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03-8-1819 Mercantile Advertiser


New general commission for Kings,

Judges--Elias Hubbard, jun., Leffert Lefferts.
Justices of the Peace--Isaac Nicolls, James P. Chichester, Gerrit Bergen, Corn. Van Cleef, Brooklyn; Denyse J. Denyse. Harmanus H. Barkeloo, George Van Nuys, Daniel Barre, New Utrecht; Stephen Striker, Gravesend; Andrew Stockholm, John Skilman, jun., Bushwick; John I. Ditmas, Adrian Hagerman, Flatbush; John Loff, Flatlands.
Coroners--Garrit S. Baxter, Stephen S. Voris, John Van Alst, Garrit S. Conover.
Wreckmasters--James Cropsey, John Van Dyke, Tunis Bergen.
Auctioneers--John r. Snedicker, Wm. R. Dean. Wm. Spader.
District Attorney--James B. Clark.
Commissioner--John C. Vandeveer.
Queens--Daniel Brinckeihoff, coroner; Eliphalet Wickes, commissioner; Joseph Dodge, Samuel Valentine, justices; North Hempstead.


A large hog.--Was butchered at orange, (N. J.) on Wednesday, the 17th of February by Stephen D. Day, Esq., a hog when alive, weighed 798, and dressed 697 lbs. Which is believed to be the largest ever butchered in the county of Essex. The hog was only twenty-one months old; and it will be seen by calculation, that he grew 67lb over a lb. A day from the time he was born to the time he was butchered.--Newark Centinel.

Coroner's Report.--On Sunday the coroner was called to view the body of a man unknown, found drowned hear the place of Samuel Boyd, Esq., North River; appeared to have been in the water about a month; was about 45 years of age; had on a read flannel shirt, blue coarse under coat, and coarse brown great coat, with a cord tied round the waist. Corduroy trousers, woollen stockings and shoes, and dark hair.

Also, to view the body of Nathaniel Harvey, aged 34 years, a native of Massachusetts, found dead in his bed, at his boarding house, No. 92 Vesey Street--supposed to have died in a fit.


The city inspector reports the death of 47 persons, during the week ending on Saturday, 27th viz, 12 men, 9 women, 17, boys and 9 girls. Of whom 16 were of or under the age of 1 year, 3 between 1 and 2, 1 between 2 and 5, 2 between 5 and 10, 3 between 10 and 20, 4 between 20 and 30, 2 between 30 and 40, 6 between 40 and 50, 6 between 50 and 60, 3 between 60 and 70, and 1 between 70 and 80.--Diseases: abscess, 1; burned, 1; consumption, 4; convulsions, 4; dropsy, 1; dropsy in the head, 5; drowned, 1; typhus fever, 4; hives, 1; inflammation--of the bladder, 1; of the bowels, 1; of the chest, 4; nervous disease, 1; old age, 2; palsy, 2; pleurisy, 2; still born, 7; sudden death, 1; suicide, 1; teething, 1; ulcer, 1; whooping cough, 1.

GEO. CUMING, City Inspector.


On Monday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Reuben Pinkham, to Miss Sarah Reynolds, both of Hudson.


After a lingering illness, Mrs. Susan Bley.--The friends of the deceased, as well as those ofd John H. Bley, are invited to intend the funeral at half past 4 o'clock this afternoon, from No. 72 Maiden lane, without further invitation.

On Monday evening, Mr. James Harper, in the 78th year of his age. The friends of the deceased, and those of his sons, Joseph and Samuel B. Harper, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence in Washington Street, Brooklyn.

Yesterday, Henry M. Place, in the 24th year of his age. The friends and relatives of his father, Smith Place, and those of Capt. J. R. Skiddy, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his father's house, 173 Cherry St. this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

On Monday evening, John C. Pesingir, aged 41 years. His friends and acquaintances, and the Butchers of each market, are respectfully invite to attend his funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, at No. 13 Spring St., next to the corner of Elizabeth Street.

LOST-a promisory NOTE, drawn by john W. Francis, in favor of and endorsed by james Smith, dated the 2nd of March, inst. payable in 60 days after date. The public are hereby cautioned against purchasing or receiving the said Note.

CODFISH & HERRINGS--600 boxes dry White Codfish, in fine order, for shipping. 50 bls, Pickled do, Boston inspection, and a quantity 1st sort Smoked herring in boxes, fore sale by


29 Coenties Slip

CLOVER SEED.--6 tierces Clover Seed, 50 bag Jamaica, Pimento, entitled to debenture, for sale by SMITH & NICHOLL.



The persons who cut the baggage from behind the Post chaise last week, have been apprehended, and the baggage recovered.

SMYRNA, Del., Feb. 25.

Longevity.--Departed this life, on the 19th of February, FLORA FERGUSON, (Negro) aged one hundred and thirty years; this woman was born in Guinea, where she remained until she ws upwards of sixty years of age, at which time she was kidnapped and brought to America, where she had been seventy years. On the morning of her death, she eat a hearty breakfast, and went to bed and remained until dinner, when the family went to awake her, and behold she was dead.

RICHMOND, (Virg.) Feb, 26.

Singular Snow.--Between 1 and 2 o'clock yesterday, we witnessed in this city the most singular flakes of snow which we recollect ever to have beheld. They were of astonishing size, and looked like small snow-balls falling from the clouds. Some of them measured an inch and a half in diameter. The substance of them was uncommonly light--their crystallization, very delicate--exhibiting a collection of the finest needles, lying together in every direction.


John Coker, who fled from justice, charged with the murder of an infant, and for whose apprehension the Governor's proclamation was some time since issued, has been taken in the Alabama territory, and conveyed to the jail of Jackson county, in this state, by Col. Montgomery and Captain Bartnett. It has been only a few months since a criminal, who broke the jail of Twiggs county, and fled to South Carolina, was brought back and executed. May the two cases serve as a warning to the vicious, that, though for a time they may evade punishment, justice is almost certain, sooner or later, to overtake them.

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