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(Correspondence of the Public Ledger.)


New York, September 22, 1853

The Boston City Guard took their departure for home by the Fall River boat, this evening. During the day, they paid a formal visit to the Crystal Palace, and partook of a coilation. They express themselves greatly pleased with their visit.

The burning of the Oil and Candle Factory of Messrs. Johnson, Sandford & Co., at the corner of Gold and Marshall streets, Brooklyn, last evening, entails a loss somewhere in the neighborhood of $130,000, of which $90,000 is insured in various offices in Wall Street.

Immense flocks of seagulls came in from the Eastward, to-day,--a sure sign of a storm at hand, say the weather-wise. As I write, meanwhile, more rain is threatened.

Two boys, named Thomas North and George Beckett, were arrested, this morning, under the Extradition Treaty, charged with being fugitives from justice, from Haddersfield, England, they are said to have stolen $1,000 there, and escaped to this country, onboard a sailing vessel, which arrived at this port yesterday. They were to have had an examination by the United States Marshal this afternoon.

From Public Ledger Sept. 1853

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