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Rochester Courier, 9/26/1930

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THE ROCHESTER COURIER - September 26, 1930 pages 1-16 

Her 98th Birthday Mrs. John S. Sylvain of Lafayette street observed her 98th birthday anniversary Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Aurelle Beaudoin, with whom she makes her home. She was presented with a handsome birthday cake, lighted with 98 candles. She also received many useful presents and cards from friends. She is one of the smartest women for her age to be found anywhere. Mrs. Sylvain, who has on many occasions like this danced a jig, was in trim for a continuance of that custom on this happy birthday. In addition to the dancing she sang several vocal solos. Many guests from out of town were in attendance at the party, and a most delightful event was enjoyed by all present. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess.

Routhier -- Custeau

Virginia Custeau of 15 Pine street became the wife of Theodore Routhier of this city, Saturday morning at 6 A.M., at the Holy Rosary church. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father A. O. Poirier in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends, using the double- ring service. The bride was attended by her son, Emile Custeau of New York, and the bridegroom was attended by his brother, Frank Routhier of this city. The bride was attired in brown Norman crepe, with hat to match, and carried a bride’s bouquet of flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Routhier both hold positions at the Wyandotte woolen mill. A large number of friends, accompanied by relatives and many out-of-town guests, called at their home at 15 Pine street, Saturday evening, and tendered them a reception. A buffet lunch was served. They were the recipients of a large number of presents. After a short wedding trip they will keep house at the home of the bride.

School Barge Overturned

As Mrs. Sadie Sinnott of Milton Mills was substituting in the absence of the regular driver of the school barge Wednesday afternoon, her car turned over, and two of the children out of twelve were injured and brought to the Frisbie Memorial Hospital; namely, Miss Marion Paschal, age 17 years, shoulder and right arm injured; Howard Goodwin, age 17, injured right arm, and fractured collar bone. Both received bruises.

Fined for Reckless Driving Following an accident on the Rochester Hill road Sunday in which Bernard Marks of Baltimore was injured, when a car driven by Mrs. Almy T. Holbrook of South Weymouth, Mass., dashed against his car, an investigation was made by State Motor Vehicle Officer Frank Manning and evidence was found such that Mrs. Holbrook was arraigned in the local court for reckless driving. Judge Samuel D. Felker imposed a fine of $15 and costs.

LOCAL, CITY NEWS Mrs. Gerald Lucey visited Boston the past week Amos Clark of Cove court remains ill at his home.

J.A. Emery made a business trip to Conway Saturday. Albert Hayes was a recent visitor to Boston on business.

Mrs. Mary Coburn of North Weare has accepted a position at Shoreyville.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis Granite street were recent visitors to Concord.

Miss Jennie Hayes of the Gonic section visited Niagara Falls the past week.

Charles Hayes has accepted a position at the Parry brick yards this week.

The Sunshine Laundry on Chestnut street worked twenty hours a day last week.

John Hartigan and Fred Machand of this city played the past week on the Farmington golf course a matched game. Mr. Hartigan won the first eighteen holes and the second was won by Mr. Marchand, making an even match.

Alonzo Brooks of Farmington was in this city this week.

Perley Littlefield has opened a radio store on Hanson street.

M. Mason of Ossipee was a visitor to Rochester the past week.

Mrs. William Miekle of Heaton street recently visited Milton.

Thomas Nangle visited his home in this city the past week Miss Clara Hayes of Portland, Me., called on friends in this city Monday morning.

Mrs. Ethel Price of Berwick, Me., was the guest of friends in this city Monday.

Mrs. Mary Duval of Bridge street motored to old Orchard beach Sunday.

Norman Hayes has accepted a position at the Gonic Manufacturing company. Gustaf Svensson of Portsmouth called on friends in this city Monday afternoon. E

lzear C. Cote, who has been in training for a few weeks at the Puritan Clothing store with the manager.

L.C. Jutras, has been promoted to a managership, and is leaving Monday for Montpelier, Vermont, where he is to have charge of the Montpelier Puritan clothing store.

Henry Waterhouse of Concord is visiting to this city this week. Harry Appleton of Boston was a visitor her Monday morning.

John Parry of this city was a recent business visitor to Boston. Junior Horne has concluded his labors at Lightbody’s drug store.

Mrs. Evelyn Osgood has just returned from a trip to Montreal.

Mrs. Marion Mathews of this city spent the week-end at Lynn, Mass., with friends.

A son was recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burleight of 88 North Main Street.

