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Cost of the Indian War


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NY Tribune, 1835


New York, July 11.--Commissioner of Indian affairs estimates the coat of the Indian war at a $1,000,000 weekly, and is anxious for Congress to appoint competent commissioners to proceed at once, and indeavor to treat with several tribes now at war with the United States.

Gen. Stanbury denies writing the presidential veto of reconstruction, last winter, so generally attributed to him, and the authorship is now charged upon Judge Black.

Various items.

Washington, July 11.--The coin interest, amounting to eighteen and a half millions, due July 1st., has been paid. The interest on the 7-30's, amounting to six million, falls due on the 15th. There are in the Treasury seventy-three millions in coin, and two millions in coin certificates.

Marshalltown, Iowa, July 11.--Wells R. rice, of Marshalltown, was nominated yesterday, for State Senator, by the Republican convention at Eldora.

Baltimore, July 11.--the National Convention of journeyman plasterers assembled here today. There are delegates present from New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

New York, July 11.--The failure of Geo. A. Wicks & Co., is the largest that has occurred here for many years, but is found to be less in magnitude than at first announced. The liabilities of the firm are $1, 773, 287, against gross assets of $1, 426,196, showing a deficiency of $347,091. Tomorrow the creditors meet for a final adjustment, and we understand it will be decided that the firm pay sixty-five cents on the dollar.


New York, July 11.--The Herald's Havana correspondent said Santa Anna was still in prison. He has refused all food for three days and was constantly inquiring if they were going to shoot him. He asks for a confessor.

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