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Farnum Wounding in NY


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A man by the name of Farnum, in the employ of Mr. Sweetser, on his plantation at Lake George, was wounded by one of the Seminole Indians, on the 19th ult, under the following circumstances;--In the absence of Mr. Sweetser, the Indian, armed with a rifle, who called himself a Chief, came to his house and abused his wife and family, and threatened to murder the whole of them. He claimed to own the land occupied and improved by Mr. Sweetser, and attempted to provoke a fight with a young man in Sweetser's service, by the name of Johnson. Capt. Farnum, the person injured, being at work near the house, hearing the disturbance, interfered, and succeeded in getting him away--upon which the Indian, in a violent rage, turned upon him, and prepared his rifle; at the same time saying, he would shoot him. Capt. F., kept him off, the Indian withdrew, and levelled his piece--but did not fire; and afterwards renewed his violent and abusive language, stepped off second time about thirty feet, and fired. The ball penetrated the left shoulder of Farnum, above the collar bone, and came out at the lower part of the shoulder blade. The Indian immediately fled. Capt. Farnum was brought to Mandarin, for medical care--We learn that the wound is not considered dangerous. He is a native of Connecticut. These are the facts stated by a gentleman who resides upon the river.

We have now an opportunity again to express our opinion, that the Seminoles are hostile, and unwilling to remove. Vast numbers are dispersed through the country, and cannot be persuaded to come in. A company of United States troops, under the command of Capt. Crane, is now hunting them, to compel them to return to the station at Camp King.

[Jacksonville (E. Florida) Courier.

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