Thomas Gangley of Portsmouth was a business visitor to Rochester this week.

Bertha Dame of Portland street has purchased a new Philco radio the past week.

Verne Remick and family have rented the Dore House at the foot of Rochester hill.

Dr. Martha Hutchins and Miss Laura S. Elms are spending the week at Cooper cottage, Moody Beach, Me.

B.I. Jewell of Charles street who is spending the summer at his farm at North Barrington, came to this city this week to attend the Rochester fair.

Clarence Rogers of Farmington was a visitor to this city this week.

George J. Wright of Boston was in this city this week calling on friends.

Justin Emery, Esq., returned home from Concord Wednesday afternoon.

E. C .Blackwell is having his residence at 85 Wakefield street painted.

Miss June Morin has returned to her school at Manchester after her summer vacation.

Leo Cormier of Pine street has accepted a position at the W.H. Champlin box shop.

Thomas W. Locke of Newton, N.H. was a recent business visitor to this section.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Manning of Leonard street visited Manchester Saturday afternoon.

S.F.Dore is having his house shingled and repaired on the interior on Rochester hill.

George downs of the Milton road who has been critically ill, is reported as much improved.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Tardy of Lynn, Mass., spent the week-end with relatives in this section.

Mrs. Gertrude Blaisdell of Manchester has accepted a position at the Leader shoe factory.

Several new houses are being built around town this fall, which indicates that business is improving.

Ruby Hayes has recently returned from New York, where she has been the guest of relatives.

Charles H. Twombly has had a new electric lighting plant installed at his farm at Centre Strafford.

Mrs. Rose Cassidy and son Arthur of Leonard Street motored to Manchester Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Zoe Kimball of Glenwood avenue has gone to Canada, where she will be the guest of relatives.

Charles Twombly and family of May street spent the week-end at their summer home at Strafford. Mrs. M. Genevieve Tobin,

Miss Mary Tobin and Miss Nellie Teague were recent visitors to York beach.

Several Odd Ladies from Union Lodge of this city attended the government meeting held in Dover Tuesday.

Mrs. Lester Smith of Ipswich is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Emery of Stillings court, this week.

B. Irving Jewell, who has been spending the summer at his home at North Barrington, was in this city Saturday.

Charles H. Gray of North Wayne, Me., is a guest at the home of his brother and family, Fred I. Gray of the Meaderboro road, during Fair week.

Dr. C.S. Copeland, dentist, will leave Sunday, Sept 28, on his vacation, to be spent in Gaspe, Quebec. He will be in this city again on October 15.

Rochester Grange has been invited to attend a neighborhood meeting at Portsmouth Grange Thursday evening of this week. Rochester Grange will furnish the program. There will be a bean supper given by the Business and Professional Women’s club, in their rooms in the Michael block, on Saturday evening, October 4, from 5 to 7 o’clock.

Rev. Father A.P. Boire of Manchester was a visitor here Wednesday and Thursday. He was warmly greeted by many friends.

B.W. Feeney of New York city, who closed his boys’ camp at Bow Lake recently, returned to this city for the fair this week.

Mrs. Sylvester of Sanford, Me., was a business visitor to Laconia and to this city last Thursday, and white here visited her sister, Mrs. Alice Corriveau of 30 Chestnut Street.

Mrs. Warren Howard of Winter street was a patient at the Frisbie Memorial hospital Saturday, where she underwent a minor operation for tonsils and adenoids.

Mrs. Evelyn Osgood, Mrs. William Meikle, Mrs. J.A. Morin, Mrs. George Hayes and Mrs. Albert Hayes motored to Manchester Sunday, and were the guests of Miss June Morin who is attending school there.

Miss Loretta Turmelle of 99 Maple Street was given a miscellaneous shower by her shopmates Friday evening in honor of her approaching marriage. Music of all kinds was enjoyed and dainty refreshments were served.

Mrs. Louise Blanchard of the Blanchard Beauty shoppe will attend the American Beauty shoppe will attend the American Beauty Congress at the Pennsylvania hotel, new York city, next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Betty Lowe Yuill will conduct her shop during her absence.

Ethan W. Pearson of Somersworth, teacher of piano, returns this week from his vacation and will resume teaching at his studio, Room 6, Public National Bank building, this city beginning Oct. 2nd, and will be in Rochester the last three days of each week.

The Minehaha sewing circle met Friday evening with Mrs. Angie Hurd of Winter street. After the business meeting was over, a social hour was enjoyed, during which whist was played. The prizes were won by Mrs. Isabel Harrington and Mrs. Louise Ames.

