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New York Tribune, 1872, Accidents


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New York Tribune, 1872


Wm. Lee, age 50, was drowned near Cedar Grove, R. I., on Wednesday night.

Frank Shaw of Houlton, age 23, was drowned at Orono, Me., on Sunday while bathing.

The grinding mill at Dupont's Powder Works, Philadelphia, exploded on Tuesday evening. One man was killed.

Andrew A. Eildon, was instantly killed by the accidental discharge of a gun while hunting near San Mateo, Cal., on Sunday.

Thomas Maxwell, who committed a robbery at Row's Station, Arizona, while being pursued fired on his pursuers, and was himself shot and killed.

O'Baldwin, the prize fighter, was arrested at Baltimore on Tuesday, and held in $2,000 to keep the peace and not engage in any prize-fighting in Maryland within twelve months.

Hugh Donnelly of Dunkirk, N. Y. was murdered on Wednesday morning in the lock-up of Corry, Penn., by James Neville, an insane man, whom he was conveying to an asylum. His head was chopped off with an old ax.

Carmen Sotello shot Juan Silvas dead at Los Angeles, Cal., on Monday. The murderer escaped. Squires and Harbeirre, who were recently acquitted of murder in Los Angles, have been warned to leave the place by Vigilantes.

Nicholas McGraw was run over on the Erie Railroad at Binghampton on Tuesday night by two trains. His legs were cut off and his body horribly mangled. A bottle of whisky was found in his pocket unbroken. It is thought he was drunk.

Wentworth & Breed's box factory, in Lynn, Mass., was struck by lightning and burned on Tuesday evening. The loss on stock and machinery was $6,000. The whole establishment was insured.

The American institute of Instruction assembled at Eastport, Me., on Tuesday. The afternoon was consumed in routine business and the evening ina meeting of welcome, with an address from J. L. Pickard of Chicago. Many leading educators from all parts of the country were in attendance.

It is reported that col. Blanton Duncan of Louisville, Chairman of the Democratic national Executive Committee, has just brought suit in the United State Court, against the Chicago Tribune for $100,000 damages for an alleged libel. The suit is based on an editorial in The Tribune of Aug. 10.

A flat-boat with seventeen person on board, was swamped at the foot of Wheeling Island, on the Ohio River, on Tuesday afternoon, by the swell of a passing steamer. Jacob Watson and his two sons, and two persons whose names are unknown, were drowned. The others were saved.

At the Dental convention in Boston, on Wednesday morning, Dr. G. a. Mills performed successful clinical operations, after which Dr. Watson of Boston opened the discussion of "operative dentistry," relating his success in transplanting teeth. The forenoon was occupied in the discussion of this subject, many of the delegates participating.

The rear part of a freight train on the Dayton and Michigan Railroad became detached from the engine on Tuesday morning, while going down a grade near Wapakouneta, Ohio, and was not missed for several minutes. After reaching the bottom of the grade, and before the engineer could get it out of the way, the detached cars ran into the train, injuring Conductor Merry and a young man named Coffman so badly as to cause their deaths soon after.

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