS) In New Orleans, John L. SHEAFE, Esq., aged 70, formerly of Portsmouth.

(DEATHS) In Greenland, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Harriet B. WEEKS, aged 78.

(DEATHS) In Greenland, Frank H. HOLMES, aged 8 years, 7 months.

(DEATHS) In Greenland, Patience BERRY aged 68.

(DEATHS) In Deerfield, Miss Mary C. HOBBS, aged 64.

(DEATHS) In Campbell Hospital, Washington, D.C. Wm. H. SANBORN, aged 31, of Seabrook-- member of 14th N.H.V.

(DEATHS) In Dover, Feb. 15, Mrs. Weltha wife of Benjamin HAM, aged 24 yrs, 4 months, 8 days.

(DEATHS) In Dover, Feb. 12, Mrs. Nancy SULLIVAN, aged 41 -- formerly of Tuftonborough.

(DEATHS) In Hartford, Kansas, Dec. 27, Mr. James D. WIGGIN formerly for several years a resident of Dover.

(DEATHS) In Farmington, Dec. 27, suddenly, Mary Estelle, daughter of John I. and Abby W. HUCKINS.

(DEATHS) In Milton, Jan 29th, Casan H. son of Jonathan B. and the late Elizabeth C. HERSEY, aged 11 years, 7 months, and 19 days.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) Slaves have depreciated in value in the South. In gold they bring about $100 only.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS)Trade and travel are again resumed on the Baltimore Railroad.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) There is a rumor that all the Union prisoners are to be removed from Richmond.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS)The United states consumed 432,411 tons of sugar in 1862.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) Philadelphia has sent off its fourth negro regiment.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) Gov. Carney has been elected U.S. Senator from Kansas.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) The rebel General MAGRUDER has safely arrived at Southampton, Eng.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) Congressman ELIOT brought down the House by speaking of Universal Salvation Grant.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) "A reception ball for soldiers of the 6th N.H.V., took place in Kingston, on Wednesday of last week.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) The poor women and children in suffering Southwestern Missouri chop wood at sixty cents per cord.

(CLIPPINGS & JOTTINGS) Col. PHILLIPS, commanding the expedition in the Indian Territory, reports to Gen. THAYER that he has driven the enemy entirely out of that region, and that in several skirmishes he killed nearly one hundred rebels and captured one captain and twenty five men.

(ARTICLE) M[artin].L[uther]. HAYES, Esq. came home the other day with a fine string of fish which he hooked from Merrymeeting Pond, and today he has sold a thousand dollar timber lot to the enterprising Luther O (?G) CATE, Esq. of Union Wakefield. Cate will probably soon have the whole of the timber which is large enough, manufactured into "box shooks" like the large quantities he has just sold at the good price of .63 cents, per box; in which to bring home the next sugar crop of the West Indies. This land belonged to the large estate of the Late Geo. W. COPP, Esq. of Wakefield. Hayes reserved the land, selling only the growth, as it joined his other land for this reason he wanted it. He is a good fellow, and has the best house and surroundings in this corner of the county besides possessing not quite half of the pastures, forests and mountains of three surrounding towns. May this Martin Luther, like his name sake, marry him a wife, and be blessed in proportion to his acres.

(ARTICLE) Henry PINKHAM, son of the late lamented William Pinkham, has sold the old homstead to S.F. HAYES (H. BARKER to have part) for $2,000, and bought for same sum part of the Icabod H. WENTWORTH property on Hare road to West Milton, where Hon. Eli WENTWORTH and his brother Hiram, spent their boyhood and manufactured shoes, twenty years ago. Speaking of the Hare road, reminds me of old times. This road commences on the road leading from the old Middleton road to Farmington Village, and leads to the road from the same to Middleton Corner Roads, school houses and churches, the heart and soul of the material of civilization, are seldom made without a quarrel. It was so with the Hare road. The large Hayes family, led off by the late Daniel HAYES, Esq. fought manfully(?) for the road, while for years its opponents sneered and declared nothing but hares would ever have occasion to travel it, -- hence its name. Of the first settlers on the road, we think James HAYES and Richard PLUMER, only remained upon it.