A dainty lunch was served. Emile Custeau, formerly of Pine street, who is studying law in New York, came home the past week to attend the wedding of his mother, Mrs. Virginia Custeau, who was married Saturday morning to Theodore Routhier. He returned to New York Sunday, where he will continue with his studies.

Alwyn Marble has been elected manager of the foot ball team at the Rochester high school. Last fall, Marble, who was playing with the team, broke his leg while engaged in a scrimmage, and after being several weeks in the hospital, had the misfortune to break it the second time by falling on the ice.

Lucien C. Jutras, manager of the Puritan clothing store at Rochester, together with Mrs. L.C.Jutras, and Mr. Jutras’ sister, Mrs. Francise Auger of 249 Gold street, Manchester, and brother, Paul R. Jutras of 774 Huntington avenue, Boston, just returned from a motor tip to Montreal, where they visited their sister, Mrs. William Guerin, who is a patient at St. Mary’s private hospital, on Dorchester street in Montreal. While in Montreal Mr. Jutras party were guests of another sister, Mrs. Odilon Belanger of 1660 Orleans street.

W. J. Payne, district manager for the northern division of the Puritan Clothing Stores chain, Mrs. Payne and Mr. Friedlander, ladies’ merchandise buyer for the same chain, with headquarters in New York, were visitors in Rochester recently and were guests of Miss Ruth MacKey, bookkeeper at the Rochester Puritan clothing store. Mr. and Mrs. Payne and Mr. Friedlander left Rochester for Dover, Portsmouth and Laconia, and then are to proceed to Montpelier, Vt., and to Plattsburg, Malone and Messina, N.Y., where they are to visit stores owned and operated by the Puritan chain. A

lphonse Gingras of Lafayette street has purchased a new Philco radio.

Sheriff William S. Davis was a business visitor to Concord Friday morning.

Henry Hayes of Centre Strafford was a recent visitor in this city on business.

Miss Lois Graves is visiting at the Upper Dam house, Upper Dam, Me., this week. The street department has purchased a new line marker to paint the streets with.

Ralph Caswell, prohibition officer, and family of Dover were visitors to this city Friday.

The Coleman house at 4-6 Union street has been undergoing extensive repairs the past week.

Mrs. Emma Howard of Strafford spent the day in this city with relatives Friday.

Isadore Storm of Salmon Falls, formerly of this city, was a recent visitor here.

Special Police Officer Arthur Jewell from Farmington is at work on the fair grounds this week. Isaac Evans of this city was painting the fences at the Rochester fair grounds last week.

John Richardson of upper Wakefield street has been suffering with carbuncles on his neck. A large number of boxing fans in this city attended the fight at Dover Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. William Meikle of Heaton street, Marjorie and Myrtle Hayes visited Lowell, Mass., the past week.

Lawrence McFee of Jaffrey was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cormier of Wakefield street over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeCoteau and family of Heaton street are leaving Rochester, to make their home in Springvale, Me.

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Marsh of South Main Street entertained over the week-end in this city, the guest of his mother of Congress and Charles streets.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gosselin motored Sunday to Pembroke, where they visited Mrs. Ella Gosselin, who is a patient in the sanitarium.

The bungalow which is being built by Miles H. Dustin on the corner of Portland street and Harrison avenue is owned by Mrs. Herbert C. Hill.

The property of the late Lewis B. Tuttle of Charles street has been sold by Real Estate Agent Frederic E. Small, to J.E. Alcide Bilodeau.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shaw of North Main street are rejoicing over the birth of a son at the Frisbie Memorial Hospital the past week.

Miss Ina Howard, who has been working at Oak Birch inn this summer, has concluded her labors there and returned to her home in this city.

Eddie Dodier, George Sanfacon and Albert Hayes attended the clambake given by the Portsmouth Lodge of Elks the past week at Portsmouth.

Leo Gagne of the Milton road met with a bad accident Thursday. While at work at the W.H. Champlin box shop, he had the misfortune to have his middle finger on his left hand taken off on the cleating machine. First aid was given the young man and medical attendance was summoned.

It was erroneously stated in a recent issue of the Courier that the bungalow being built on Portland street, corner of Harrison avenue was for Mrs. McAlpine of Kennebunkport, Me., It should have stated that it was for Mrs. Herbert C. Hill, formerly of Arlington, Mass. Mrs. Hill is living on Winter street at present, and will make her residence at the new bungalow upon its completion.

