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03-02-1819 Mercantile Advertiser.

Communication.--Among the many nuisances that exist in this city, the hackney coach drivers are not the world or the greatest. I am not in the habit of employing my pen in so public a manner, but when I see in the midst of our city, on the Sabbath of the Lord, mobs of boys collected in the streets and squares, destroying property, and abusing men and women as they go and return from worship, I think it my duty to solicit the interference of the magistrates to suppress this increasing and most outrageous evil.


INSOLVENTS, advertising for the benefit of the Acts, in the Albany Argus, of Feb. 26.

New York, before the recorder, Thomas Parker, April 17, Before judge Ford, at Oswegatchie,. Moses M'Conell, May 17. Before Judge Keep, at Homer, Abraham Chatterton, April 22. Before Judge White, at Cherry Valley, William Beekman, jr. April 3. Before the recorder of Hudson, Martin P. Van Buren, April 10. Before Judge Smith, at Peterboro', Erl Brooks, April 9.


Last evening, by the Rev. Dr. Milledoller, Mr. William Newton Clark, to Miss Sophia Roorbach, daughter of the late John Frederic Roorbach, Esq.


At Savannah, on the 15th ult. Mr. John MacMahon, a native of Belfast (Ireland) having just reached his 80th year, fifty of which he resided in Savannah.

At the residence of Major W. Croghan, Locust Grove, Kentucky, on the 9th January, Mr. John Collins, aged 102 years, a native of New Jersey. The deceased had lived in the family of Major Croghan for the last 27 years, and has uniformly enjoyed good health; he affirmed before his death that he had never, in the course of his life, been blooded, or taken a single portion of physic. What was remarkable in the deceased, he considered every thing his own, and would frequently threaten to dispossess merchants in Louisville, of their goods, unless they kept their accounts uniform and correct., but in other respects was perfectly sane.


High Water------------12h-------------8m.


Ship Erin, Newcomb, Dublin, by james M'Bride; schrs, General Scott, Smith, Savannah; Beluga, Lynn, Port-au-Prince, by Jos. Osborn; sloops, Elizabeth, Saul, Norfolk; Martha, Townsend, Richmond; Superior, Smith Richmond.


Schr. Dart, Carson, 3 days from Little York, with oysters.

Schr. Hannah Maria, M'Corgan, 48 hours from Norfolk, with oysters.

Sloop Gen. Jackson, Conkin, 15 days from Murfreesboro, with staves, wheat, peas, naval stores, &c, to Waring & Kimberly.

Returned, schr Paragon, for Baltimore, and sloop Scourge, for Philadelphia.

BELOW, a schooner.

Palladium office, Boston, Feb. 27, noon

Ar. Schr. Selina & Jane, Hunt, from Messina, and 56 days from Gibralter, with lemons, oranges, raisin, filberts, &c. left at former pla e, Dec. 12, ship Winnifred, of Alexandria, for this port, via Palermo, in a few days, the only am. In port. Spoke nothing--was in Duxbury during the gale.

Cld. Schrs. Cherub, Athearn, Halifax; Zeno, Howes, New Orleans; Catherine , Hopkins, Norfolk, and Fredericksburg; Aurora, Hall, N. York.

Sail, brig Harriet, from Alexandria, and many others.


North of the Missouri River, in the Missouri Territory.

The drawing of the lottery for the above lands having commenced, the subscriber is prepared to purchase all such quarter or half sections as may be offered to him, either singly, or in lots of ten or more, at the highest market price, and for which payments will be made, when requested, in money of the Bank of the Unites States. Persons in this city, holding any lf these Military Lands, will please call on the subscriber, at his office, opposite the Post Office; and those to whom patents may be transmitted, will forward to him lists of the quarter sections, townships and ranges, of all such lots as they may have desire to sell, with the prices annexed.


Land Office and General Agency, Washington City.

SOLDIERS' LANDS.--Patents for Military Bounty Lands purchased by R. NICHOLS, 41 Burling Slip

Communication from the country, post paid, describing the range, township and section where the Land's situated, and the cash price, will be attended to; or for those who have not obtained their patents, they will be procured, if the necessary information relative to their claims is forwarded as above.

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