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New York Tribune, Bank Robbery


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New York Tribune, 1872


BALTIMORE, Aug. 19.--The Third national Bank, in South st. between Second and Third sts., in the heart of the city, was entered and robbed by burglars last night, an entrance being made from a room in an adjoining building, owned and formerly occupied by John T. Gittings as a banking house. This was easily done by removing a thin brick wall and cutting away a plate of sheet iron half an inch thick, directly into the vault at the Third National Bank. The bricks removed from the wall were put in the vault of Gitting's building. The burglars seem to have operated at leisure and enjoyed themselves, as they left an ample lunch, cold chicken, and bottles of wine, in Gitting's vault.

Two large safes in the bank vault were cut into and robbed; a third safe was not entered. It is said that between 20 and 25 depositors' boxes were robbed. Among the bonds stolen are $75,000 in city of Louisville water loan coupon bonds.

The officers of the bank set forth their losses by the burglary as follows: Fifty-seven thousand dollars in greenbacks, and national Bank notes, of which eight notes are of $100 each, and 24 notes of $30 each of the Third National Bank; and the following bonds held as collateral securities:

Northern Central Railroad, $2.500.
North Carolina State bonds, $11,500.
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad bonds, $1,00.
United States 5-20 bonds, $1,500.
Western Maryland Railroad Bonds, $1,000.

The bank offers $10,000 reward for the recovery of the above, or a pro rata sum for a partial recovery. The individual losses of depositors having boxes in the vaults cannot be ascertained, as many of them are out of town. The total loss will probably amount to several hundred thousand dollars, as it is known that several boxes contained bonds and other securities amounting to $75,000. The first floor in Gidding's Bank building, from which the entrance was made to the bank vault, was rented on the 1st of June to a man giving the name of W. Washburne, who paid a quarter's rent, $625, in advance.

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