(ARTICLE) Soldier's Festival -- At a large and general meeting of ladies and gentlemen last Friday evening at the Methodist Vestry, to see about making arrangements to give a Lavee for the benefit of the soldiers, the preliminary steps were taken to ensure its complete sucess. Mr. Henry M. KELLEY was called to the Chair, and remarks were made by Rev. Mr. Holman, the Chairman, Messrs. C.W. BROWN, S.D. WENTWORTH, J.R. MARSHALL, Geo. TILTON and others, all voucheafing their hearty co-operation with the ladies. It was voted to give the proceeds to the Festival to the Christian Commission, and that a general Executive Committee should be appointed into whose hands the management of the affair should be placed, and who were authorized to appoint the several sub committees. after a consultation with the ladies, the time of holding the Festival was postponed until week after election, four weeks hence, in order to give greater time for preparation when the meeting adjourned to this Friday evening, to meet at the congregational Vestry at 7 1 2 o'clock.

The executive committee is as follows:



Miss Hattie DENNETT

Miss Clara HOLMAN

Miss Mary HAYES

Miss Susie WARREN


Miss Lucy J. DOE







George H. TILTON


This committee was called together after the adjournment of the meeting, when a large list of sub committees was appointed, but as it is not yet complete, we refrain from publishing them until next week.

(ARTICLE) New Hampshire the column: The Granite State's quota completely filled, and hundreds to spare! That shall tell proudly upon the historic rolls. Our streets are graced by some of our loved soldiers. Jonas H. COLOMY one of the best of soldiers has a short furlough; while Edward M. (?N) JONES, Chas. O (G?.) DUDLEY, T. RICKER, Stephen and Alonzo DOWNING, James F. TUCKER, and perhaps other veterans are with us, and have nobly re-enlisted. All the honors of Revolutionary heroes and pensioners shall yet cluster around them. They shall have something worthy of telling when they are old. -- May their lives ever be as happy, upright and prosperous as their patriotism is glorious.

(ARTICLE) Doing Well -- We are glad to learn that the young man WHIPPLE, (Edward), who was shot by SHEPARD (William) in this town -- a few weeks since is now improving rapidly, and it is hoped that in a few weeks he will be about again. Laconia Gazette.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) WILLIAM H. LOCKE, AGT wholesale dealer in all kinds of TOBACCO COFFEE & SPICES, etc. etc. etc 8 doors south of Belknap Church, Dover, N.H. Coffee and Spice put up for the trade with (?)say address, in all variety of packages and warranteed in every instance as represented Coffee Roasted and Ground for the trade at short notice. All goods entrusted at the owners risk.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Miss Clara A. HOLMAN Announces to the Ladies of Dover and ad- joining towns, that she attends to Dress-making in its various branches, also, Pinking, Machine Stitching, Stamping for Braiding, etc., done at short notice. My Establishment is a branch of Mme. Demorest's Emporioum of Fashions, and all the latest styles of Paris Patterns for Ladies and Children received as soon as pub- lished. I also receive Mme. Demorest's Quar- terly Mirror of Fashion, upon the 1st of January, April, July and October. I sell Patterns of the very latest fashions so that every lady can dress nearly, elegantly and fashionably, at a trifling expense. No. 4 Union Block, Central Street, Dover, NH.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) LOCK AND GUN SMITH --------- A. LUPUS Would inform his old friends and the Public generally, that he still remains at the Old Stand on Maine Street, Dover, N.H. where he can be found at all times ready to do any kind of work as Gun and Lock Smith GUNS, RIFLES & PISTOLS, Made and Repaired. Lock and Brass work done to order. New Locks and Stocks put to old guns in a superior manner--All work warranted.[sic]

