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03/01/1819 Mercantile Advertiser

that the meadows have suffered by the frost in a manner to diminish their produce for the ensuing year; and it will be difficult to get the lumber out of the woods.

HUNTINGTON, PENN. Feb. 18.--the first snow we had this season, fell on Friday, the twelfth inst. The roads since that time have been in a terrible situation. Traveling, particularly with wagons, is impossible.

ALBANY, Feb. 26.--Extract of a letter from Delaware county. "I have the unpleasant news to relate, that a murder has again been committed, in our county. Mr. Foster, of Masonville, and a giale who lived in the house with Foster, have been taken into custerdy on the suspicion of poisoning his wife. She survived, but a short time after she took the poisonous draught."

CHARLESTON, Feb. 20.--a letter to the postmaster states that a person, calling himself John Patterson, supposed to be a Swede, has been lodging in Lancaster goal, from a belief that he is one of the gang concerned in the robbery and murder lately committed near the harbor in Charleston.

Public Whipping.--Elijah Libby, M. Miranda, and J. Smith, convicted of petit larceny, were yesterday publicly whipped in the Market. The punishment was ably administered in presence of a large concourse of spectators. Dorothy Quin, who was to received five lashes, was pardoned by the governor, on condition that she would leave the state.

Mercantile Advertiser


Yesterday, Mrs. Ann Smith, wife of John a. smith, a native of Edenton, N. C., aged 39 years. the friends and acquaintances of her brother and brother-in-law Wiley C. Thomas, and Wm. Worrell, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at 87 Henry St.

Yesterday morning, Martha, wife of William Sickels, aged 48 years. The relations and friends of the deceased, are requested to attend her funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 20 Chapel Street.

On Saturday evening, Mr. David Stansbury, aged 38 years. Funeral this afternoon, at 206 Church St., which the friends and acquaintances are requested to attend.

On Saturday, at Hoboken, Mrs. Arabella Cummings, wife of John Cummings, aged 27 years. her friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the funeral at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

On the 24th ult., after a lingering illness, William Herbert, sen. Esq., President of the Bank of Alexandria, one of the oldest and most respectable inhabitants of that town.

Robbery--The store of Messrs. Mortimer & Hook, 33 Williams Street, was entered on Thursday night through the back window, and robbed of about 200 dollars in bank notes, and sundry motes of hand described in their advertisement. We understand two or three other stores were broken open the same night, the villains having taken advantage of the storm, which probably prevented their detection.


A snow storm commenced here on Thursday morning which lasted till last evening. At the commencement the wind was at northeast, but changed yesterday morning to north west, and up to a late house last night blew with considerable violence. We have had no intelligence from Sandy Hook since the storm commenced. The Atlantic, Matlack, and Magnet, both for Liverpool, & Several other vessels ready to sail, are detained by the storm.

Major General Andrew Jackson, was elected on honorary member of the New York State Society of the Cincinnati, on the 24th inst.,; the following resolution was passed on that occasion, and a committee appointed to carry it into execution.

At a general meeting of the New York State Society of the Cincinnati, held in the city of New York pursuant to public notice for that purpose, on Wednesday, 24th Feb. 1819.

"Resolved, That whereas by the constitution of this Society, it is amongst other things provided as follows, viz.--As there are, and will at all times be, men in the respective states eminent for this abilities and patriotism, whose views may be directed to the same laudable objects with those of the Cincinnati, it shall be a rule to admit such characters as honorary members for their own lives only.

This Society, in testimony of the high sense which it entertains of the patriotism, military talents, and abilities of Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson, and of the meritorious services rendered by him in his early and judicious arrangements for the defense of New Orleans, and in his gallant defense of that city, on the 8th day of January, 1815, which eventuated in the entire repulse, overthrow, and destruction of the veteran British army then before it, thereby greatly exalting the military reputation of our country, do admit him, and he is hereby admitted as honorary member of the Society of the Cincinnati."


TO LET--Six new three story brick dwelling HOUSES, at the corner of James and Chatham streets. Those fronting Chatham street are finished with Stores, and are considered very eligible for retail business--the whole neatly finished, with every convenience for genteel families--Possession may be had previous to the 1st May if required. For terms apply to

JOHN BROWN & SON, 239 Front St.

TO LET, and possession given as soon as required, those two new three story brick HOUSES, No. 76 and 87 in Hudson street, calculated for the accommodation of large families, and furnished in the modern style, containing 2 rooms for servants in the garret; seven square bed rooms in the second and third stories, and pantries on the main floor with the parlors; a front cellar room finished as a nursery, with panties for the accommodation of the kitchens, with wood vaults, &c in from of each house. The situation of these houses renders them a desirable object for those who wish to hire. For particulars enquire of

B & H HAIGHT, 207 Broadway

FOR SALE, a Dwelling House, Coach maker's Shop, and Black smith's Shop, which are all nearly new, and about five acres of good land which is covered with Locust timber, in a very thrifty condition. Said property is situated on Cow Neck, Queens County, Long Island, adjoining the farm of Samuel Mott; is within a few rods of two Grist Mills, a public landing, where boats ply to and from New York every. The situation is well calculated for Boatmen, Mechanics, or any kind of public business.

For terms apply to ISAAC UNDERHILL, No 253 Pearl st. New York, by whom an indisputable title will be given.

HOUSES TO RENT OR LEASE--Two large new four story HOUSES Nos. 7 & 9 Murray st. with or without the Stables in the rear of each--Possession may be had 1st February--No expense has been spared to make them convenient in all respects.--the principal rooms connected with folding doors, and all the large rooms finished with marble mantles.