Catches Hand in Wringer Mrs. Cora Rowe of 7 Spruce street met with a very painful accident the past week. while washing with her electric washer, she caught her right hand in the wringer, badly jamming it. A physicain was called and her hand was treated. The wound is very painful. It is thought that some of the clothes, as she was feeding them into the wringer, caught around her hand and drew it in with the cloth.

Police Court

At a session of police court held Wednesday evening before Judge Samuel D. Felker, Joseph H. Griffin was arraigned on a charge of operating his car without a license. He was arrested on the Meaderboro road by state Motor Vehicle Inspector Harold J. Foss. E.J. Galloway of Dover appeared for him. He was found guilty and fined $25 and costs.

Herbert Moulton and Lucian Boucher were arraigned on a charge of keeping liquor for sale. This was their second offense, they having been found guilty before the Farmington court in March. They pleaded not guilty and their case was continued until Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. They were placed under $200 bonds.

Freemont Foster pleaded guilty to the charge of keeping liquor for sale, and was given a fine of $100 and costs and a suspended 60-day jail sentence.

Position Wanted Young woman, with son, desires full charge of modern, clean home. Exceptional ability and personality. Refined environment only. Reasonable.

Mrs. C.G. Leehy, Wayland, Mass.

Marker Unveiled in Memory of Old Aggie Was a colored Slave at Barrington -- D.A.R. Give Interesting Program East Barrington Sept. 23, 1930 -- With a simple but impressive service the marker in memory of "Old Aggie," the colored slave of Capt. Mark Hunking, was unveiled Wednesday afternoon. The exercises were held in the Carrie E. Norris memorial rest room in Pine Grove cemetery, which is close by the stone. Opening exercises were under the auspices of the Congregational church, with singing of the doxology, prayer by the pastor, Rev. R.L. Hall, and singing of "Rock of Ages." Remarks were made by Elmer E. Wiggin, welcoming the D.A.R. chapters, with response by Mrs. Elizabeth Fernald, regent of Elsie Cilley chapter. During the singing of "Faith of Our Fathers," the stone was unveiled by Miss Olevia J. Haley, eight-year-old daughter of Mrs. Lawrence D. Haley and a descendant of Capt. Mark Hunking in the eighth generation. After singing "America," Mrs. Annie Wentworth Baer of Marjery Sullivan chapter gave a very interesting address, gathering much history and traditions from the late John Scales, whose grandmother was Capt. Hunking’s daughter.

Mrs. Ellen A. Palmer, widow of the late John R. Palmer, died Sept. 17th at Hayes hospital. Dover, aged 83 years, 9 months. She has been an invalid for several years but her death was hastened by a fall. Her husband was a Civil War veteran, who died thirty years ago. She leaves three sons, Curtis of Plaistow, Burton of Greenville Jct., Me., and William of Dover; seven grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. J. Frank Sloper of Dover. Funeral services were held at the home Friday afternoon. Rev. A.M. Dunstan of Dover and Rev. R.L. Hall officiating. Burial was in the family lot in Pine grove cemetery.

There was a profuse display of flowers. R.H. Chesley and family and S.A. Haley and family were here over the weekend.

Mrs. Clara Moody Buck of Brooklyn, N.Y., is visiting at Sunnyside this week. She will be remembered as the successful evangelist, who worked here several years ago and has hosts of friends here. She was the speaker at the C.E. service Sunday evening at the Congregational church.

The Kenilworth club and several other invited guests met at "Sunnyside" Saturday evening. It was an occasion much enjoyed by all. Bountiful refreshments were served by Mrs. Cloudman.

The Woman’s club had Reciprocity day Friday. Representatives from Newmarket, Milton, Farmington, Rochester, Somersworth, Rye, Portsmouth, Dover and Epping clubs were present. The special program consisted of solos by Mrs. Cassie Haley, piano solo by Mrs. Clara E. Smith, readings by Miss Virginia A. Hurd of Berwick, Me., all of which were much enjoyed. A delicious lunch followed. The event was most successfully carried out and reflects credit on our club.

Mrs. Lyle C. Smith entertained her father, James H. Smith, her brother, Fred H. Smith, and Miss Jennie Haddock, Tuesday at a delicious supper in honor of the birthdays of F. H. Smith and Miss Haddock. The supper was ended with a gayly lighted birthday cake. Then the young couple were sent on a merry treasure hunt over the farm for their gifts. Games were enjoyed by the young folks until a late hour.

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