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Frank FREEMAN dealer in OYSTERS, At His Wholesale and Retail Oyster House. Particular attention paid to putting up Oysters for Country Trade and Family use All orders promptly supplied An experienced and skillful artiste ready at all times to prepare my luxurious stews to order. No. 3 Central Square, (Opposite City Hall). Dover, NH

(ADVERTISEMENTS) S.H. DAME Dealer of GOLD MEDAL WATCH SPRING SKIRTS, Dry Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, And Small Wares --Keeps Job late of Goods bought at auction, and can sell at low prices Central Street, 1st Store on the Bridge, DOVER.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Edmund FREEMAN, dealer in OYSTERS, At his wholesale and Retail Oyster House, Cor. Third and Franklin Sts., Dover, N.H. Particular attention paid to putting up Oysters for country trade and family use ALSO Constantly on hand, large quantities of live Bait for fishing purposes. All order by Express or otherwise, promptly attended to.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) MARBLE S.H. FOYE Will continue to carry on the Marble Works at the Old Stand, Foot of Main Street Where can be found Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets, Grave Enclosures, Counters and Table Tops, Chimney Pipes, Funnel Stones, Paint Stones, etc. Also Soap-Stone work of All kinds. Copenhagen Tops, Stone Linings, etc. Sea sand kept constantly on hand. S.H. Foye, Dover, N.H.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) PROCURE YOUR PASSPORTS There is no passport to society, to the con- fidence of your fellowmen, and if unmarried to the tender regards of the softer sex (and those that don't feel interested in their tender regards are not addressed) like a nicely fitting and elegant suit of clothes. I am prepared to CUT YOUR GARMENTS FASHIONABLY and secure for you the lasting admiration of a delighted public. I have a fine stock of Goods Costings from $1.00 to $3.00 per yd. Pant Cloths from $1.00 to $3.00 per yard. And Vest Cloths in great variety. My $2.75 pant cloth is manufactured of the very best Wool; is fine and heavy, and well worth looking at. I have some choice Costings which I hope to show you and if you leave your order with me I will warrant you perfect satisfaction. HENRY VESEHOFF. Rochester, Jan. '64

(ADVERTISEMENTS) P.A. STACKPOLE, Physician & Surgeon, Dentistry I still continue to employ the services of Dr. H.H. KIMBALL as experienced and finished operator, in all the departments of Dentistry who will perform all operations upon the teeth in a skillful manner, equal to any work done in our large cities. After long experimenting, and at great ex- pense, we can assure the public that we can manufacture a pure article of Nitrous Oxide Gas as an anesthetic for the extracting of teeth without pain, which if pure is perfectly harmless. Ether adminstered if desired. All work warranted and at extremely low prices. Please give me a call. Office corner of Cen- tral and Orchard Streets, Dover, N.H.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) FRAY, T.J.W. M.D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON 16 Central Street, Dover, NH --also-- prosecutes claims for Pensions, Back Pay and Bounty.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Dr. YOUNG's DENTAL ESTABLISHMENT, No. 18 Central Street, Dover, N.H., NITROUS OXIDE (?)649 administered for producing insensibility to pain while having teeth extracted.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) G.W. WENDELL, Dover, N.H. LICENSED AUCTIONEER, for all the cities and towns in the FIRST N.H. CONG. DISTRICT.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) Jeremiah SMITH, ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR - AT - LAW Office in Totherley's Block, Dover, N.H.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) G.M. HERRING, Licensed Auctioneer, Farmington, NH


(ADVERTISEMENTS) H.H. TEBBETTS, dealer in CORN, FLOUR, PORK, LARD, BUTTER, Cheese and all kinds GROCERIES fresh meats constantly on hand Gonic Village, N.H.

(ADVERTISEMENTS) C.K. SANBORN ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR - AT-LAW Rochester, N.H. Office in Hayes Brick Block, Center Square.

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