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03-10-1819 Mercantile Advertiser


The city inspector reports the death of 63 persons, during the week ending on Saturday, 6th inst. viz, 26 men, 13 women, 10 boys and 14 girls. Of whom, 9 were of or under the age of 1 year, 1 between 1 and 2, 3 between 2 and 5, 2 between 5 and 10, 3 between 10 and 20, 10 between 20 and 30, 10 between 30 and 40, 13 between 40 and 50, 4 between 50 and 60, and 1 between 60 and 70.--Diseases; burned, 1; catarrh, 1; child bed, 1; consumption, 14; convulsions, 2; diarrhoea, 2; dropsy, 7; dropsy in the chest, 1; dropsy in the head, 4; drowned, 1; dysentery, 1; fever, 3; typhus fever, 8; hives, 3; intemperance, 1; old age, 2; pleurisy, 1; quinsy, 1; stillborn, 2; sudden death, 2; tabes mesenterica, 1; teething, 1; ulcer, 1; unknown, 2. GEO. CUMING, City Inspector.


On Saturday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Sheaffer, Mr. Didireich, Osterman, to Miss Eliza West, both of this city.


Yesterday morning, Mr. John E. Caldwell, in the 50th year of his age. The friends and acquaintances, of the family are invited to attend his funeral on Thursday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 34 Greenwich street.

On Monday evening, after a long illness, mr. Felix McCabe, aged 57 years. The friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend his funeral this afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 56 Banker near Catharine Street.

A letter from Richmond of the 5th inst. says--"Mr. Thomas White, of new York, merchant, committed suicide this morning by cutting his throat with a razor, and expired a few minutes after. It is supposed the great bodily pain he suffered from the gout, induced him to this act.


High Water------------8h--------------3m.


Ship Radius, Delano, Newry, E. Morwood; brig Janus, Mimzies, Philadelphia; Schrs. Jarvis Brown & Co., Dixon, Newbern; Wealthy, Bailey, West Indies; Hope, Trefethen, Halifax, March & Benson.


Schr. Diana, Watrous, 17 days from Bermuda, with rum, sugar and coffee, to Patrick, Aymar & Co., A Bell, Stevens & Macrier, and W. W. & J, H, Todd. Passengers, Thomas McCloughry, John Ryin, Arthur Conry, Wm. Warren and James Brown. Sailed in co with schrs. Mechanic, Peck of and for New-London; M'Donough, Norton, for Turks Island--left brig Juno, Smith, of Boston, for Alexandria, in 3 days.

Schr. Maria Ann, Mersereau, 2 days from Bristol, R. I., with hemp and iron, to J. D. Wolf, Jr.


The ship Ulysses, from St. Mary's, spoke, in lat 39, long 73, the Helen, Coffin, 24 days from Havana, for R. island, 90 miles S. e. of Sandy hook, brig Rising States, 20 hours from N. York, for Aux. Cayes. Passengers in the U. Capt. Russel and lady, and Mr. Lozin.


John Williams, Master.
To sail on the 10th of 3d Month,
(10th March)
William Browne, Master,
To sail on the 10th of 4th Month.
(10th April)

In Order to furnish more certain conveyance for Goods and Passengers, between New York and Liverpool, the owners of the American ships Amity, Albion, Courier, and James Monroe, have undertaken to establish, between the two ports, a regular succession of Vessels, to sail, from New York on the 10th, and from Liverpool on the 1st of every month, throughout the year.

These ships were all recently built in this city, of the best materials, and are coppered and cooper fastened, they are very fast sailers, and their accommodations for passengers are uncommonly extensive and commodious; their Commanders are men o great experience and activity, and Goods shipped in them are insured at the lowest rates.

The price of passage to England in the Cabin is now fixed at forty guineas; for which sum, passengers are provided with Beds and Bedding, wine and Stores of every description.

These several recommendations, and the dependence which may be placed upon the periods of their departure, afford, it is thought, to these conveyances, advantages of considerable importance, both to passengers, and to the shippers of Goods.

For further particulars apply on board, to



STOLEN--On Saturday evening, the 6th inst., the subscribers sent their Lad to a boarding house in Maiden Lane, to deliver a suit of clothes to one of their customers; the lad rang the bell, and immediately a negro man came up to the stoop, and asked him what he wanted--he replied, he had a suit of clothes for one of the boarders--the negro said he would take the clothes in and deliver them; the lad supposing he was the servant of the house; gave them to him; the negro went in and shut the door--he proved however, not to belong to the house., Ten dollars reward will be given on recovery of the Goods.

WALDRON & LENT, 317 Pearl St.

N. B. the coat & pantaloons are of fine blue cloth, Vest of buff cassimere--Coat raw edged, shoulders lined with black silk--gilt buttons.


TO LET--Six new three story brick dwelling HOUSES, at the corner of James and Chatham streets. Those fronting Chatham street are finished with Stores, and are considered very eligible for retail business--the whole neatly finished, with every convenience for genteel families--Possession may be had previous to the 1st May if required. For terms apply to

JOHN BROWN & SON, 239 Front St.

TO LET, and possession given as soon as required, those two new three story brick HOUSES, No. 76 and 87 in Hudson street, calculated for the accommodation of large families, and furnished in the modern style, containing 2 rooms for servants in the garret; seven square bed rooms in the second and third stories, and pantries on the main floor with the parlors; a front cellar room finished as a nursery, with panties for the accommodation of the kitchens, with wood vaults, &c in from of each house. The situation of these houses renders them a desirable object for those who wish to hire. For particulars enquire of

B & H HAIGHT, 207 Broadway

FOR SALE, a Dwelling House, Coach maker's Shop, and Black smith's Shop, which are all nearly new, and about five acres of good land which is covered with Locust timber, in a very thrifty condition. Said property is situated on Cow Neck, Queens County, Long Island, adjoining the farm of Samuel Mott; is within a few rods of two Grist Mills, a public landing, where boats ply to and from New York every. The situation is well calculated for Boatmen, Mechanics, or any kind of public business.

For terms apply to ISAAC UNDERHILL, No 253 Pearl st. New York, by whom an indisputable title will be given.

HOUSES TO RENT OR LEASE--Two large new four story HOUSES Nos. 7 & 9 Murray st. with or without the Stables in the rear of each--Possession may be had 1st February--No expense has been spared to make them convenient in all respects.--the principal rooms connected with folding doors, and all the large rooms finished with marble mantles.

They will be leased either for one or several years, by applying at 241 Broadway

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