They will be leased either for one or several years, by applying at 241 Broadway

TO LET, the upper par of the three story brick STORE, corner of Peck-slip and Pearl Street, well calculated for an importer of dry goods. Apply to


TO LET, possession first of May, a comfortable 2 story brick HOUSE in East Rutger street. Apply at 28 Burling slip


TO LET, the upper part of the House, No. 130 Pearl St., which will be altered into a store suitable for an importer of dry goods. Apply on the premises, to



TO LET, from the first of may, a very handsome 2 story HOUSE, with double Piazzas front and rear, in the village of Greenwich, corner of Herring and Burrows sts., and a small distance south of the Presbyterian Church; to which is attached a garden and stable, and a well of excellent water, with every other convenience to accommodate a genteel family. Apply at Benj. Bailey, 79 chambers St. or to

BAILEY & RUSSEL, 109 Front st.

TO LET, from the 1st May, the dwelling part of the 4 story brick HOUSE, 289 Broadway, (N. West) corner Reed st. The house is large and commodious, finished in the best manner, with marble chimney pieces, &c. two vaults, a large brick cistern, manhattan water, and every convenience for a genteel family, or a first rate boarding house. For further particulars, apply as above.

FOR SALE, or Exchange for a dwelling house or vacant lots in this city, to the northward of maiden lane, the substantial three story brick STORE, No. 6 Depeyster st. For particulars enquire as above.

TO LET, the large and commodious dwelling HOUSE, No. 256 Pearl st., to be seen from 10 to 1 o'clock. Also the STORE, at No. 256, and the STORE No 259 Pearl st. For terms apply to

R. H. & J. L. BOWNE, 83 South st.

Who have for sale, Prime Beef

Super and fine Richmond Flour.

FOR SALE, ( or would be exchanged for Property in this city,) a FARM, situated in the township of Westchester, on the Boston post road, about 14 miles from new York-containing upwards of 70 acres of most excellent Land, well proportioned with meadow, plough and wood land, and well watered, and abundance of the best of grafted fruit, and an excellent garden, all in good fence. On the premises are a two-story House, Barn, Stables, and other out-houses. For further particulars, apply to William Bartow, on the premises, or to the subscribers, 124 Water St.


TO LET, the three story brick HOUSE, No. 74 Greenwich street, lot running through to Lumber st., with a brick stable on the rear; underneath the stable is dry and capacious cellar, sufficiently large to contain 60 loads wood. The house with the use of the cellar will be let separate from the stable is required. For terms apply to

WM. VAN DEWATER 83 Greenwich St.


55 South Street.


To be sold cheap, the FARM at the Old Blazing Star, containing about 135 acres, including the salt meadow, which lays adjoining the upland, and forms a very compact and handsome Farm; on the premises there is a dwelling HOUSE, Barn, Chair House, and Crib. Also, a young orchard of about 200 bearing apple trees, and peach orchard. This property laying on the sound going to Amboy and New Brunswick. The steam boat in season of running, passes daily either going to o returning from New Brunswick to New York; and the public stage between New York and Philadelphia, passes daily within three quarters of a mile of the house, and the distance only 10 miles to Governor Tompkins ferry at the narrows. The situation is very pleasant, where fish, oysters, and wild fowl in the season are to had in abundance. For further particulars apply at 143 Pearl Street, where a map of the premises cam be seen, or to DAVID F. RANDOLPH, on the premises.

+ WE, the passengers in the brig Superb, return our sincere thanks to Capt. Jesse Rodman, for the polite attention he has shown us during the passage; and more especially for his vigilance and activity in the management of his vessel, during the whole of a boisterous and rough passage.

William Butler, J. McKeon, Thomas Walford, David Ross, James Doran, Lewis Tiebour.


+ A monthly meeting of the General Society of mechanics and Tradesman of the City of New York will be held at their hall on Wednesday evening, half an hour after sun set.

JAMES HOPSON, Secretary.

+ CAPT. E. S. BUNKER, has removed from 274 Pearl Street, to No. 41 Wall Street.

+ NOTICE--The person (whose name is believed to be Enos Balder), who shipped several boxes, marked :F. D. Petersburg," on board the sloop Tryphenia, Clark, master, bound from New York to Norfolk, and Petersburg, and wrecked on Cape May on march 1818, will receive information favorable to his interest, by applying to

CORNELIUS R. DUFFIE, 96 Wall Street.

NOTICE--the co-partnership heretofore subsisting between the subscribers, under the firm of DOBBIN & WINANS, was by mutual agreement dissolved on the 1st day of February, last. The unsettled concerns of said firm will be liquidated by themselves at the store No. 39 South Street.


A. V. Winans

The undersigned will henceforth continue to transact business, at the above store on his own account.

A. V. Winans

NOTICE-- All persons having claims against the Spanish Ship Minerva, are requested to present them on or before Thursday next, as no bills will be admitted after that time.

G. G. & S. HOWLAND, Consignees.

FARM FOR SALE--Situate about three miles from the town of Flushing, L. I., on the main road from said town to the Great Plains, adjoining the farm of Andrew Cock, containing a little short of 150 acres. A considerable part of the arable land is in a good state of cultivation, having been recently spread with manure, and ashes, as an extra supply of fire wood. On said farm is a dwelling house, a good new and large barn, a good bearing orchard, and about 130 young apple, besides peach and pear trees, lately set out. Also, 3 acres of excellent Salt meadow. Title indisputable. Apply at No. 26 Hester street, or at 253 Pearl street


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