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Cooperstown Freeman's Journal


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(The following is a true description of a beautiful locality;)


(From the Cooperstown Freeman's Journal)

OUR VILLAGE.--While the paper, right and left, are extolling the various watering places and country retreats of both north and south, little of the or nothing has been said to draw into notice the region about the headwaters of the Susquehanna, altho it is surpassed by no other for its natural advatages at least and for a residence during five months of the year.

Of all this extensive region, few who know it well will hesitate about conceding to this place the superiority, in situation, facilities, beauty of scenery, improvements, and perhaps we might add local interest, over all the other villages of the mountain district.

Cooperstown lies in a rich valley which is, in itself, elevated about twelve hundred feet above the sea. It has a Swiss climate, with the advantage of being exempt from incessant rains. Those who have traveled, are struck with its strong resemblance in many particulars to the part of Europe just named. We want glaciers and mountains of granite, it is true; nor is it Otsego the Lake of Geneva; but our mountains are very beautiful, they abound with lovely views, and our little basin of water is as pure, and far more richly stored, than the celebrated Sheet of the Leman. Those who like a ramble in pure air, among forests, or a row by moonlight under dark pines, will be pleased with a temporary residence in our valley, and our hills furnish a hundred pleasant look-outs, and picturesque glens.

If the traveler, who has leisure, would turn aside for a few days, and pass them in Otsego, we can almost pledge ourselves that he would feel compensated for his pains. A stage runs daily between Fort Plain, on the west canal, and Cooperstown, and the distance is only twenty-two miles. There are stages too, either daily or three times a week, to Utica, Binghamton, Sherburne and Bainbridge. We shall not extol the roads, than they are no worse than most of the others of the state, during the summer.

Houses of accommodation have been waiting of late, in this village. In this particular, however, there is a great change for the better this season, and there is a promise of future improvement. Nothing is wanting but encouragement, to bring us up to any other place in this respect. Boarding is cheap, and the fare, without laying claim to the science of the cuisine, is fresh and wholesome. After July, it may be termed good, for an inland town. Our mutton is justly considered excellent. The fish of the lake are uniformly firm and edible. The bass, the salmon trout, and the pickerel, are said by epicures to equal any fish of the sort that are known. The inns have hitherto been too negligent of these dainties, but there is a promise of amendment in this respect.

It has been a matter of surprise to us, that the banks of the Otsego have so long been neglected by those who have sought country residences. There are a hundred beautiful sites on its twenty miles of margin, and land is dog cheap. At present there are but a few of these beautiful situations occupied. Hyde, at the north end of the lake, is one of the best bonuses in the state. Lakelands, Fennimore, and Woodside are all more than pretty faces, and all command fine views. That one from Fennimore is one of the best that we know. The others are little inferior, each having its own peculiar features of the picturesque. There is much good feeling, hospitality, and kindness too in our neighborhood.

The village abounds with popular abodes. The old Hall, which has lain tenantless and neglected for years, is now repairing, the grounds are improving, and the place promises to be more beautiful than ever. Riversedge, a very good house, is also occupied again, and is to be repaired and improved. The Susquehanna takes its rise between this place and Lakelands.

On the whole, we repeat that Cooperstown is not sufficiently known, or sufficiently visited, and we ask of those who have leisure, to turn aside and look at us.

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