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Schooner St. Croix, 1835


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NY, 1835

Another Mexican Outrage.--The schooner St. Croix, Elliot Ward, master, sailed from this port sometime in October last, bound to Arranstan Bay, in Texas, with colonists and freight. On arrival of the captain he was visited by the collector of the place, who, without assigning any reasons, seized the vessel and cargo, and lodged him in prison, where he was confined for twenty-nine days, suffering much for the want of proper food, and from the loathsomeness of his situation. When liberated he found the schooner plundered of her sails, and stores. The crew having deserted, and fearing another incarceration in prison, he was forced to abandon everything, together with his vessel, and quit the country with all possible expedition. It was in vane to remonstrate, and no satisfaction could be obtained.--[N. Y. Ese Star.

We are sorry to learn (says the Newark Daily Advertiser) that Morris Hagar, esq, a magistrate of German Valley, Morris county, had been killed in consequence of being thrown from a wagon against a ledge of rocks, in descending Schonley' mountain, on the 1st inst. He lingered in great agony until the 4th. The horses ran in consequence of the fright. Mr. H was about 40 yrs of age.

A letter dated Galena, Ill. 25th ult. States that more than 1000 emigrants, bound to the lead mines, have already arrived there this season, although the navigation has been open but 6 days. The writer says he has no doubt the population of the mines will be increased 4000 by the 1st July.

A barrister of the Temple was lately mulcted in the sum of 3500 pounds, for breach of promise of marriage to Miss Wood, daughter of a respectable solicitor of Manchester. This is bringing home the beauties of the law to those who are appointed to administer it.

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